Avada vs Elementor – Which of these TWO is the BEST website builder?

1. Check out Avada here http://bit.ly/43ZIe5n
2. Check out Elementor here http://bit.ly/44AqVYD

Link to the best WordPress themes for 2023:

Link to the best Woocommerce themes for 2023:

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Great WordPress themes are:

1. Divi http://bit.ly/41OLoXx
2. Astra http://bit.ly/3Habts9
3. Blocksy http://bit.ly/41oZ7EJ
4. Ashe http://bit.ly/3AoyofE
5. Ocean-WP http://bit.ly/41PyGrF
6. Royal Elementor http://bit.ly/43X7Jnx
7. Kadence http://bit.ly/40xs3sX


Avada can be used to create a website, but you must consider the amount of time and learning curve you’ll need to go through. Fusion Page Builder uses shortcodes, so it is a content-locking tool. You will need to start from scratch if you want to switch themes. This is why I don’t recommend using a Page-Builder that’s tied to a theme. Avada is a theme that’s often described as being too slow.

Websites are more effective when they use less. Avada gives you more. You’ll get many things you don’t need or want. It’s what they call “bloat”. This is not what the user wants. It slows down the WordPress backend and locks the user into the theme. Cost should be considered. The license for the website costs $69 Most themes allow unlimited installations for the same or lower price.

Support is only available for six months, and you’ll have to pay $49 per website per year if any issues arise. It is worth looking into. Maybe you should check out the best themes for 2023 before you make a decision https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CYs8If_YYQ


Instead of using the tools and templates included in WordPress, Elementor aims to help you create something different, showing you the outcome of your design as you assemble your page. This WordPress plugin (opens in new tab) doesn’t require previous HTML or CSS coding knowledge and it pairs easily with any WordPress theme. It includes helpful navigators, menus, which makes it straightforward and easy to understand.

Elementor includes both free and paid versions. The pro version includes hundreds of different template options that will help your website look more professional, and many many widgets to choose from and a built-in page editor. As far as website builder (opens in new tab) plugins go, Elementor has lots of options to pair with your WordPress themes.

The nice thing about the free version is that it still includes Elementor’s drag and drop creation tools, which helps make website building fast and easy. However, if you are looking for something more detailed, Elementor Pro comes with more features and support, meaning it might be worth splashing out a little extra, especially if you want to build and manage more than one website.