Bug in WordPress plugin can let hackers wipe up to 200,000 sites

Cyber Threat Predictions for 2020 Huddle Rooms Make All the Difference: Driving Collaboration throughout the Enterprise Singapore instructs Facebook to block page access under online falsehoods law Hacking brain-computer interfaces LokiBot trojan malware campaign comes disguised as a popular game launcher IRS warns: Tax data thefts are spiking, so use 2FA US taxation agency urges professionals and the public to use multi-factor authentication for tax software. South Korea sees rise in smishing with coronavirus misinformation There have been 9,688 smishing attempts so far that exploited the novel coronavirus outbreak. Report shows personal info on 144K Canadians breached by federal entities As first reported by CBC, 10 government departments and agencies were responsible for breaching personal information on just shy of 8,000 occasions. IDF: Six social media accounts were redirecting soldiers to installing three malware-infected apps. Australian cyber policymakers to face Audit Office probe Tech-augmented democracy is about to get harder in this half-baked world As we head towards November 2020, expect a crescendo of half-truths, deep fakes, and clatfart. Bug in WordPress plugin can let hackers wipe up to 200,000 sites

thumbnail courtesy of zdnet.com