Best 7 Multipurpose WordPress Themes in 2021

A theme that you may be on the verge of selecting has the features you need to build the website you have in mind. Unless you are positive on that then your design project could be on shaky ground. A specialized multipurpose WordPress theme could be one answer and investing in one or more specialized plugins might be another.

And there is always the chance that a theme that does the job right for one website project may not be a good choice for the next one.

What may be lacking often boils down to one thing – flexibility.

Not all WordPress themes have the flexibility you need to handle whatever may come your way. Multipurpose WordPress themes generally have that flexibility. Which is probably why they are called multipurpose.

The following 7 top multipurpose WordPress themes have been carefully chosen by experts. They regard each one as being among the best of the bunch and more than capable of putting your website building projects on solid ground.

With its wealth of website building tools, options, and elements, including an impressive library of more than 600 fully-customizable pre-built websites, BeTheme has the flexibility to ensure that your website building projects will always be on a solid footing.

This popular multipurpose WordPress theme just got bigger and better than ever with the introduction of Live Builder and the powerful features embedded in it.

Be’s Live Builder –

BeTheme’s authors created the Live Builder in response to user suggestions. Whether you have a question or a suggestion, Customer Support is always ready to respond.

Click on the banner to learn more about the Live Builder and about BeTheme.

There are lots of websites that could almost be carbon copies of other websites, which makes building one easier if you know of a theme that is guaranteed to support building “carbon copies”. If, however you have a “one-of -a-kind” website in mind it’s a different story.

Rather than scouring the marketplace for a theme that fits, give Total a try. This multipurpose theme with its hundreds of styling options has the flexibility you need for your one-of-a-kind site.

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Does Avada have what it takes to allow users to build one-of-a-kind themes without any risk of coming up short? 450,000 sales would indicate that it is indeed possible to build anything with Avada.

A closer look into this all-time best-selling theme reveals the following –

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TheGem, with its more than 50,000 users, is the best-selling WordPress theme on ThemeForest and is a perfect choice for beginners and professionals alike.

What you’ll find in this Swiss Army knife of website building tools are –

85.000 website designers have chosen this sleek, high-performance pixel-perfect multipurpose theme to build websites that feature those very same characteristics.

Blocksy is a lightning-fast, lightweight WordPress multipurpose theme. Built with the Gutenberg editor in mind and with the latest web technologies, Blocksy’s many options make it both extendable and customizable.

Impeccable aptly describes both Impeka’s design and its performance. Whether the website you plan to build is garden variety or out of this world one-of-a-kind Impeka will make it happen.

Features include –

Impeka will help you get noticed, whether by a client, a shopper, or an envious competitor.

Not all WordPress themes have the flexibility you need. And you need to handle whatever comes your way and put your website-building projects on solid ground. Multipurpose WordPress themes have that flexibility, although not all multipurpose themes are created equal.

It pays to seek out the best multipurpose WordPress themes in their class. Especially if your design efforts involve a variety of websites or highly unique one-of-a-kind types. The 7 multipurpose themes described here are highly popular.  Either best sellers, feature new and exciting technological advances, or all the above.

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