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Welcome to my TED TODD Talk.  

I have been around WordPress web care consultants for several years now and have seen a lot of the successes and failures that many have had.

It can be hard with long hours trying to get client websites done, overwhelmed with a huge task list, feeling like the kitchen is on fire all the time, clients that ghost you, and never-ending isolation as we mostly work from home.

Most web care consultants are trying to do right by their clients, not looking for any attention, and want to have time for their families.

We are often in the middle of our work and have a hard time seeing the big picture.

Today, I want to take a step back, 30-thousand feet if you will, to talk about 5 things that can help us be customer-focused.

1. Stop trying to sell clients only what you do… especially if they don’t need that service/product.

Have you ever been around someone where the solution to every problem is their business? 

Ugh. Yeah, don’t be that guy.

This is often how people approach calls and too many times that leads to a company trying to force a “square peg into a round hole.” 

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Sometimes your client doesn’t need what you are selling, and that’s okay.

That’s when I put on my consulting hat and tell them what they need to do. And, if someone else does that, I am happy to refer them along.

The answer to every customer’s problem is not always what we sell.

How many customers come along and need a basic, 1-3 page brochure website? 

Those kinds of websites are not always ideal for WordPress sites. 

Sometimes, the customer simply doesn’t have the budget. A brand new business with a limited budget may not afford your website services.

Get them going in the right direction and when they grow, they will come back because you did right by them.

So, if they don’t need what you are selling, that’s okay, just let it go… 

2. WordPress is not the answer to every problem

See above. 

I know we are in the WordPress space, but WordPress is not always the answer. It always depends, right? Sometimes other solutions are better. It’s okay to admit that. 

Make a habit out of solving your customers’ problems by using the best solution for them at that point in time.

WordPress isn’t made for some things like a client relationship management system, email marketing, and appointment scheduling. There are better options out there, so let WordPress do what it does best which is publishing content.

3. Help your client streamline their messaging because it is the engine that drives their business

You know I am all about messaging, content, and copywriting. You know I am all about storytelling. 

You know how important this is. An unclear message is a confusing message.

Messaging should be clear, concise, and compelling. Too often, when we launch a website, the messaging isn’t any of that. 

You are the one they trust. They trust you with their website, and they help to guide them in creating a website that is successful.

A website with poor messaging can completely derail any hopes of success.

Simply put, a business message is the engine that drives their business because it is used everywhere.

4. Always be marketing. Don’t rely on only one channel.

Always be marketing. 

Just like the famous line in the play and movie Glengarry Ross, “always be closing,” one can say the same thing about marketing.

Referrals are absolutely the best method of marketing, but sometimes they run out. Sometimes, you have no one lined up for work.

There are, of course, hundreds of ways to market and there are several ways to do referral marketing. 

Further, there are many ways to take advantage of referrals and be proactive.

Sujan Patel highlights three strategies used by companies in this guest article at Wordstream.

Before you look into a referral strategy, there are two things that should absolutely be top-notch. 

First, your product or service has to be stellar. 

As Patel says in his article,

“Referrals turn your satisfied customers into very convincing cheerleaders. They’ve paid good money for your product, and if they’re happy with it and the return-on-investment they’re getting from it, that’s a powerful selling point to others.”

The second thing you have to have is great customer service.

In this article by Si Quan Ong at Oberlo, they note that exceptional customer service is key,

Despite constant reminders on how customer support can drive business, truly great customer service is rare. Most companies provide the minimum expected.

But if you want your customers to share about you, then you have to give exceptional customer service.

Still, there are other great methods for marketing your web care consulting business. 

Some use PPC or Google Ads. I know a few who have successfully used Facebook groups. Some have gotten lots of customers from email and content marketing. 

Some businesses will join chambers of commerce or groups like BNI to forge new relationships that lead to business partnerships.

Some take advantage of “word of mouth on steroids” with social media.

The key is to keep your channels open, and if I am giving advice, more than one channel open. Never rely on one source, as it can lead to the end of your pipeline.

5. Don’t let tools dominate your business, rely on relationships

It is easy for us to let tools dominate our business. We live in tools every day, all day long. 

We are inside MainWP or a WordPress dashboard and perhaps a Project Management tool or Photoshop. 

I am as well.

It is easy to let it become the default for everything, but relationships still matter.

Sometimes you have to get on a call with someone. Sometimes you have to go to someone’s office (talking to me here!).

Sometimes you have to go to a conference or a WordCamp and, I don’t know, actually talk to another human!

I know some consultants who get out in nature, which is something we all should do more. Go fishing, go take pictures, go on a hike, play rugby or soccer. There are so many things that we (me!) can do to help offset all the technology.

One of Michelle Frechette’s hobbies is taking pictures of nature and she shares them with us on Twitter.

In honor of my dad, I went deer hunting today. Except I only shoot with a camera. pic.twitter.com/dUXMdKw9lY

— Michelle Frechette ?? (@michelleames) March 21, 2022

Don’t forget the human side of your business.

Wrapping it up

It’s a struggle to be a web care consultant. There is so much going on, so much changing, so much demanding our attention.

It is easy to get sidetracked. We have to “draw a line in the sand” to remain steadfast in doing the things we need to do.

And we have to remain steadfast to remain customer-focused.

Hopefully, these tips will help you as you progress in your business.

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