Convert canva website to Elementor website design using Flexbox Container in 2024

This is a complete tutorial about converting Canva website design into Elementor website design using the Elementor Flex container feature.
I’ve already created a video on how you can convert a Canva template into a WordPress template using Elementor using rows and columns, the video URL is given below.
#canva #to #wordpress #rows #and #columns

This video is a complete landing page design conversion tutorial, this one-hour tutorial is about how to convert Canva’s one-page website into Elementor’s one-page website design.
I’ve tried to cover all the points, margins, custom CSS, padding, color settings, and font upload.
This is a complete pack of Elementor tutorials. You can learn elements or design in a new way and easy way.

✅Chrome Extension To Download Canva Images

Topic Points
0:00 Introduction
1:35 Necessary Plugins, Theme, and Basic Settings
2:40 Adding Landing Page
3:35 Site Settings Colours, Custom Fonts, and Layout
6:56 Import Elements and Images from Canva
7:57 Hero Section Design
18:17 Making Mobile Responsive Hero Section

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