7 Best WordPress BMI Calculator Plugins in 2023

Looking for the best WordPress BMI calculator plugins? This list has all the best ones, so you can find the BMI WordPress plugin to solve your problems today!

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Having a BMI calculator on your website is a great way to attract visitors.

And, with a simple Body Mass Index (BMI) calculator plugin in WordPress, you can easily add one to your site today.

To help out, we’ve compiled a list of the seven best WordPress BMI plugins to amaze your website visitors.

Formidable Forms is the best WordPress Form Builder plugin. Get it for free!

Let’s get into the list.

7 Best BMI calculator WordPress plugins

Rating: 4.7 stars (900+ reviews) | 300,000+ active installations

Formidable Forms is the definition of an all-in-one plugin.

From creating your calculator form to displaying the results to your visitors, Formidable can do it all. And that includes a BMI calculator.

But you don’t have to stop at a simple BMI calculator. Use Formidable to create an entire fitness tracker for your visitors. Let them track their weight, enter workouts, and set goals from one plugin! Even create a BMI chart to display with Formidable Views on any post or page!

Plus, what do visitors need to enter all these details? That’s right: a WordPress form! And what better plugin to use than a form builder?

We’re trying to say that Formidable is ready to be your all-in-one fitness plugin.

Plus, if you need other calculators, here’s what else Formidable can create:

Rating: 5 stars (45+ reviews) | 700+ active installations

Weight Tracker is another excellent solution that serves as an all-in-one option.

Easily allow users to track weight and body measurements and add any photos or media to share. Plus, you can customize how users see their info, whether it’s tables, charts, or a BMI calculator widget in WordPress.

Even more features are available in the pro version, such as the Harris-Benedict formula, recommended calorie intake per meal, macronutrient calculation, and more.

So, if you need a health calculator WordPress plugin, Weight Tracker is a solid choice.

Weight Tracker has a free and pro version. Plans start at $60/year.

Rating: 4.9 stars (830+ reviews) | 60,000+ active installations

Calculated Fields Form isn’t only a BMI calculator but can handle any calculations you need.

And that includes body mass index.

You can access various form fields, such as text, numeric, sliders, and radio buttons. Of course, you also get calculated fields. Plus, you get access to a few design templates to help speed things up.

Calculated Fields Form is a solid calculator builder if you create more than just BMI calculators.

Rating: 5 stars (1 review) | 60+ active installations

BMI Calculator by BMI Beregner is one of the most straightforward plugins you can find.

This is an excellent no-frills option with a simple setup, easy display, and a few useful features.

BMI Calculator follows the World Health Organization’s (WHO) guidelines and has two choices to track BMI: adults or children.

If you’re a beginner or simply want an easy and free option, BMI Calculator is perfect for your WordPress site.

5. Forminator

Rating: 4.8 stars (1200+ reviews) | 300,000+ active installations

Forminator is another form plugin that doubles as a fitness calculator plugin.

And it’s great if you’re running a health blog that needs a daily calorie intake calculator, BMI/BMR calculator, or other calculators. With a set of advanced features that many BMI plugins for WordPress don’t offer.

Plus, like Formidable Forms, you get an all-in-one BMI/BMR calculator WordPress plugin with its form builder, display, and more.

Rating: 3.3 stars (4 reviews) | 1,000+ active installations

CC BMI Calculator is another basic and straightforward plugin.

With a simple setup and interface, this plugin measures BMI for adults only. The plugin is limited in features, with some simple customization and display options. 

But, if you don’t need fancy and just want functionality, it’s hard to go wrong with CC BMI Calculator.

Rating: 5 stars (8 reviews) | 1,000+ active installations

WP Calorie Calculator may sound like a simple plugin, but it can handle much more than simple tasks like entering physical activity.

If you want to run a weight management site using one plugin, WP Calorie Calculator can help. With easy calorie calculations, BMR measurements, and a simple interface, you can easily create an entire health solution for your customers.

You’ll want to check out the Pro version if you want to design the look (like customizing button text and colors) and have more advanced features.

WP Calorie Calculator has a free and pro version. Pro plans start at $35/year.

What do you choose as the best BMI calculator plugin for WordPress?

With this list of plugins, your health and fitness website is ready to go!

So, let us know in the comments what BMI calculator plugin you’ll use on your website!

And, if you’re wondering, “Okay, but how do I add my BMI calculator to my website?” this guide on how to add a BMI calculator to WordPress will help you do it today!

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