8 Best AI Headshot Generators in 2023 (Compared)

In today’s competitive environment, having a professional headshot can help open new opportunities, build your brand, and help you stand out among your peers. In the past, paying for a professional photoshoot was unattainable, especially for those just starting in the professional world. Thanks to the emergence of generative AI, anyone can obtain high-quality, professional headshots for a fraction of the cost. In this post, we’ll introduce you to our picks for the best AI headshot generators money can buy. Let’s dive in. Table Of Contents 1 What is an AI Headshot Generator? 2 8 Best AI Headshot Generators in 2023 3 Comparing the Best AI Headshot Generators 4 What is the Best AI Headshot Generator? What is an AI Headshot Generator? AI headshot generators use artificial intelligence to enhance and modify your photos by turning them into professional-grade photographs. They can be used for social media profiles, personal websites, corporate team pages, or any instance where you need a high-quality image. AI headshot generators are created with AI algorithms that analyze your facial features, expressions, and other physical characteristics to create realistic, professional photos. 8 Best AI Headshot Generators in 2023 When researching tools to feature in this post, we considered a few factors: price, the quality of the images, and the company’s refund policy. After all, we are talking about AI, so there are bound to be some weird little artifacts in some of your results. We’ve picked some excellent options that produce incredibly realistic photos. That said, we aren’t at the point of AI taking photography jobs away from people. Our affordable options make them ideal for college students, new businesses, and people entering the workforce. One crucial factor to understand is that output quality is dictated by the quality of the images you upload. Meaning you get out what you put into it. Try to take pictures with good lighting, preferably on a white background, and keep pets and other people out of the photos. Let’s dig into our list. The Best AI Headshot Generators Listed In Order Expand List 1. Aragon AI Up first on our list of best AI headshot generators is Aragon AI. Created by former Meta and Microsoft tech gurus, Aragon is one of the most popular entries on our list, pumping out more than 1.4 million headshots every month. It works by uploading at least 14 high-quality selfies to Aragon and then creates a custom AI model explicitly trained on your photos. As a result, Aragon generates at least 40 high-quality professional headshots in over an hour. Key Features of Aragon AI: Custom AI model for your headshots 30-day money-back guarantee Generates higher resolution than competitors (1024px x 1824px) Prompt the AI with desired elements One of Aragon’s best features is that you can enter a text prompt to describe the look you’re going for. This is an excellent feature for a couple of reasons. First, it gives the AI a better idea of the type of headshot you want to generate. Secondly, it allows you to prompt it to provide images for specific applications. For example, a social media influencer might need different headshots than a bank manager. Best For: Aragon is an excellent tool for creating headshots. To get the best results, start with good, quality images. As with any AI, there is a possibility of a few anomalies. Therefore, we suggest the Basic plan, which gives you 80 photos and 40+ styles for $39. Pricing: Starting at $29 for 40 headshots. 2. HeadshotPro The next AI headshot generator on our list is HeadshotPro. Similarly to Aragon, HeadshotPro trains a custom AI model from your photos to produce good-quality AI images for professional use. It offers a variety of backdrops and different outfits in the output, so you’ll have the option of using different photos for specific applications. Key Features of HeadshotPro: Variety of backdrops and outfits 14-day money-back guarantee Ability to choose different styles for your headshots Highly secure environment One of the best features of HeadshotPro is the variety of styles you can choose. Whether you’re looking for a formal or more traditional look, HeadshotPro can give you the look you want. Those worried about privacy will rest easy knowing their photos aren’t sold to anyone and are automatically deleted after 30 days. Additionally, the model used to create your photos will never be used by anyone else. This level of security is a testament to HeadshotPro’s willingness to align itself with ethical AI practices and give its customers peace of mind. Best For: HeadshotPro is an excellent tool for creating a professional headshot for LinkedIn or other social media. With several styles and outfits, headshots can be tailored specifically to your industry. With prices starting at $29, you can get the professional headshot you need to present yourself in a professional light. Pricing: Starting at $29 for 40 headshots. 3. ProPhotos AI ProPhotos AI uses advanced AI technology to create photorealistic, professional-grade headshots in just a few minutes. Users can personalize their headshots based on their industry, job position, and personal style with various customization options. For example, users can choose from different poses, outfits, backgrounds, and lighting setups to create images representing their brand, personality, and style. Key Features of ProPhotos AI: Users can edit their headshots Various styles and photo characteristics Enterprise plan for uniformed headshots One of the best features of ProPhotos AI is their Professional tier, which is geared towards companies with many employees and want their headshots to be uniform. Typically, a project like this would cost thousands of dollars, but thanks to the power of AI, companies can generate high-quality images in a fraction of the time and expense. Users can also customize their headshots to be more on-brand, with options like editing the color palette, using a specific background, and adjusting the lighting and composition. Best For: ProPhotos AI is an excellent choice for businesses who desire to have a uniform look on their employee headshots. With many customization options, users can be sure that their headshots will be professional, on-brand, and affordable. The Professional plan allows you to generate 160 unique headshots with 12 different backgrounds and 8 clothing styles, and they are ready to go in about 30 minutes for a reasonable $155 fee. Individuals can start with the Basic plan for an affordable $25. Pricing: Starting at $25 for 40 headshots. 4. Secta AI Our next best AI headshot generator is Secta AI. It requires over 25 selfies to generate headshots, but from what we can tell, the results are worth the headache. With your purchase, you’ll get over 300 headshots and can edit them to customize them as you like – twice. This is an excellent feature not offered by others on our list. Key Features of Secta AI: 2 free retries Remix and Retouch Over 300 headshots One of the standout features of Secta AI is the remix and retouch feature. Once your headshots are generated, you can change elements, including clothing styles, backgrounds, or facial expressions. Being able to retouch your headshots is a great feature, especially if you like one of the results, but it needs a bit of tweaking. Best For: If you require a ton of headshots, Secta AI delivers. With your $49 purchase, you’ll receive over 300 headshots. The downside is providing more than 25 selfies, which can be daunting for some. Another concern is that Secta doesn’t delete your original photos, which might be a privacy concern. However, their website states that they don’t sell your info to 3rd parties but keep it for training. Pricing: $49 for 300 headshots. 5. Fotor Our next AI headshot generator, Fotor, is a multi-functional product offering many features besides professional headshots. They provide one of the only free AI photo enhancers, an AI image generator, a background remover, and an AI avatar generator, amongst other tools. With the avatar generator, you can create unique profile pictures for gaming profiles, social media, or professional headshots. Key Features of Fotor: Various AI tools Online photo editor Available on the web, iPhone, and Android The best feature of Fotor is the photo editing tools you’ll get with your purchase. You can adjust your headshots once created, allowing you to perfect them to meet your needs. Another helpful feature of Fotor is its mobile apps. It enables you to work on your photos on the go, so generating a headshot can be done on the fly. Best For: If you’re looking for an AI headshot generator and editing tools, Fotor may be for you. With many photo editing tools and AI products, Fotor is a one-stop shop for all things AI. Pricing is affordable, too, with a basic headshot package starting at $19.99. Pricing: Starting at $19.99 for 40 headshots. 6. Dreamwave Dreamwave is another excellent AI headshot generator that can produce high-quality headshots. The process requires fewer source images than others on our list, with 5-8 pictures needed. It also has results in less time, with an average of one hour. Developed by AI experts previously employed by Google and MIT, Dreamwave uses a proprietary algorithm that results in more realistic images with a higher output resolution. Key Features of Dreamwave: Unlimited backgrounds and outfits Quick to produce headshots in less than an hour 14-day money-back guarantee One of the best features of Dreamwave is its unlimited background and style options. Unlike other entries on our list, Dreamwave allows you to generate photos in any style, outfit, or background, making them an excellent choice for anyone in any profession. It’s also a great solution for companies who want to generate headshots that are less than traditional. Dreamwave has one price tier that produces 120 headshots for $39. With such an affordable price, Dreamwave makes professional headshots accessible to people with any budget. Best For: Dreamwave is an excellent solution for individuals and companies who want complete styling freedom for their headshots. With unlimited styles and backgrounds, teams can make their headshots fun, quirky, or professional. Pricing: $39 for 120 headshots. 7. StudioShot Our next AI headshot generator on the list is StudioShot. Like other generators on our list, you start by uploading 12-24 selfies and wait for the results. This one takes considerably longer (2-4 business days) and notifies you by email when your headshots are ready for prime time. In the email, they warn that out of the 95+ images you receive, you’ll get at least a few usable images. The great thing about StudioShot is that the images are very high quality, so they can be enlarged to meet your needs. Key Features of StudioShot: High-quality images that can be enlarged for framing or print projects Professionally edited Unlimited touchups One of the best features of StudioShot is the hands-on treatment your photos will get before they are emailed to you. All AI-generated headshots are sent to a professional photography team for review, with necessary touch-ups made before you see them. The best part? They’ll even go through the editing process again if you aren’t completely satisfied with the results. However, the downside to StudioShot is that although you can choose the style, there are no options for additional backgrounds or attire. So, what you see is what you get. Best For: Overall, StudioShot does an excellent job generating a few images suitable for headshots. For the most part, this software is ideal for young professionals who are just starting or soon-to-be college graduates with zero budget for hiring a professional photographer. If you’re a seasoned pro with a bigger budget, we suggest a better solution with more styling options, such as Aragon or Headshot Pro. Pricing: Starting at $29.25 for 95 headshots. 8. Remini Finally, we have Remini. It’s not a traditional AI headshot generator, but it should be. Remini specializes in photo editing and AI photo enhancement but does well with professional-looking headshots. There is one caveat, though. You must use an iPhone or Android device to generate AI images. That may not appeal to you, but you can always take their 7-day free trial for a spin to decide if it’s worth the trouble. Key Features of Remini: Desktop and mobile apps Different styles and themes 7-day free trial For some, only being able to generate headshots on a mobile device may be a downside. However, it does a good job. You’ll get to choose from several settings, poses, and outfits, and it produces some impressive results. There are a few that need to be fixed. However, Remini is capable of producing some good results. You can easily download them to your phone and Airdrop them to your computer to edit them or use Remini’s photo editing and enhancing tools. Best For: Remini is an excellent option for those who prefer to generate headshots on their mobile devices. It offers convenience and good results. The best part of Remini is the 7-day free trial. You can generate as many headshots as you want and download them for inspection. However, during the trial period, they are watermarked. At least you’ll get a glimpse of the quality and can cancel the subscription anytime. Pricing: $9.99 per week. Comparing the Best AI Headshot Generators There’s a lot to consider when choosing the best AI headshot generator. You must decide which aligns most with your budget and required features. We’ve given you a lot to digest, so we’ve created a visual aid to help you decide. Best AI Headshot Generator Price Comparison Here’s a list of our picks for the best AI headshot generators, pricing, and number of images to provide you with a visual comparison. Plugin Price Number of Images Included 🥇 Aragon AI $29 one-time fee 40 Visit 🥈 HeadshotPro $29 one-time fee 40 Visit 🥉 ProPhotos AI $25 one-time fee 40 Visit 4 Secta AI $49 one-time fee 300 Visit 5 Fotor $19.99 one-time fee 40 Visit 6 Dreamwave $39 one-time fee 120 Visit 7 StudioShot $29.25 one-time fee 95 Visit 8 Remini $9.99 per week Unlimited Visit What is the Best AI Headshot Generator? In today’s digital universe, professional headshots are essential for marketing yourself or your company. They build credibility, strengthen your brand, and help customers understand who’s behind the company name. Before AI, professional headshots were out of reach for some. Now, with AI-powered tools readily available, everyone can get a new profile pic for social media, business cards, or websites. Of the tools available, two stand out above the rest. The first is Aragon. You’ll get 40 high-quality headshots in 90 minutes for $29. Its best feature is the ability to enter a text prompt to set the AI in the right direction. That results in different styles, poses, lighting, and more. Secondly is HeadshotPro, which stands out for its image quality and commitment to privacy. Plans start at $29 for 40 images and will be delivered in about two hours. Are you looking for more AI plugins? Check out some of our more recent articles featuring the best AI tools.

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