9 Best WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins

The pandemic has established the era of virtual restaurants. Restaurants have moved online and the online ordering genie is not going back into the bottle. Having an online menu is a basic requirement for your restaurant website. 

WordPress restaurant menu plugins will help you create a menu to showcase your dishes so customers can choose, place orders, and pay for them. 

Food Menu is one of the restaurant menu plugins available on CodeCanyon.

A menu alone, though, is not enough. To stay ahead of competition you need to have a customer-friendly restaurant menu. 

A customer-friendly restaurant menu is interactive. It shows what kinds of foods you serve including photos, description, and prices. It gives option to click and select the food they want, add it to cart, and pay online. And in addition to delivery or pickup option, it also gives customer the choice to use variety of payment options. 

In this post we’ll look at the best WordPress restaurant menu plugins that you can purchase on CodeCanyon. 

Best-Selling WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins

Grab one of these WordPress restaurant menu plugins and create attractive menus that offer your customers a hassle-free food ordering experience on your restaurant website.  

13 Best WordPress Restaurant Menu Plugins 

1. WooCommerce Food: Restaurant Menu and Food Ordering

WooCommerce Food makes ordering menu items seamless and hassle-free, It allows you to manage the showcasing of your menu items, receiving and processing orders from one place. To help design attractive menus, the plugin comes with over ten menu display styles, online food ordering and manager system, support for extra options, and online payment gateways. 

You can display the menu in grid, list, table, or carousel slider. You can offer delivery, take away, or dine. You can charge delivery fee if you wish and even limit your delivery radius by distance, postal code, or using Google Map API. 

If you use WordPress check out a similar version call WP Food—Restaurant Menu and Food Ordering

2. WooFood: Food Ordering Plugin for WooCommerce

WooFood allows you to create your online delivery system for your fast food location, pizzeria, cafe, or restaurant. You can create a system for multiple restaurants, and set it up to send the order to the location that is nearest to the customer. Customers can also select this option manually. You can add extra options categories on each menu item. 

Customers can pickup their orders or have them delivery. In this case you have tools to set your maximum delivery radius, including delivery based on postal codes and calculated distances. The orders can be printed automatically. 

3. Foodlify—Restaurant Food Menu for Woocommerce

Foodlify makes it easier and faster for customers to order from your restaurant menu. Theplugin is fully responsive and includes additional features like image, search option, food information and an add to cart button to enhance the user experience. 

You can customize the plugin by changing the background, border and text color. You can even implement menu and submenu background hover, as well as set the hover and description color. When it comes to the mini-cart, you can display or hide it, and customize it from eight mini-cart templates. 

4. Woo Product Table Pro

Woo Product Table Pro allows you to display your products in table form. It has a restaurant table template which you can use to create your restaurant menu and display it online in a table view format. Check the plugin documentation for instructions

5. Restaurant Food Menus for WPBakery Page Builder

If you’re going to be using WPBakery Page Builder to create your menus then this food menus pack is a perfect choice. It comes with twenty four different customizable food menu layouts with special colors, editable fields, over one thousand icons, and custom hover effects. You have the option of including multiple food menus in one page.

6. FoodMenu: Creative Restaurant Menu Showcase

FoodMenu is the ideal restaurant menu display for your website. The plugin is built from the ground up with SEO in mind, and includes a testimonial rotator. It comes with five layouts and four skins. In addition to being touch optimized, it looks great on all mobile devices and works seamlessly across all modern browsers. You can modify colors using CSS3 and SASS.

Free WordPress Menu Plugins 

FW Food Menu

This plugin offers a collection of responsive food menu designs with all meal elements in different categories. Every category has its own settings, layout and designs.


WPCafe is an online food ordering and restaurant reservation system. You can create responsive food menus, schedule bookings, even add pickup and delivery. The plugin comes with shortcodes, Elementor widgets, and Gutenberg blocks. 

Restaurant Menu, Food Ordering System, and Table Reservation

With this plugin you can turn your restaurant website into an online restaurant. It comes with a drag and drop online editor that makes it fast and easy to build responsive menus, upload your own images, customize menu sizes, colors, and so on. 

Tips for Creating Engaging Restaurant Menus

An online restaurant menu must create an enjoyable and interactive experience. To achieve this, your menu has to engage the senses while at the same time offering a great user experience that will make visitors come back regularly. 

1. Put Yourself in the Customer’s Shoes

When designing your menu, always take the place of the customer. Look at it as a customer would and think about what they see. This will allow you to create a customer-centered menu. 

2. Use a Mobile-First Design

Since most of the orders you will receive are from mobile devices, you want to make sure your menu is mobile friendly. This means asking questions like: does your customer have to scroll down a long list of dishes? Does your menu overwhelm the customer with choices? Does it adapt seamlessly to different device screen sizes?

3. Keep the Menu Up to Date

Update the prices if they change, and be sure to update the menu to reflect any changes in the dishes you serve. It’s frustrating for a customer to spend the time picking something from the menu and then learn that it’s no longer available.

4. Spare No Costs on Great Photography

Food is a visual and sensual experience. First we eat with our eyes. Later with our mouths. Carefully staged, high-resolution, professional-quality photos of your dishes translates into more orders and repeat customers. 

5. Use Clear Descriptions

Instead of listing ingredients, use beautiful descriptive phrases to describe the dishes. Describe how they taste in a way engages the senses and awaken the customer’s desire to get hold of the dish and savour it. 

Activate Your Customers’ Tastes Buds Now!

Some wise ancients once said “We eat with our eyes first.” Let your restaurant website menu lead the customer to the next step: ordering and putting food in their bellies. The best place to find WordPress restaurant plugins is CodeCanyon. 

And if you prefer contactless restaurant menus checkout our PHP contactless restaurant menus or digital restaurant menus.

If you’re still looking for WordPress themes and plugins that will make your restaurant the envy of the restaurant world, checkout these posts and more on Envato Tuts+. 

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