6 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting Providers Compared

6 Best Enterprise WordPress Hosting Providers Compared Looking for the best enterprise WordPress hosting? Enterprises have unique needs when it comes to performance, security, reliability, and so on, so you might not want to go with the same WordPress hosting plans that are built for smaller organizations. Thankfully, there are plenty of quality options when it comes to WordPress hosting for enterprise organizations. And in this post, we’ve curated our picks for the six best enterprise WordPress hosting providers. 👉 Here’s a summary of some of our top picks: Kinsta – for organizations that want a solid all-around product, with excellent performance and support. Pressidium – for organizations that want a high-availability, load-balanced setup. WordPress VIP – for organizations that want a full WordPress partner, rather than just hosting infrastructure (and are willing to pay for it – plans from $25,000 per year). However, there are also other providers that could work better for your specific situation, so we encourage you to read through the entire post for our full thoughts on the best enterprise WordPress hosting services. What’s important in the best enterprise WordPress hosting? Performance – you need your site to load fast, as page load times are essential for conversion rate optimization, user experience, and so on. Reliability/uptime – while downtime is bad for any site, it’s even more of an issue for enterprise organizations. The best enterprise WordPress hosting should offer features like high-availability hosting to provide rock-solid reliability. Security – having a security issue is devastating for a large enterprise. You’ll want a partner with multiple levels of proactive security, including firewalls, malware detection/removal, DDoS protection, and so on. Service level agreement (SLA) – for enterprise hosting, you’ll want your host’s guarantees to be backed by an actual SLA. Some hosts even offer multiple SLA options depending on your organization’s needs. Development workflows – if you have a team working on your site, you’ll probably need more advanced development workflows than the average WordPress user. The best enterprise WordPress hosting should offer things like GitHub continuous deployment, CLI access, staging sites, local development tools, and more. Support – if you have any issues, you’ll want to be able to quickly get in touch with knowledgeable support staff via your preferred method of contact (whether that’s phone, live chat, or something else). Some enterprise WordPress hosts will also offer a dedicated account manager. Best enterprise WordPress hosting providers compared for 2024 Here are our picks for the best enterprise WordPress hosting providers: 1. Kinsta Kinsta is a popular managed WordPress host that’s rightfully developed a reputation for fast, reliable performance and top-notch support. Kinsta’s tech stack is built on Google Cloud’s premium C3D machines, along with Cloudflare Enterprise for global edge caching and security. You also get access to a custom dashboard, MyKinsta, that’s packed with tons of helpful tools, including detailed analytics and Application Performance Monitoring. The only downside is that Kinsta does not offer a high-availability option. If high-availability hosting is a must for your organization, you’ll want to choose one of the other options on this list. If you’re interested in learning more about Kinsta’s WordPress hosting, you can read our full Kinsta hosting review. While we didn’t specifically review the enterprise WordPress hosting plans, the basic platform is the same. ⚙️ Key features Premium Google Cloud infrastructure, powered by the newest C3D machines ( which offer even better performance than other Google Cloud machines ). Cloudflare Enterprise integration – you can cache your site’s pages on Cloudflare’s network and benefit from the other performance and security features that Cloudflare Enterprise offers, such as automatic image optimization. Multiple security protections, including Cloudflare protection at the edge (firewalls and DDoS protection), malware scanning, and more. Custom application performance monitoring tool – Kinsta APM. Automatic daily backups, including an optional add-on to push the backups to your own S3 or Google Cloud Storage account. Staging sites and integrations with Kinsta’s local WordPress development tool (DevKinsta). 24/7 multilingual live chat support ( there is no phone support option, even for enterprises ). 99.9% uptime guarantee backed by an SLA. 💳 Pricing While Kinsta’s regular managed WordPress hosting plans start at $29.17 per month, the Enterprise WordPress hosting plans start at $675 per month. You’ll need to contact sales for an exact quote. Depending on your organization’s needs, you might be able to fit into one of the cheaper Business plans, which range from $115 to $450 per month. 2. WP Engine WP Engine is one of the most well-known managed WordPress hosting providers in existence, with a range of plans to satisfy both small websites and enterprise organizations. In addition to “regular” WordPress hosting plans, WP Engine also offers dedicated WooCommerce hosting plans that come with some helpful extras such as built-in product search powered by Elasticsearch and a feature to eliminate cart fragments. This could make them an especially good option if you’re searching for enterprise WooCommerce hosting. If you want to learn more, you can read our full WP Engine hosting review. Again, we didn’t specifically review the enterprise plans, but the basic platform will be the same. We also have a full Kinsta vs WP Engine comparison. ⚙️ Key features Built-in performance optimizations including EverCache system ( based on Varnish and other caching technologies like Memcached ), a CDN, and more. WP Engine also recently added edge caching support on Cloudflare’s global network. Strong security features including a managed WAF, DDoS protection, Cloudflare reverse proxy, and more. Smart automatic plugin updates – WP Engine can visually compare your site before/after applying the update and automatically roll things back if there’s an issue. Multiple development environments (three environments total – one production and two development). There’s also a special integration with the Local software for local WordPress development. Automatic daily backups. 24/7 support via phone or live chat, along with a dedicated account manager and premium onboarding. With the Enhanced SLA, you get a 99.99% uptime guarantee. High-availability option ( if you’re willing to pay for it ). 💳 Pricing WP Engine has preset hosting plans starting at just $30.00 per month. However, enterprise organizations will likely want to go with one of WP Engine’s custom solutions. These custom plans start at $600 per month for regular WordPress hosting or $800 per month for enterprise WooCommerce hosting – you can reach out to sales to get an exact quote for your organization. There’s also a high-availability option, though these plans start at $3,000 per month. 3. Pressidium Pressidium is a managed WordPress host that offers plans for both small businesses and enterprises. While Pressidium offers all the “normal” features that you’d expect from managed WordPress hosting, there are two things that make Pressidium one of the best enterprise WordPress hosting providers: All plans use a load-balanced, high-availability hosting setup, which means your site is hosted on multiple servers. If one server goes down, the load balancer will seamlessly shift traffic to the other servers to avoid downtime. There are no support tiers – all support queries are handled directly by engineers. This means that more complex issues don’t need to be “escalated” in order to get a resolution. Let’s look at all the key features… ⚙️ Key features High-availability setup with load balancer on all plans. Automatic scaling to handle traffic spikes (can scale both horizontally and vertically). Built-in performance optimizations including caching, a CDN, automatic image optimization, and more. Multiple levels of security protection including a WAF, bot filtering, malware monitoring and removal, and more. Automatic daily backups, plus manual backup option. Staging sites. 24/7 support direct from DevOps engineers (no escalation policy), with 5-minute or less response times. Enterprises also get a dedicated account manager. Pressidium only offers email/ticket support, though . 99.95% uptime guarantee backed by an SLA. 💳 Pricing Pressidium’s plans start at $24.90 per month, but enterprise organizations will probably want to go with at least the $299.90 per month Business plan. You can also talk with sales about a custom enterprise plan. 4. Rocket.net Rocket.net is a newer managed WordPress host that’s quickly grown in popularity thanks to a stellar feature set and a tight integration with Cloudflare Enterprise, including edge caching for your site’s pages, automatic performance optimization, and security protections. For what it offers, Rocket.net is one of the more affordable enterprise WordPress hosting providers that you’ll find. But at the same time, you don’t need to sacrifice performance or security. These are some of the reasons why we’ve moved to using Rocket.net for all of our own sites, including the one that you’re reading right now. ⚙️ Key features Edge caching on Cloudflare Enterprise, which offers excellent reliability and scalability. Private cloud for origin server, with multiple datacenters all around the globe. Built-in image and code optimization for improved performance. Tons of security protections including a Cloudflare Enterprise firewall at the edge, Imunify360 for malware scanning and patching, and more. Automatic daily backups. Staging sites. Extra enterprise support options – a private Slack channel and phone support ( in addition to the 24/7 live chat support that all Rocket.net customers receive ). Rocket.net guarantees responses in 60 seconds or less for enterprise customers. 99.99% uptime guarantee. 💳 Pricing While Rocket.net’s regular WordPress hosting plans start at $30 per month, the enterprise hosting plans start at $649 per month and go up to $2,599 per month. 5. Pagely Pagely has long been known as one of the best enterprise WordPress hosting providers. It’s also one of the oldest and most established managed WordPress hosts in the business. In fact, it was the first company to offer “managed WordPress hosting,” which has now become a massive industry. Because Pagely has been focused on enterprise WordPress hosting for well over a decade, all of the plans have been tailored and optimized for larger organizations. In 2021, Pagely was acquired by GoDaddy. However, Pagely is still run as a separate organization with its own infrastructure and product offerings. ⚙️ Key features Infrastructure built on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Option to use a high-availability setup ( this costs extra, though ). Integrated CDN powered by Amazon CloudFront. Built-in performance optimizations including caching, adaptive image optimization, premium DNS, and more. Multiple security protections including firewalls, DDoS protection, malware scanning, spam filtering, and more. Automatic backups to Amazon S3 ( excluding cheapest plan ). Staging sites. Developer features including Git/SVN, WP-CLI, SSH access, Gearman support for use with WP-Minions, and more. Multiple SLA options, including a baseline SLA and an Enhanced SLA. The Enhanced SLA offers a 100% service availability guarantee. 💳 Pricing Pagely’s pricing plans start at $375.00 per month for the Performance Lite plan and range up to $2,500 per month for the Scale plan. If you want to use a high-availability setup, those plans start at $1,249 per month. There are also cheaper “Developer” plans starting at $199 per month, but Pagely doesn’t advertise these plans for enterprise hosting . 6. WordPress VIP WordPress VIP is an all-in-one service for enterprise organizations. It comes from Automattic, the same team behind WordPress.com (and just generally one of the largest businesses in the WordPress space). It’s not just a host, but more of a partner to help your enterprise organization achieve success with WordPress. A big part of that offering is enterprise-level hosting, though. Overall, if you want a partner to help with all aspects of building your enterprise website with WordPress, WordPress VIP can be a good option. However, its entry-level prices are higher than the other hosts on the list, which reflects the extra level of service that you get. ⚙️ Key features Built-in CDN, with 28 global edge locations. Automatic scaling to avoid performance drops in high-traffic situations. Security features including firewalls, DDoS protection, and more. Containerized infrastructure powered by Kubernetes. Automatic hourly backups to keep your enterprise’s data safe. Automatic performance optimization, including adaptive images, code minification, and more. Developer features including a command line interface, GitHub integrations for continuous deployment, built-in application performance management, and more. Built-in Elasticsearch to improve search accuracy and performance. 99.99% uptime guarantee backed by an SLA. 💳 Pricing You’ll need to talk to sales for an actual quote, but plans generally start at a minimum of ~$2,000 per month ($25,000 per year). What’s the best enterprise WordPress hosting for your organization? In the end, choosing the best enterprise WordPress hosting for your business will come down to your organization’s budget and unique needs. ⭐ If you do not need high-availability hosting, we think that Kinsta makes a great starting point. ❇️ If you do need high-availability hosting, Pressidium has built all of its architecture around offering the high-availability approach, though other hosts on this list also offer high-availability setups. Do you still have any questions about choosing the best enterprise WordPress hosting for your organization? Let us know in the comments!

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