9 Cool WordPress Plugins for Your Website

It’s not unusual to leave something undone when finishing a WordPress website-building project. It’s because the wherewithal (or tool) you needed to make something happen either wasn’t available or wasn’t quite up to the task.

Writing code is one solution, but it’s not a favored one or even a practical one for some web designers. Acquiring the services of a developer is, of course, another option.

Or, you can search for some essential WordPress plugins that provide the solution to your problem.

To be doubly sure the plugin will be up to the task of providing the needed functionality, it’s always best to look for one that’s the best in its class.

That could take some searching. The good news is, we’ve just made it easier for you to get one or more of these best-in-class useful WordPress plugins – top WordPress plugins that fittingly address several common business and web design issues.

Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin

Managing appointment and event bookings is an operation many businesses would like to be able to run on autopilot. Fitness centers, education and training centers, beauty salons, and even consulting firms need to be able to rely on efficient, effective, and error-free booking operations.

Amelia is a fully automated system that:

  • Can manage an unlimited number of appointments for an unlimited number of clients and an unlimited number of employees.
  • You can sell packages of services for a single price.
  • It is easy to set up and requires no training to use.
  • Enables clients to make, change, or cancel appointments 24/7.
  • Schedules appointments that are mutually convenient for clients and employees.
  • Provides managers and business owners with an instant overview of the status.

With Amelia, the booking process is fast, efficient, and beneficial to all parties concerned. Clients don’t have to be put on hold, and employees have full control over their schedules.

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Given the right tool, creating a table or chart that contains a reasonable amount of information can be straightforward and not particularly time-consuming.

When working with massive amounts of data, however, data that comes from a variety of sources and in a variety of formats, finding the right tool can be difficult.

If, in addition, a chart or table has to be responsive and editable online, with key data color-coded or highlighted, the number of tools that can be expected to be fully up to the task will be small indeed; perhaps no greater than one.

The wpDataTables plugin:

  • Manages massive amounts of data and provide results in seconds or minutes.
  • Accepts data from multiple sources and in various formats.
  • Creates Tables and charts that are responsive and maintainable.
  • Enables users to color-code or highlight key table or chart information.

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WPC Product Bundles for WooCommerce

Creating a product bundle can be done with common tools found in the market, but as a complicated process, it requires a powerful and effective plugin such as WPC Product Bundles to ease the heaviness of pre-sale and post-sale workloads.

This popular plugin is specially built for WooCommerce sites and optimized for RTL display, which takes multiple factors into account to ease the burdens of business management and execution for store owners.

Among them:

  • Simple, variable products or variations from different product lines can be bundled.
  • Inventory, shipping charges, tax, coupon discounts, and invoicing are well planned.
  • Discounts can be managed based on amounts or percentages.
  • The product bundle plugin can be combined with other plugins in the WPC family.

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With nearly a decade of history and millions of daily users, LayerSlider became one of the best tools for website animations. Following the latest design trends, LayerSlider is a perfect tool to impress your visitors.

LayerSlider includes:

  • An easy to use drag and drop visual editor.
  • A comprehensive animation builder that allows you to create even a complete website.
  • Plenty of slider and popup templates designed for beginners and pros.

Click, review, and add to your web design toolbox.

Logic Hop – Content Personalization for WordPress

Double your conversions. That’s what personalization is all about – showing the right message to the right person at the right time. It works. It can work for you.

Logic Hop uses real-time data to target visitors and shows personalized content anywhere on your site. This powerful plugin seamlessly integrates with WooCommerce, Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, and more. It’s the best personalization tool for WordPress, hands down.

Don’t miss out, see what personalization can do for you.

Slider Revolution

In general, plugins enable their users to add key functionality to a website design. Slider Revolution does as well, in addition to helping designers incorporate a “Wow” factor or two that a client can’t help but love.

  • Slider Revolution comes with 200+ responsive templates to help you get started.
  • It can also save you hours, and even days of work on any given project.

Ads Pro Plugin – Multi-Purpose WordPress Advertising Manager

Ads Pro gives you the following:

  • 25+ responsive ad templates and 20 ad displays to work from.
  • An Admin Panel to manage the Ads Pro’s multitude of design options.
  • Geographical Targeting and other cool features.
  • Billing and Payment Options.

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Flow-Flow Social Feed

While anyone can cut and paste a testimonial onto a page, not everyone has a site that can engage visitors with a mix of social proof feeds from different social media. Flow-Flow, Envato’s best-selling social media plugin, enables its users to do exactly that.

Its admin permission is not needed to access Facebook and Instagram business page posts.

Flow-Flow takes but a few minutes to set up, and no coding is necessary

Heroic Inbox

Heroic Inbox gives customer support departments and other organizations a powerful email management capability that enables them to achieve the much-desired “Inbox-Zero” condition.

  • Heroic Inbox makes it easy for staffs to collaborate and streamline the email management workflow.
  • Key metrics are employed to measure inbox management performance.
  • Heroic Inbox features an exceptionally friendly UI.

One thing these top WordPress plugins have in common is that they not only add or extend functionality to WordPress and to a WordPress site, but they give end users a little extra. That, for lack of a better term, could be called a “Wow” factor.

Any one of the above cool WordPress plugins has the ability to transform a run-of-the-mill website into a money-making machine. While at the same time bringing smiles to the faces of business owners and customers alike.

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