Are Smartphones Making “Fake News” And Disinformation Worse?

I couldn’t believe this story from that concludes how Smartphones may helping “Fake News”

Smartphones have revolutionized how we produce and consume information on the go. They allow us to photograph the unexpected as it unfolds and livestream our lives and the world around us. Most importantly, they allow us to consume the world no matter where we are, from skimming emails on the bus to work to streaming a video during our lunchbreak to catching up on the news on the ride home to reading an ebook while at a child’s sports practice. Our phones are never far from our sides, granting us instant access to the web at large. Yet, their tiny screens and on-the-go usage promotes the very behaviors that help “fake news,” misinformation, disinformation and foreign influence spread, by discouraging us from researching the things we read. The smartphone has become the dominate modality through which we access the internet. Are Smartphones Making “Fake News” And Disinformation Worse?

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