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Instagram finally realized Feed and Stories are part of the same app

opcje binarne gdzie grać May 20, 2018 | Applications

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go site Instagram today announced an update that allows users to share Feed posts to Stories, finally allowing crossover between its two primary picture galleries. When you find something on your Feed of static, non-ephemeral Instagram posts which strikes your fancy, you can add it to your Story. To do so, tap the Share button and select “Create a story with this post.” The picture will look like a sticker over a customized background, and you can move or resize it at will. The original poster’s name will always appear on the Story post, and will link to their Instagram page. Anyone This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Instagram Read More…..

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The Facebook Android App Is Asking for Superuser Privileges and Users Are Freaking Out May 20, 2018 | Android, Facebook, General

I couldn’t believe this story from that asks an obvious

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Data Management Programs: In a Crowded Precision Ag Market, How Do You Choose? | PrecisionAg

generika augmentin online Feb 3, 2018 | Articles, Automation, Business

I am a firm believer that data, especially map-based data, must be experienced. Seeing your data as a map in addition to a report or spreadsheet will always be of value as a step on the data literacy path. Before we can get excited about what the future holds in terms of the benefits of big data analysis, AI, or machine learning, front-end users need to experience their own data. Delving into your own data will either confirm you are on the right management path that you have planned, or it will provide the information you need to prosper in an ever-changing business environment. Most importantly, it should inspire curiosity as we continually improve, develop, and grow as this industry’s drivers.

In a few short years, the ag marketplace has changed from a landscape with only a few programs available to manage farm information to a very crowded and sometimes confusing field of apps, software, and data services. In Ontario, Canada farmers are fortunate in that there is an abundance of highly experienced consultants and crop input suppliers who have been involved in precision ag and the data generated since the inception of these technologies. This experienced infrastructure is true across many areas in North America. Now growers and industry users are looking at the newest data management offerings to build on that history.


5 Reasons to Redo Your Website in 2018 – Fine Homebuilding

As a contractor, your online presence is crucial to attracting the right customers to your company. One of the most essential parts of your online presence is your contracting website.

Today, some will tell you that you need to be focusing only on social media. While social media does play an important role in online marketing, remember that your website is one of the most fundamental keys to your online presence. It’s the home base for your company. You store your information there, and you can use it as a platform to showcase your work. It is an asset of your business that you own and easily control.

Your website is your online reputation. If it’s out of date, people who visit your website may assume your business is out of date as well. If your website doesn’t look current, then you are not positioning yourself well in today’s economy.