9 Best WordPress CRM Plugins in 2023

If you’re running a business on WordPress, you know how important it is to be engaged with your customer base. The best tools help you with reliable customer relationship management. A CRM can help you keep track of your leads, customers, and sales and can make it easier to manage every aspect of your involvement with them.

In this article, we’ll explore some 9 of the best WordPress CRM plugins available to help you decide which one is best for your needs.

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What is CRM and Why Its Important?

Customer relationship management (CRM) is software that helps businesses manage their interactions and relationships with leads, prospects, and customers. It allows businesses to store and organize customer data, track customer interactions and communications, and manage sales and marketing efforts. Businesses can use CRM tools to improve their customer service, increase customer retention, and boost sales.

WordPress is a powerful content management system (CMS) that allows businesses complete control and freedom over how they build their websites. But a CMS is different from a CRM. That said, WordPress can still be the engine for your very own CRM. With the installation of a simple plugin, you can transform a basic website into a sprawling management system that is intimately connected to your website and other necessary technology.

Different Types of CRM

CRMs can be built for certain types of businesses or tasks. So, it becomes really important to know what your business needs are and how a CRM can alleviate some pressure from your job (and not add to it). Here are some specialties that CRMs can focus on:

While all CRMs should have a little of each of these, some do specific tasks particularly well. At this point, you should agree that using one should be a no-brainer! But finding the right CRM plugin can be a bit of a hassle. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you find the best solution.

The 9 Best WordPress CRM Plugins

We have scoured every corner of the internet, looking to find the top WordPress CRM plugins for your needs. Let’s start with a crowd-pleaser—FluentCRM—and move on through a total of 9 killer WordPress options. Note, the last 2 plugins on the list are important if you use a standalone CRM like Hubspot CRM or Zoho CRM.

1. FluentCRM

FluentCRM is a cutting-edge WordPress plugin that offers both self-hosted email marketing automation and CRM solution. It was built to rival other email marketing solutions such as Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, and Groundhogg (also on this list). What sets FluentCRM apart from its competitors is that it is a self-hosted WordPress plugin, allowing you to access and manage your email campaigns and contacts directly within your WordPress installation.

Key Features for FluentCRM :

FluentCRM is a highly flexible plugin that can handle various types of businesses, including eCommerce, membership, and learning management. With user-friendly interfaces and a flexible automation builder and email campaign editor, FluentCRM provides an easy and efficient way to manage and create your marketing campaigns.

FluentCRM is for you if you…

FluentCRM Pricing: Free, Premium starting at $129 a year

Groundhogg is an all-in-one CRM and marketing automation plugin that offers advanced features typically found in large SaaS tools but at a much more affordable price. The plugin competes with other popular SaaS tools like Keap and Zoho but it is a 100% native WordPress plugin. We have a much broader review of Groundhogg but here are the highlights. Like FluentCRM, Groundhogg is a marketing automation CRM that is especially useful for eCommerce brands and marketing-heavy industries.

Key Features for Groundhogg CRM:

Groundhogg CRM allows business owners to do more with WordPress. You can easily create marketing automation and sales funnels and manage your email campaigns directly within your WordPress installation. Even creating automated sequences is easy enough from the dashboard

Groundhogg CRM is for you if you…

Pricing: Free, Paid plans starting at $20 a month

Propovoice is a comprehensive CRM and invoicing plugin for business owners and freelancers. It’ll allow you to manage clients, projects, estimates, invoices, and more—all in the comfort of your own WordPress installation. If you’re looking to scale up your freelancing or service business, Propovoice is a must-have tool to help you manage your clients and projects more efficiently. It, however, is not a marketing-focused CRM but a sales and project-focused one making it stand out from the first two plugins on our list.

Key Features for Propovoice:

One thing about Propovoice is its simplicity and modern design. Whether working through the deal desk Kanban board or selecting an invoice template, the plugin doesn’t feel dated at all. Being a newer plugin, though, Propovoice has limited integrations. Though, it is in active development and is getting new integrations fairly often.

Propovoice is for you if you…

Propovoice Pricing: Free, Paid plan starts at $59 a year

FunnelKit is a marketing CRM that is built to power WooCommerce websites to new heights. It brings in tools that are focused exclusively on eCommerce growth. It covers every aspect of lead generation, email marketing, and store conversion rate optimization/automation.

Key Features for FunnelKit:

This plugin’s contact management features enable users to store and organize customer information in a central location; combined with its email marketing tools, this is one of the best CRM solutions available.

FunnelKit is for you if you…

FunnelKit Pricing: Starting at $99.50 a year

WP ERP is a total business management platform that includes CRM as a core function. This base plugin consists of three main modules: HR Management, CRM, and Accounting. There are a total of 23 extensions that add specific functionality to the base plugin. WP ERP aims to be your business’ operating system—not just for CRM but operations over the span of your business’ footprint.

Key features for WP ERP:

One of the standout features of WP ERP is its easy-to-navigate dashboard which can help you schedule meetings and track tasks that are assigned to leads and opportunities.

WP ERP is for you if you…

WP ERP Pricing: Free, Premium tier starts at $129 a year (extension ranging from $2.49/mo to $9.49/mo)

WP-CRM is another, long-standing, CRM interface that works inside WordPress. Though some aspects of it look dated, it handles client management and project tracking between users. Like WP ERP, it has premium add-ons available to add extra features, integrations, and functionality.

Key Features for WP-CRM:

WP-CRM is for you if you…

WP-CRM Pricing: Free, Premium Extensions (ranging from $29/yr to $89/yr)

Jetpack CRM is a plugin for WordPress that offers small businesses a secure and customizable solution for managing their customer relationships. You have probably heard of Jetpack in other contexts (like CDN or advertising) but it also has a CRM module. With Jetpack CRM, you own and host your own data, giving you complete control over access and security. The plugin runs on your server and can be used in conjunction with other security plugins, allowing you to set roles and permissions to determine who can do what within the CRM. We have a detailed Jetpack CRM review but here are the highlights.

Key Features include:

Jetpack CRM offers a range of features to help businesses manage their customer relationships, including a client portal, contact management, and invoicing. It also provides a customizable dashboard that allows users to keep track of their sales and revenue. The plugin allows users to add or remove modules to create a personalized CRM tool that meets their specific needs.

Jetpack CRM is for you if you…

Jetpack CRM Pricing: $129 a year

Bit Integrations is a WordPress integration suite for connecting different plugins (same-site) to create advanced automation between your installed tools. Many plugins connect your WordPress website with external tools, but this one connects your internal tools together so that they work as one cohesive machine—instead of frustrating silos.

This may seem like a weird plugin to feature in an article about WordPress CRM plugins, but it could prove consequential. If you are already using a standalone CRM (think Hubspot, Zoho, or ActiveCampaign) you might be able to use Bit Integrations to connect even more than you originally thought possible. It may not work for your particular setup, but it (and its competitor, Flowmattic) is perfect for creating a little more automation and integration within your website.

Key Features for Bit Integrations:

Take a look at its listed integrations and see what is possible that you previously thought couldn’t be done without custom-coded APIs and webhooks.

Bit Integrations is for you if you…

Bit Integrations Pricing: Free, Premium version $19 a year

WP Forms is another plugin that we bet you didn’t expect on this list. CRMs (WordPress or not) are data-eating machines. If they don’t have very much data (or actionable data) consider your investment in a CRM moot. Forms plugins, therefore, are a vital step in your data machine. WP Forms (though there are other great contenders in our best form plugins article) is an excellent choice when it comes to forms with a lot of integrations. Those integrations are the pipes between your website and CRM that are sending over precious data.

Key Features for WP Forms:

Choose from hundreds of categorized templates for fast form-building that powers your business. Everything from donation forms to opt-in—WP Forms has got you covered with time-saving features.

WP Forms is for you if you…

WP Forms Pricing: Free, Premium starts at $49.50 a year

What is the Best CRM Plugin for WordPress?

In today’s competitive business landscape, it is more important than ever for companies to have strong relationships with their customers. WordPress-based CRM plugins are significant assets for businesses that are looking to manage and track customer interactions. As we saw, some have specific tools built into them that make them better at certain tasks than other CRMs.

Plugin Price Free Option
🥇 FluentCRM $129/yr ✔️ Visit
🥈 Groundhogg $240/yr ✔️ Visit
🥉 Propovoice $59/yr ✔️ Visit
4 FunnelKit $99.50/yr ✔️ Visit
5 WP ERP $129/yr ✔️ Visit
6 WP-CRM Free ✔️ Visit
7 Jetpack CRM $129/yr ✔️ Visit
8 Bit Integrations $19/yr ✔️ Visit
9 WP Forms $49.50/yr ✔️ Visit

For those who are after the best marketing automation CRM, we suggest you take a look at FluentCRM or FunnelKit. If you are needing more sales and post-sale management, check out Propovoice and see if it covers your needs. For anyone with any CRM setup, Bit Integrations and WP Forms may prove useful as well.

Remember, CRMs are a tall commitment. It takes time to properly set up all the custom fields, automation, and processes that make for a well-oiled machine. But, all that work will be worth it as that data comes in and makes you able to stay on top of your customers’ needs.

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