5 Top Picks for WordPress Themes & Plugins Lists by MotoPress

It’s always fascinating to observe how the WordPress ecosystem is evolving. The editing experience is shifting towards modular design and its market share is continually increasing year over year.

In fact, as of 2023, WordPress boasts a market share of 42.3% of all websites on the internet. This is quite the jump from its 17.4% share back in 2013, showing just how quickly WordPress’s popularity is growing.

When you rely on this popular CMS (content management system), you can expect reliable, secure, well-designed, and supported website building experiences.

With such an impressive market share, however, it’s no surprise that the market is saturated with products and services. Actually, you might feel a bit overwhelmed when first encountering WordPress.

Some WordPress vendors only offer products such as plugins and themes, while others are known for their services. And of course, there are plenty of thematic blogs to help you get started and navigate the WordPress landscape.

But the good news is that some vendors offer a combination of both, selling products and sharing their experiences through blog posts, videos, and other means.

MotoPress is one of them, a well-known plugin and theme provider for WordPress with over 10 years of experience. Their flagship product, WP Hotel Booking, is just one of many offerings they have, including solutions for appointment and restaurant businesses, content building tools, designs, and more.

The Hotel Booking plugin has proven to be the best-in-class functionality for WordPress websites dealing with rental homes, online payments, online bookings, and property management.

The MotoPress team often writes about the products they’ve tested and the experiences they’ve had, providing in-depth first-hand reviews.

So, in this quick round-up, we’re excited to share a few examples of their top materials that might come in handy when you’re looking for specific products or services for WordPress.

Let’s dive in!

20+ Best Free Elementor Templates

In this article, you’ll come across a well-researched collection of the top templates and themes for the Elementor page builder. From multipurpose options to those designed for specific needs such as hotels, interior design, or e-commerce, this is one of the most comprehensive lists of free solutions for Elementor.

One of the standout benefits of this article is that it goes beyond just describing and highlighting key features of each theme for Elementor. You’ll also be able to evaluate the average performance of the themes, as the authors conducted loading speed tests for both desktop and mobile versions.

36 Best Vacation Rental WordPress Themes

Since MotoPress has amassed a wealth of experience in the hotel and vacation rental industry, this article about the best vacation rental WordPress themes is backed by their many years of expertise.

The post features a carefully curated selection of designs for rental homes, inns, hotels, villas, and more, both for single properties and entities with multiple rooms. It also delves into the variety of functional elements provided by these WordPress themes created by different providers. Whether you’re looking for a theme for your beachfront vacation rental or a mountain cabin, this article will help you find a beautiful and functional WordPress theme for your rental property. Plus, with MotoPress’s expertise, you can trust that you’re getting the best of the best.

16+ Best Coming Soon WordPress Plugins

This list of plugins for putting a coming soon or under maintenance page on your WordPress website can be of interest to anyone who has a WordPress website – because let’s face it, you never know when you need to temporarily set a maintenance mode banner to hide your live website from visitors.

This article offers visually structured content, highlighting the key features, number of downloads and pricing of each coming soon plugin. You can easily compare and find the best solutions for your website, whether you’re looking for a free option or willing to invest a little more.

17+ Best Airbnb WordPress Themes

If you are looking to create a website similar to AirBnb, a popular travel platform where owners can list their accommodations and travelers can book them, this article suggests a few powerful solutions.

The themes offer functional and design solutions for both property owners who want to list only their own property and agencies looking to accept third-party listings from owners. It’s not a guarantee that you’ll be able to create an Airbnb clone with every theme offered, but it’s for certain you’ll find a good-looking and feature-rich theme for the industry.

8 Free Elementor Templates for Hotel Websites

This article is all about hotel designs optimized specifically for smooth editing in the Elementor page builder. On top of that, these designs are free and can serve as a fantastic, affordable starting point for many businesses in the lodging industry.

The article gives an in-depth review of each theme and suggests their key benefits.

If you’re new to WordPress, don’t forget to first collect and bookmark reliable and quality resources and knowledge bases that will help you better and quicker familiarize yourself with WordPress, its features and benefits. These resources can be in the form of tutorials, articles, forums, and more. They will help you navigate the WordPress ecosystem, learn new skills, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

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