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50 Resources And Tools To Turbocharge Your Copywriting Skills

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Freya Giles is a writer, trainer and founder of The Giles Agency and The Giles Academy. Freya’s passion is language and its mastery. Follow her to harness the …

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Stop wasting time and effort writing copy that falls flat. Raise your copywriting game and boost your powers of persuasion with these rich and informative online resources.

I believe that copywriting is the most valuable skill you’ll ever learn. Great copy engages your readers, builds connections, turns readers into consumers and consumers into brand evangelists. Of course, this all means a fatter bottom line, which makes you the most popular person in the room!

If you’re ready to acquire near-mystical powers of persuasion, check out these useful resources and tools that are bound to help strengthen your copywriting skills.

Brush Up On Your Language Skills

I’d like to introduce this section with a small proviso. Great grammar does not equal great copywriting. Copywriting is a unique animal, different from academic, journalistic or literary writing. Copywriting is about human psychology, consumer behaviour and applying tried and tested methodologies. It’s not about beautiful words, and I know many great writers who make poor copywriters and vice versa.

That said, language mistakes matter if they get in the way of comprehension. So it’s worth brushing up on those language skills to avoid errors that will derail your message.

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Master Plain English

In a hectic world, getting straight to the point and communicating your message quickly and clearly is a non-negotiable. But the most common challenge budding copywriters tell me about is writing concisely. This is partly because of some very unhelpful lessons we learnt at school.

So I’m going to ask you to forget all those long words and stop writing winding sentences. It may be big, but it’s not clever. Find out why below…

Understand Style Guides And Brand Voice

When your brand talks, what does it sound like? Your brand voice is a vital part of your overall brand identity, building connections, trust and recognition with your readers. Brand voice covers tone, language and style points (whether to capitalise, how to format dates, Oxford comma or no Oxford comma, and so on).

Craft The Perfect Heading

Guess what? Most people are only going to read your heading before deciding whether to read on or click away. Dramatically boost your results by getting it right.

Cram With Easy Online Copywriting Guides

Get Guidance From The Literary Greats

Now, I’ve already mentioned that copywriting is a completely different animal from literary writing. But we can still learn a trick or two from great fiction. The writers below in particular have had a marked influence on modern writing and their lessons hold true for writing effective copy.

Dip In With Bite-Sized Tips

Browse The Best Copywriting Blogs

Enjoy the Jack Sparrow quote on the homepage:

Read Books (Sort Of)

Hack With Handy Tools

Keep Learning

Power Up Your Productivity

It’s easy for the cold tendrils of inaction to creep in when faced with a blank page. But copywriters work to deadlines and don’t have the luxury of waiting for the muse to appear.

Here are a few tips and tricks to kick writer’s block to the curb:

Get It Done For You

If you’re still working on your copywriting skills, but need some copy urgently, there’s plenty of support out there. For freelance writers to suit a range of budgets, make sure to visit Upwork™ and Fivver.com, and if you’d like the professional support of an experienced team, you’re always welcome to reach out to us at the Giles Agency.

That’s it for now. Do you have any resource or tool to add to the list? We’d love to know! Be sure to pop your favourite resources in the comments below.

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