A Short Recap of Our Q2-2023 Roadmap Event | Elementor

In the previous event, we made note of having exceeded the 12 million Elementor websites mark. Since then, Elementor and its community has continued to grow, in large thanks to you – the web creators who put their trust and build beautiful websites using Elementor. In the first quarter of 2023, Elemntor has grown to be used by over 13 million websites, and is being used on over 8% of the internet. 

Additionally, in the first quarter of 2023, Elementor has kept the good momentum that started in the last quarter of 2022, thanks to the foundations that were set the previous year. This past quarter, Elementor has released three new versions of the plugin and a number of new hosting features. In the second quarter of 2023, we plan to continue with the cadence of releasing new features to expand our plugin and hosting capabilities and provide you with a complete platform to build incredible websites. 

Elementor in the Community 

Although not present in person, during the event we heard from key representatives, in the different Elementor communities, to hear more about their involvement in the community. Their involvement in the community is part of our ongoing effort to increase our communication level, and transparency with you. 

Elementor Global Community – as part of his role as the Global Community Manager, Ashley Whitehair, has been conducting weekly live sessions about various topics, live demos and AMA with our Product Managers as they share features in their discovery phase, so you can take a more active role in shaping Elementor. 

Elementor on GitHub – over the last quarter, Nicholas Zein, has been reviewing all your requests on GitHub, and moving them over to their new home in the discussions tab, so we can gain better visibility into your feature requests, and you can upvote any existing requests. Have a new feature you want to ask for – you can share your request here

Elementor Addons – in the upcoming quarter, Verdi Heinz, Head of Developer Partners will pave the way for Elementor certified addons. The certification threshold for certified addons will help ensure that Elementor Addons and extensions are compliant with all Elementor updates, which gives you ease of mind when updating your websites. 

Elementor & WordPress – we are grateful to be part of the WordPress community and ecosystem and Miriam Schwab has spent the past quarter strengthening our connection with WordPress. We also look forward to meeting you at WordCamp Europe on June 8-11 and welcome to visit our booth. 

Elementor’s Customer Experience – in the past quarter, Igor Elez has taken an active role in the Elementor Facebook Community to help with your customer experience needs. On top of his weekly posts with FAQs he and Ashley will be hosting monthly AMA sessions with a subject matter expert on various topics to get your questions answered. So keep your eyes open in the Elementor Community for the next topics, and prepare your questions. 

Introducing Elementor 3.12

Elementor 3.12, recently released includes a number of eagerly awaited features that will allow you to elevate your website’s design. With the new Menu widget, you will be able to create simple, or advanced menus with dropdown content areas leveraging the power of Flexbox Containers to place whatever elements you’d like within the content area. Elementor 3.12 also includes the ability to place an alternate template within your Loop Grid to achieve highly diverse and unique listing designs. 

This version also includes a number of updates to existing features, including the ability to vertically align icons in the Icon List widget, the ability to choose your own custom SVG in the Menu Cart widget, and alignment of available unit types in every unit-based field. You can read more about all the new features available in Elementor 3.12 here

New Hosting Features 

In the first quarter of 2023, we introduced a number of new hosting features, which make it easier for web creators to visually build and launch their WordPress websites without any coding knowledge, as well as improve the performance of your website. These features include Advanced Caching, Staging, Page Duplication, and Website Reset, you can read more about it in the release blog post

In the upcoming quarter, we will be enhancing Elementor’s Hosting solution to provide you with a complete platform to build your websites, reducing your reliance on third party providers. Upcoming features include a new Cloning feature, that will enable you to clone an entire Elementor Hosted Website, so you can create a new website in an instant, and not have to start it from scratch. 

Additionally, in the upcoming quarter, we will be introducing a new Migration Tool, which will empower you to migrate your WordPress website from your current hosting provider to Elementor. 

New Websites Will Have Containers on by Default 

Over the past year, Elementor has been testing and improving the Containers feature to ensure it will work properly with every possible configuration. As of Elementor version 3.10 Containers are considered Release Candidate, and we recommend using them on your websites.

Using Containers will enable you to use all the latest features introduced in the past few releases including Nested Tabs, Loop Builder, Mega Menu and additional features coming soon. 

In an upcoming version, Containers will be activated by default on all new websites. You can deactivate it if you choose to by going to the WordPress dashboard → Elementor→ Settings → Features. You can also choose to activate containers on existing websites by going to the same place mentioned above. If you choose to activate containers on a site that already has sections and columns, your existing content will remain the same, and you can choose if and when you want to convert your existing content to Containers.  

Introducing New Advanced Editing Capabilities, and Improving Existing Ones. 

In the upcoming quarter, Elementor will be introducing a number of advanced editing capabilities in a number of areas: Nested Elements, more Loop Builder capabilities, CSS Classes and more. 

Nested Elements: 

Leveraging the power of Flexbox Containers, unlock a whole new world of widget design possibilities by placing any element within the content area of widgets with Nested Elements. Upcoming Nested Elements include: Nested Carousel and Nested Accordion. 

More Loop Builder Capabilities

Elementor will be adding two new capabilities to the Loop Builder in upcoming releases. The first is the ability to inject static content to the Loop Grid in specific item positions, that way you can place ads or other content and design elements as part of your grid. Additionally, the Loop Builder will be enhanced to include a filter bar, which you can use to allow your website visitors to find what they’re looking for quickly by category. 

CSS Classes

Also planned for the upcoming quarter is CSS Classes, which will enable you to group advanced settings in a class, that you can apply to any element across your website. CSS Classes can be managed, and edited globally, that way if a certain element has a CSS Class applied to it, and you want to change it at once across the website – you will be able to do so from one central location. 

Elementor AI – the Future is Here

In the second quarter of 2023, Elementor will be introducing Elementor AI, which will empower you to boost your productivity and efficiency, while elevating your website’s design and content. With a native integration to Elementor, the generative AI product will enable you to create and improve your website’s text and images. It will also enable you to customize your website’s design using professional custom code, without writing a single line yourself. With contextual prompt suggestions, Elementor AI makes it easy to create consistent messaging across your site, and translate it to multiple languages. Additionally, Elementor AI’s Code Assistant empowers you to create and add custom code snippets anywhere. Plus, with our upcoming image creation and enhancement features, you’ll have even more design capabilities. Read more about it and sign up to the waiting list here

Elementor Q2-2023 Roadmap in a Nutshell 

Elementor continuously listens to you, and appreciates your feedback. Over the upcoming quarter we are working on some of the most highly requested features to empower you to focus on building amazing websites. 

We encourage you to visit our Roadmap page (www.elementor.com/roadmap) to see what’s coming next, make feature requests, or upvote existing feature requests (though our GitHub Feature Request area). 

Lots of new and exciting features are coming up, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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