7 Best Stripe Donation Plugins for WordPress

Looking for the best Stripe donation plugins for WordPress? We’ve got a list of the 7 best WordPress Stripe donation plugins for you here!

Best Stripe Donation Plugins for WordPress

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If you’re accepting Stripe donations in WordPress, you need a plugin to take care of it.

But, looking at WordPress’s 58,000+ plugins, it seems impossible to make the correct choice.

Luckily, you’ve stumbled upon this list where we’ll break down the seven best WordPress donation plugins for Stripe.

Let’s dive into it.

7 best Stripe donations plugins for WordPress

1. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms banner

Rating: 4.7 stars (905+ reviews) | 300,000+ active installations

It may seem odd to have a form builder as the top Stripe donation plugin.

But what does every donation need? That’s right, a form!

And Formidable gives you the best of both worlds. Not only does it help you create your donation form with its drag-and-drop builder, but it also integrates easily to handle WordPress donations with Stripe! And that makes your job a whole lot easier.

Whether you want to add more payment gateways for donations, add a stripe donate button, or display an entire fundraising campaign, Formidable handles it all.

So, if you need an all-in-one solution, Formidable is your plugin.


Formidable Forms has a free version, but you must purchase a subscription to access Stripe donations. Premium plans with Stripe start at $199.50/year.

 Get Formidable Forms now!

2. GiveWP

GiveWP banner

Rating: 4.7 stars (570+ reviews) | 100,000+ active installations

GiveWP is a great WordPress plugin that makes accepting Stripe donations easier than a Stripe for Dummies book.

With the plugin, you can easily create any donation forms for your website. Plus, it’s got a few extra features to make your job even smoother, like recurring donations, advanced fundraising reporting, donor management, and much more.

With its powerful features, GiveWP is a reliable way to accept donations on your website.


GiveWP offers a free plugin that gives you basic functionality. Premium plans start at $149/year.

3. AidWP

AidWP banner

Rating: 4.9 stars (20 reviews) | 1,000+ active installations

AidWP is another easy-to-use plugin for Stripe payments and donations.

With a simple interface, you can easily create your donation forms, customize your payment form fields, and connect your Stripe checkout. Then, start accepting different donation amounts with your beautiful form.

Plus, with the premium version, you get advanced features like form customization, more templates, and a customizable ‘Thank You’ page.

Overall, AidWP is a solid choice for your Stripe payment plugin.


AidWP has a free and premium version. Premium plans start at $49.99/year.

4. Charitable

Charitable banner

Rating: 4.9 stars (155+ reviews) | 10,000+ active installations

Charitable makes collecting donations for fundraisers accessible to everyone.

And with its easy-to-use interface, unlimited fundraising campaigns, and one-click Stripe account connection, you can see why it’s one of the most popular options on WordPress.

Plus, it has a suite of integrations, including Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Authorize.net, and much more. So you’re getting A LOT in a small plugin.

Charitable is an excellent choice for your website, whether you’re a charity or nonprofit.


Charitable has a free and premium plugin. Premium plans start at $199/year.

5. WPForms

wpforms banner

Rating: 4.9 stars (12,495 reviews) | 5+ million active installations

Another fantastic form builder that doubles as a donation plugin, you get a lot with WPForms.

From building your form with ease, setting up your Stripe account, and customizing your donation form, WPForms handles everything for you. And that includes managing the credit card donations once they come rolling in.

Also, you can easily create a donate button in WordPress with the plugin to link to your shiny new form.

If you’re looking for another all-in-one solution (similar to Formidable), then WPForms is worth a try.


WPForms has a free and premium plugin. Premium plans with Stripe start at $199.50/year.

6. Simple Payment Donations by Paymattic

Simple Payment Donations by Paymattic

Rating: 4.6 stars (20+ reviews) | 3,000+ active installations

Simple Payment Donations by Paymattic is an excellent plugin for accepting Stripe donations.

It’s easy to set up and use and accepts all major credit cards and Stripe payment methods. You can easily customize your donation form and track all incoming donations from a simple dashboard.

You can connect it to even more tools to expand its abilities via Zapier.

So, whether you’re looking for a simple or advanced plugin, Simple Payment Donations can do both.


Simple Payment Donations by Paymattic has a free and premium version. Premium plans start at $59/year.

7. Donorbox

Donorbox banner

Rating: 4.9 stars (30+ reviews) | 9,000+ active installations

Universities, political campaigns, and nonprofits all turn to Donorbox as their Stripe donation plugin.

And you should consider it, too. With its set of features, fundraising through Stripe is made easy.

Customize your forms, create popups, adjust your form fields, and accept payments from various sources. You can even change the language to appeal to more donors so your donation efforts take off.

Then, manage everything from Donorbox’s dashboard. Send receipts, update totals, or refund any donations as you need.

Overall, Donorbox gives you a lot for a little.


Donorbox is a free plugin but charges fees for a platform fee and payment processing fee.

What do you think is the best donation plugin for WordPress?

We hope this list of plugins helped you with your fundraising efforts!

You may now be wondering how to use Stripe for donations, and we’ve got the perfect Stripe donation guide for you! You just need to install and activate Formidable Forms to get started!

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