9 Best WordPress Pricing Table Plugins

Do you want to increase sells by adding pricing tables on your website?

Pricing tables are tools for increasing sales. They guide visitors to take action whether it’s signing up for a free plan or buying a plan or product.

Pricing tables are visual pricing tools that offer your visitors options to choose pricing plans that suit their needs. They can compare two, three, or four different products at once by reviewing their list of features, similarities, or differences. This saves time by giving users easily digestible information that allows them to make informed decisions.  

In this post I’ll show you some of the best WordPress pricing table plugins you can download today.

AP Pricing Table is an example of WordPress pricing tables on CodeCanyon.

A well-designed and well-organized pricing page is crucial. The good news is, you don’t need to create pricing tables from scratch. On CodeCanyon you will find WordPress pricing table plugins that you can add to your website easily.

Best-Selling WordPress Pricing Table Plugins on CodeCanyon

Make it easy for your customers to choose pricing plans that work for them by incorporating a pricing table on your website. Choose from over 100 WordPress pricing tables listed on CodeCanyon and get ahead of your competition.

Best WordPress Pricing Tables 

1. Best-seller: Go Pricing: WordPress Responsive Pricing Tables

Using Go Pricing you can create colorful and attractive WordPress pricing or comparison tables for your website. It is loaded with 250 premade pricing tables that you can edit and customize from the admin interface. There are hundreds of customization options to choose from like colors, icons, and a live preview window to see how your pricing tables will look in real time.

To add excitement to your pricing tables, you can include column animations for each and every column by choosing from 39 transition options. To make them even more engaging, you can add images, audio, videos, and maps. Don’t forget to take advantage of Google Fonts and match the pricing table’s text to your website font.

2. CSS3 Responsive WordPress Compare Pricing Tables

This responsive pure CSS3 WordPress pricing table plugin comes with two table styles and twenty predefined color versions. From the extensive admin panel you can customize tables, columns, rows and table cells.

To make customization a breeze, you have access to tools like sliding columns feature, expandable rows feature, popped up columns, hover states, table cell tooltips, columns ribbons, and tick-cross icons. You have a live view of any changes you make. 

Other notable features include:

  • 20 predefined sample configurations,
  • 42 tick, cross icons 
  • 60 ribbons
  • import or export configuration settings and table data
  • add tables anywhere with a simple shortcode 
  • Multisite compatible

3. ARPrice—WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

ARPrice is a fully featured pricing table plugin that comes with a whopping 300+ ready to download pricing table templates, 13-14 color options, 900+ fonts, and over 2400 different font icons. 

Using drag-and-drop tools you can add an unlimited number of columns, as well as change colors, fonts and icons, add your own images, and add ribbons to your pricing tables. 

You can make your columns dynamic by adding animations and effects such as hover, glow, fade, swing, slide or fall, and even integrate YouTube or Vimeo videos.

The plugin includes a weekly-monthly-yearly toggle switch, which you can set as a tab at the top of each table.

You can instantly preview your changes via the real-time editor to see what your tables will look like across all devices. 

4. Pricing Table—WordPress Pricing Table Plugin

This pricing and compare table plugin allows you to create visually stunning pricing tables. It comes a multitude of customizable options including three predefined layouts, six predefined column elements, two predefined border radius and more.

You can also customize button border radius and width, font size and weight. You can display pictures on your price columns by simply pasting its link in the picture field. 

5. CSS3 Vertical Web Pricing Tables For WordPress

A majority of pricing tables focus on vertical layouts. But this plugin different because it lets you create pricing tables that are laid out horizontally, on rows instead of columns. The tables are divided into three distinct sections: the header, the main body, and the footer. The tables are also fully responsive, so they look great on all devices.

Features of this plugin include:

  • 10 predefined color skins
  • unlimited numbers of rows
  • unlimited features for each single row
  • animated hover states
  • shortcode support

6. Easy Pricing Tables WordPress Plugin

Easy Pricing Tables helps you build awesome pricing tables in a few clicks and see how they will look on your website using a live preview. 

You have great selection of customization features to choose from including ten pricing themes, ten predefined colors, nine content elements for pricing tables, as well as more than 120 ribbons, over 100 icons, and several hover effects.

The plugin supports WPBakery Page Builder, video integration, and HTML content. 

7. PTSC: WordPress Pricing Tables, Sliders & Comparison Tables

WordPress Pricing Tables, Slider, and Comparison (PTSC) is WooCommerce-supported, all-in-one plugin for

  • pricing tables
  • pricing sliders
  • comparison tables

PTSC is different from other WordPress pricing table plugins where you build pricing tables by adding rows to each table one a time.

With PTSC you just enter your product descriptions in plain text, then the plugin processes it to make pricing tables, pricing slider or comparison tables all from the single set of data.

This powerful plugin is perfect for adding long comparison tables to your WordPress website. You can generate comparison tables with unlimited rows and columns. 

8. WHMCS Pricing Sliders and Comparison Tables—WHMpress Addon

If you run a web hosting business on the WHMCS platform using the WHMPress, then this comparison table and price slider is for you. It will give your visitors all information they need to make informed decisions. The plugin is prefilled with data from WHCMS and you don’t need additional coding.

Features include:

  • discount upsell
  • pricing sliders 
  • table group
  • tooltips 

9. AP Pricing Tables

Create beautiful tables with AP Pricing Table. This feature-rich WordPress pricing table plugin comes with 35 predefined templates that you can use to unlimited pricing table with unlimited row and column addition.

You can customize the tables by defining column border radius, column space, column width, configure ribbons for each column, and add column animation. But that’s not all you can add audio, video, and Google Maps to the content on your table. 

Additional features of this pricing table plugin include: 

  • a different countdown timer for each column
  • add column animation
  • marked price and selling price settings
  • WooCommerce stock counter
  • table import/export function
  • table preview option

The plugin supports multiple source font icons: Font Awesome, Typicons, Linecon, Icomoon, Material icons.

Free WordPress Pricing Tables 

If these premium WordPress pricing table plugins for WordPress are outside your budget, there are some free pricing table plugins you can try. These plugins come with a lot of features that will help you create tables for your website. However, if you need advanced features, you will need to pay for the premium versions.

Responsive Pricing Table

Responsive Pricing Table allows you to easily create pricing tables for your website. You can place the table anywhere using a shortcode. 

WRC Pricing Tables

This free CSS3 pricing table plugin allows you to create comparison pricing tables for your website.

Pricing Table by Supsystic

This plugin comes with pricing table templates that you can customize with a pricing table builder and publish on your website. 

WooCommerce Tiered Price Table

This plugin sets different prices for different quantities of a product.

Pricing tables share a message visually, quickly, and effectively. They do this by clearly highlighting differences between plans so customers can select one that suits their needs. You can use design to emphasise differences by utilizing robust colors, backgrounds, fonts, icons, badges, call to action buttons, and framing. 

When done right, tables avoids confusing the customer with too much information. So when designing your pricing table, remember effective design is all about simplicity. Simple design steers away from clutter and draws attention to benefits, price, and call the visitor to take action. 

Another element is simplicity is clear, concise copy that is easy to understand. You can achieve this by making information minimal and digestible. Show your visitors how each will plan benefit them. How will it improve their business. Also make the tables short, so visitors don’t have to scroll to see more information.  

Finally, offer few services so visitors can decide quickly. Offering too many services makes it confusing for your customers to compare prices.

Before you even start building your pricing comparison tables, be clear about the services you offer including their features and benefits. 

Some Color and Layout Tips for Pricing Tables

Colors catch and hold attention. The background of each pricing plan can be of different color and font. The most popular plan can be highlighted with graphics and fonts of a different size. 

The background color of each pricing plan can be the same except for that one plan you want to fully highlight and market to your potential customers. Doing so will focus attention to one plan that performs well and has the best features for an affordable price. 

Add a WordPress Pricing Table to Your Website! 

Here are some more pricing table plugin resources on Envato Tuts+ 

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