6 New WordPress Resources for May 2023

This month, we’ve got some actionable resources for you to help make the most of your WordPress websites. From ideas for generating traffic to a new website – always important – to upselling on an e-commerce site and using AI for web builds, there’s something for everyone.

Plus, the latest WordPress vulnerability report – have you updated ACF yet? – and webinars that will make you smarter.

Here are 6 new design tools and resources to explore:

1. 9 Proven Ways to Drive Traffic to Your New WordPress Site

Once you design and publish a website, the next step is to create a plan for getting people to it. Without some type of marketing and traffic generation effort, it is unlikely users will find your website.

But how do you do it?

This list has nine ways that you can drive traffic – that are proven to work – so that you can help ensure that people can find your website after it launches.

  1. Search engine optimization best practices make sure that your content is indexable and readable by search engines
  2. Creating high-quality content ensures that the information on your website is relevant and something that people want to engage with (plus, it contributes to SEO)
  3. Social media presence and linking can help create a method to drive users from popular platforms to your content
  4. Social proof, which can come from online or offline activities, creates buzz about your website or business and may include reviews, testimonials, or user-generated content
  5. Email marketing helps you get relevant information from your website by linking back to your website in user inboxes
  6. Internal linking keeps people on your website longer and helps create a conversion path of related content
  7. Site speed ensures that everything loads quickly so users don’t abandon the website because the content doesn’t show quickly
  8. A user-friendly design creates a good first impression so that users understand they are in the right place
  9. Tracking performance metrics helps you understand how to keep evolving and updating your site to maximize its potential

2. How to Add a Post-Purchase Upsell to Your Online Store

If you have an online store, you’re probably always looking for sleek, and non-spammy, ways to generate an upsell. A post-purchase upsell is a sales strategy in your online store to offer customers additional or replacement products or services after they’ve completed their initial purchase.

This type of upsell can feel helpful for customers and might be something they even save for later when they need additional parts or products related to their initial purchases.

For most e-commerce stores, there’s a plugin or tool to help facilitate this sale to make it easy for you to do after setup. If you are using WooCommerce, Iconic Sales Booster for WooCommerce, is the recommended option because it allows for post-purchase upselling with one click!

Sales Booster creates a one-click post-purchase pop-up. This popup is unintrusive, appealing, and works better than an offer page. Plus, it works with any other WooCommerce tools you already have installed.

3. How Kadence AI Will Change the Way We Build with WordPress [Podcast]

The biggest two phrases in tech circles right now might be “artificial intelligence” and “ChatGPT,” but how do these tools impact the way you build with WordPress?

The true answer might be that it is still too early to know for sure and there’s a lot to be determined.

Shane Pearlman from Modern Tribe joins Kadence Founder Ben Ritner and Kadence Marketing lead Kathy Zant to discuss AI and the emerging world of AI in WordPress development in the latest edition of the Kadence Beat podcast.

They discuss these emerging technologies and how useful they can be. There’s even a fun set of AI-generated photos of Kathy on the accompanying blog post to show what some AI tools look like in action.

4. WordPress Vulnerability Report

A security-riddled computer monitor. There is a large, orange shield with a slash in the middle of the screen. Surrounding it are a red target, a green skull and crossbones, an orange “bug”, a triangle with an explanation point in the middle and a gray gear.

You must keep up with WordPress issues to help keep your site safe and running smoothly. The WordPress Vulnerability Report shows all of the core issues that might pop up if you aren’t on the latest version of WordPress and vulnerabilities with plugins.

WordPress 6.2 has been released. You’ll notice a reimagined Site Editor, better blocks, and new tools and improvements in WordPress 6.2. Make sure to back up your site before deploying the release. And with that comes a plethora of updates to other WordPress plugins.

Did you know one of the best things you can do to prevent these vulnerabilities on your website is to keep plugins up to date?

The big one this month is a must-download update for Advanced Custom Fields, which is on a huge number of WordPress websites. All users should make sure they are using version 6.1.6.

Some things to look for in the latest report include vulnerabilities with these popular plugins: Advanced Custom Fields, Ninja Forms, Advanced Woo Search, Spiffy Calendar, and more.

Read all the WordPress Vulnerability Reports for May:

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5. WordPress Plugin Roundup

If you want to keep up with everything happening in the world of WordPress, join the monthly Plugin Roundup.

Each month Nathan Ingram combs the WordPress plugin directory for interesting plugins that have been added or updated in the last 30 days and assembles a list of helpful and unique plugins for your WordPress website. And it’s free!

The next online event is on June 6th. Register for free today!

6. WordPress News Roundup

If you want to stay up-to-date on everything happening in the world of WordPress, join the monthly
WordPress News Roundup.

In this session, Ingram will discuss the latest developments in the WordPress ecosystem in this informational webinar. We’ll talk through this month’s WordPress news with plenty of interaction and Q&A.

The next event is on June 20th. Register today for free!

Wrapping Up

New tools and resources for WordPress are being released all the time, and we hope this list helps you discover new ways to improve your workflows. Make sure to check back next month for more new tools and resources.

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