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We’re beyond excited to share that we’ve partnered with WordPress VIP to offer our clients a complete digital publishing solution.

WordPress VIP helps your applications run smoothly, and plans ahead for future growth of all kinds – of your user base, of your project’s complexity, and of the technologies of the web itself. Their enterprise support services also include on-site training, consulting on best practices and operations planning, proactive performance monitoring, and much more.

Partnering with WordPress VIP means partnering with the best in the industry, and it is certainly a level up in providing our clients with the best technology solutions for their challenges online,” shares Absolute Web’s COO, Sergiu Tabaran.

WordPress VIP

WordPress VIP is the official digital experience platform from the makers of WordPress.com. Their cloud hosting helps free up your central IT to focus on other critical business applications. They developed their services specifically for the needs of high scale enterprise users, and provide:

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