Botsonic Review: Custom AI-Chatbot Explored (2024)

Botsonic, a chatbot builder by Writesonic, is gaining attention. It allows businesses and websites to customize their own chatbots for customer support, shopping assistance, and even educational purposes. This will enable companies to offer services without depending too much on human agents. In this article, we’ll look closely at Botsonic as a platform and explore all its features. We also review Botsonic’s pricing options and an alternative you may want to consider. Table Of Contents 1 What is Botsonic? 2 Reviewing Botsonic Features 3 How to Setup Botsonic 4 Botsonic Pricing Review 5 Botsonic Pros and Cons 6 Conclusion What is Botsonic? If you’re looking for an easy way to create your own AI chatbot, then Botsonic is one of your best bets. It offers all the essential tools (and then some). More than that, it also features a polished UI that is easy for just about anyone to use. Botsonic is a no-code platform that lets businesses have natural flowing conversations with their website visitors or users. Thanks to its AI and machine learning algorithms (proprietary + OpenAI), it can understand what users want, answer their questions, and complete tasks—all on autopilot. It leverages advanced artificial intelligence using your own data sources to create a unique and unparalleled customer experience. Writesonic is the mastermind and owner behind Botsonic, which we cover in detail in our Writesonic review. It is the maker of one of the biggest AI writers on the market. Writesonic also specializes in other AI tools, such as Chatsonic, a ChatGPT alternative, and Audiosonic, which does AI text-to-speech transformation. Obviously, it is no small fish in AI development and knows how to make a good product. Botsonic is much the same but for users who need autonomous chatbots working for them 24/7. Reviewing Botsonic Features This chatbot builder has everything you need to create your first line of customer support. Here’s a look at all the major features inside Botsonic. No-Code Chatbot Building Botsonic is a no-code AI chatbot builder that allows users to create hyper-intelligent, conversational AI chatbots without writing a single line of code. OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model powers it. It works by digesting your training data and applying the flexibility of OpenAI’s large language models (LLMs) to make that data interactive in a conversational chat format. The platform easily loads data to a centralized knowledge base that trains ChatGPT. Even with integration with a website, Botsonic offers a simple, no-code setup process for embedding the chatbot on your website. Training Botsonic also couldn’t be easier. It supports file upload (in PDF, DOC, and DOCX formats), URL links (including YouTube video links!), or an entire website sitemap. It gives an easy option to input one-off FAQ questions and answers to train the chatbot on specific or routine questions your users often have. All of this is no-code, meaning there is no need to vectorize data or set OpenAI API configurations manually. Styling and Customizations Every option to customize or stylize Botsonic is done through a simple text field or by picking multiple default options. No coding here, either. You have the freedom to personalize your chatbot’s branding to reflect your unique style. Botsonic allows users to customize AI chatbots to match a business’s brand style by choosing colors, a logo, page placement, bot name and subheading, and more. The chatbot also has settings for setting the welcome message that draws people in to give the chatbot a click and other wording that may help clarify what the chatbot can do for users. Every customization option or setting is easy to use and clear about how it affects your chatbot. There is also always a preview of the chatbot on the right side of the building screen to see how your changes are taking shape. Integrations Botsonic doesn’t just offer a great chatbot experience in its own chat window. The underlying technology can also integrate with other popular messaging services you might be using to connect with your customers or website visitors. Telegram, Messenger, and Whatsapp are available messaging platforms to hook Botsonic up to leverage conversational AI in more places. Lead Capture Botsonic allows chatbot owners to put AI to work and capture lead information. Setting up the field types you want to collect is simple and lets you have another lead-generation source. This is a great way to recoup the costs of using the chatbot. If you can get qualified leads from it, Botsonic starts paying for itself. It even sports a Captcha to weed out spam interactions, which would eat into monthly account credits. This can all be set up from the no-code builder and is as easy as selecting which options you need. Analytics and Chat History Botsonic comes pre-built with insightful analytics that lets you know how your chatbot performs. At first look, we can see the new users who’ve jumped into your chat along with the total number of conversions (lead generation) in a set timeframe. Botsonic also stores all interactions and conversations for easy reference. Chatbot creators can see how their bots are performing with real chat interactions. This can help figure out what additional information the bot needs to be trained on or better ways of presenting what the chatbot is for. Chat history is an integral part of judging the quality of a bot and its overall usefulness. How to Setup Botsonic Getting started with Botsonic is dead simple. Botsonics offers a free plan that gives monthly credits (100) to those who want to try it out. To start, make an account and jump into Botsonic to create a new bot. Give your bot a name and its purpose. Support bots are great at relaying information from your data sources to answer questions. eCommerce bots use source data to help people make decisions, so how they talk and handle human interaction is a little more collaborative and navigational. Honestly, all that there is left is to customize your bot’s settings (which we’ve shown above covering features). When you are ready, grab the website embed code and paste it into your head or body section of your website. Or, you can use the iFrame code to embed the bot on a particular page if you don’t want it deployed across your entire website. From there, continue adding source data as you get new information you want your bot to speak to. Also, be sure to look over your chatbot’s conversation history to see if there are simple optimizations that you can perform. Botsonic Pricing Review Botsonic’s pricing is simple and primarily depends on how many AI messages are needed per month. Botsonic offers a generous free tier with 100 messages a month, one user, one trainable chatbot, and the ability to train on 500,000 characters of source data. This is plenty to get started with for most small sites or businesses. The starter plan offers much more for the $49/mo price tag. This includes 2,000 monthly AI messages, three users, one chatbot, and meaningful integrations that power business functions and processes. They also offer a Business plan with variable limits and pricing. To get this, you’d have to contact their sales team. Botsonic also offers add-ons that mainly increase volume limitations without going to a higher tier. Here’s some information about those various limit increases for the starter plan: Uploaded Characters: Add even more characters to your uploads for just $5 per month. For every 5 million characters you need, it’s only an additional $5. With the Starter Plan, you already get 10 million characters by default. Additional Chatbots: Add extra chatbots for just $29 per bot per month. The Starter Plan includes one chatbot without this add-on. Botsonic API Access: Take a custom Chatbot even further by integrating it seamlessly into existing systems with API access available for just $29 per month. Hide Botsonic Branding: Remove Botsonic branding from chatbots for $49/mo. Additional Messages: The Starter Plan comes with 2,000 messages/month by default but can be extended in these increments: 2,500 extra messages/mo for $49/mo 6,000 additional messages/mo for $99/mo 13,000 extra messages/mo for $199/mo 2,500 extra messages/mo for $49/mo 6,000 additional messages/mo for $99/mo 13,000 extra messages/mo for $199/mo Botsonic Pros and Cons Want a quick glance at the strengths and weaknesses of Botsonic? We’ve compiled all our insights into a short list for you to determine if Botsonic is the tool for you. Botsonic Pros: Botsonic Pros:
Botsonic is designed for simplicity, making custom AI chatbots quick and accessible without coding. The platform provides extensive customization options to align the chatbot’s appearance with your brand’s visual identity. This includes colors, logos, and welcome messages. Botsonic leverages GPT-4 to provide knowledgeable and accurate conversations. Botsonic offers specific training with your data, allowing for personalized and relevant responses compared to general LLM knowledge. It offers seamless integration tools for websites, enhancing cross-platform user experience. Real-time data analytics gather and analyze user interaction data for informed decision-making. Botsonic can communicate in multiple languages, making it more versatile and accessible for users. Botsonic Cons: Botsonic Cons:
Despite its advanced AI, Botsonic may struggle with complex or nuanced questions. While Botsonic is part of the Writesonic suite, it comes with its own subscription costs separate from Writesonic’s other tools. Users used to programmable chatbots that can facilitate complex CRM tasks may find Botsonic lacking in this area. Conclusion Botsonic is a worthy investment for those needing a technologically sophisticated chatbot with a level of polish that many competitors can’t match. It gives users every bit of design flexibility as well as strong conversational AI prowess to its users. With everything we reviewed, we think Botsonic is one of the better chatbot platforms available. Users looking for a slightly cheaper option than Botsonic do have other options to choose from. For those looking for other chatbot builders, you can see our guide to making your own AI, where we show how to use Chatbase.

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