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Web Development Reading List #179: Firefox 53, The Top Web Browsers, And Vue.js Authentication – Smashing Magazine and Artificial Intelligence are probably the most hyped concepts right now. And while some people praise the existing technologies, others claim they don’t fear AI at all, citing examples where it fails horribly. Examples of Facebook or Amazon advertising (both claim to use machine learning) that don’t match our interests at all are quite common today.



12 ways your landing page is making you lose potential customers

Is your product difficult to explain, and do you need a ton of information on your landing pages because of it? Then it may be useful to split up the different parts of information and create several pages containing this information. This will help you understand what kind of information is essential for customers. For example, by using Google Analytics you can analyze which information pages have the most visitors. Insights like these will help improve the copy on your landing page.


Learn How to Move Your Design Workflow to the Cloud

As a designer, there are a number of aspects which have to considered separately in order to move your entire workflow to the cloud. From versioning to icons, and fonts to collaboration, moving your design workflow to the cloud can make substantial improvements to the way you work. In this article, we are going to look at some of the benefits of doing so, and some of the best solutions to help you on your way.



Does YouTube have a secret ‘Dark Mode’ ?

YouTube has a secret ‘Dark Mode’ – this is how you activate it

thenextweb.comYou may have never seen it, but it turns out YouTube has a secret dark mode – and you can activate it too. As discovered by one resourceful Redditor, the secret mode appears to be available solely on the latest reiteration of Chrome (version 57 and above) – and once enabled, it seems to automatically apply to to the remainder of the website, including the homepage and the dedicated channel pages. Here’s how you can activate it: Open the Chrome developer tools tab. Windows users can do this by pressing Ctrl + Shift + I.