$583,064 One-Woman WordPress Plugin

  • Laura Elizabeth

  • Creator of Client Portal WordPress Plugin
  • $145,000 per year

Laura Elizabeth sells a plugin called Client Portal, self-described as…

… a super simple, lightweight WordPress plugin that you can use on your website today (no developer needed!) to allow your clients to keep track of the project and give them access to all files at any time.

Pricing starts at $199 for a single site license.

Laura launched the plugin in 2016, but it didn’t seem to take off until she offered a lifetime deal (LTD) for it via the AppSumo marketplace a couple of years later.

Laura’s husband Brennan Dunn recently shared some info about the business in his Create & Sell newsletter

My wife, Laura Elizabeth (follow her, she’s awesome), had her first big break thanks to AppSumo. She sold her product, Client Portal, on AppSumo and a few thousand people bought. After AppSumo got their cut, her take per sale was peanuts – but the momentum that LTD brought has gone on to yield $583,064 in sales for her solo business over the last few years. Not too shabby!

By my calculations, that’s $583,064 in about 4 years, or roughly $145,000 per year.

Laura has written about how Client Portal came to be. Basically, she was a freelancer with multiple clients and wanted a simple way to “to organise my projects both for myself and my clients.”

So she built Client Portal for her own freelance business initially, then started selling it as a WordPress plugin for anyone to use.

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