7 Best WordPress Directory Plugins (2023)

If you want to build an online directory website in WordPress, you’ll need the best plugin for the job. Online directories are basically public listings to help visitors find businesses, services, products, and more. But building one from scratch in WordPress is difficult without a plugin. Thankfully, there are some great directory plugins out there to make that process much easier. But finding the right one for your needs can be challenging. In this post, we’ll share our list of the best WordPress directory plugins to help you make the right choice for your business.

How to Choose the Right Directory Plugin for You (What to Look For)

Directory plugins have been around for a long time. Most solutions take into account 90% of what’s needed to create a decent directory. But, the best directory plugins go above and beyond by offering:

If you want the best chance for your directory to gain traction, getting a feature-rich tool will do wonders for you.

The Best WordPress Directory Plugins

If you’re looking to create a directory website using WordPress, you’re in luck! There are a variety of plugins available to help you get started, each with its own strengths and features. Whether you need a simple address book, a classified ads section, or a business directory, there’s a plugin on this list that will fit your needs. First up is a crowd-pleaser—GeoDirectory.

1. GeoDirectory

GeoDirectory is a versatile WordPress plugin that allows you to create a location-based business directory similar to popular sites such as Yelp or YellowPages. For example, users can easily submit for approval, search for businesses and other entities, and have them all nicely displayed on an interactive map. By using GeoDirectory, you can transform any WordPress website into a useful business directory.

Learn how to build a business directory with GeoDirectory

Key Features for GeoDirectory:

GeoDirectory handles every aspect of creating a directory site. But, with its smart compatibility with other top plugins, GeoDirectory starts to shine. For instance, its BuddyPress integration can connect BuddyPress to your directory, giving your directory a social edge. This makes your directory more personal—giving your directory more of a chance to stand out in a crowded market.

GeoDirectory is for you if you…

GeoDirectory Pricing: Free, Premium $199 a year

The Business Directory Plugin is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin that enables you to create and manage a variety of directory types for any kind of directory website. It includes everything you need to get started, regardless of the type of directory you want to create. Plus, it allows visitors to submit listings without needing to code a thing.

Key Features for Business Directory Plugin:

Easily make money with your directory by creating different pricing plans. You can choose to have a directory with only free plans, or you can attach certain features to different plans and charge a fee. Additionally, you can set plan time limits or create recurring payment plans.

Business Directory Plugin is for you if you…

Pricing: Free, $99 a year

AWP Classifieds is another easy-to-use plugin that allows users or visitors to create classified ad listings on your WordPress website. From the makers of Formidable Forms, this plugin is perfect for anyone looking to add a classified ads section to their site quickly with little fuss.

Key Features for AWP Classified:

AWP Classified lets you limit the number of submissions, reviews, or listings a user can make depending on their plan. This allows you to easily create pricing tiers for monetizing your new classified section. You can even display external ads (such as Google Adsense) across your website’s classified sections for additional monetization potential (without having to use an advertising plugin).

AWP Classified is for you if you…

AWP Classified Pricing: Free, $49.50 a year

Directorist is a freemium WordPress directory plugin that is suitable for a variety of websites, from business directories to property listings, classified ads, and job portals. With a wide range of features, Directorist aims to be the only WordPress directory plugin you will ever need. The same company has built (but doesn’t require) its own classified themes that can also be of help to budding directory owners.

Key Features for Directorist:

Customize all the fields with Directorist! Its truly powerful (and beautiful) filterable listings make your directory-based website easy to go through. You’ll have the ability to add searchable custom fields or use standard directory fields like price, tags, text, location, and more.

Directorist is for you if you…

Pricing: $139 a year

Toolset WordPress Professionals ToolkitToolset is a powerful WordPress plugin with a suite of tools that simplifies the process of creating advanced websites. You can use it for custom eCommerce, real estate, membership, and Directory sites. However, it’s not the easiest thing to learn on this list because it feels like its own ecosystem of related tools. But it can help you create a directory website from scratch.

Key Features for Toolset:

Toolset is not made solely to build directory websites. However, it gives you the tools to build just about anything on WordPress. Toolset even has created special training for how to build a directory website. Plus, it can be used with Divi and other page builders to create more beautiful directories.

Toolset is for you if you…

Pricing: From $69 a year (renews at $51)

Looking for a simple, yet powerful business directory plugin? Connections Business Directory has you covered. While not the most appealing plugin on our list, you can create directories of all types and host thousands of worldwide listings. And, the plugin is completely free.

Key Features for Connections Business Directory:

Connections Directory Plugin with Face DetectThe plugin has an optional free add-on to create directories for displaying people (like Alumni, staff, and volunteer directories). For example, its Face Detect add-on can properly render images (of various sizes) so that a user’s face is always front and center.

Connections Business Directory is for you if you…

Pricing: Free, with add-ons (Free – $14.99)

HivePress has created a fantastic and free WordPress directory plugin that truly covers all the bases. And, it has more products including beautiful directory themes and extensions that bring even more power to the core plugin.

Key Features for HivePress:

HivePress comes built-in with a clean and modern user interface that allows users to manage their listings without logging into your WordPress backend. You can easily create a Favorites page for users that have marked listings with a heart. This allows users of your site to save and keep an eye on their favorite listings.

HivePress is for you if you…

HivePress Pricing: Free, with paid add-ons (Free – $39)

What is the Best WordPress Directory Plugin?

The best WordPress directory plugins balance deep feature sets, and multiple plugin integrations, and are easy for users and admins alike. We hope that with the help of this list, you were able to find the right plugin for your next project.

For the best overall directory plugin, we suggest GeoDirectory because it has powerful features and extensions, it is easy to use, and integrates well with other plugins. Business Directory also is a great choice, especially if you are looking to monetize your directory.

Advanced WordPress users should look at using Toolset along with Divi. This powerful combo will provide all the tools you need to create a directory specific to your needs. Whatever you choose, make sure that it balances your business needs with your budget—that way you’ll be on the right track in building out your directory.

Plugin Price Free Option
🥇 GeoDirectory $199/yr ✔️ Visit
🥈 Business Directory Plugin $99/yr ✔️ Visit
🥉 AWP Classified $49.50/yr ✔️ Visit
4 Directorist $139/yr ✔️ Visit
5 Toolset $69 Visit
6 Connections Business Directory Free ✔️ Visit
7 HivePress Free ✔️ Visit

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