5 Best Affiliate Fraud Detection Software for WordPress

Looking for the best affiliate fraud detection software for WordPress?

Your affiliate program’s credibility is at stake if you don’t use effective fraud detection software. That being said, we have compiled a list of the top five affiliate fraud detection tools for WordPress to help you avoid common affiliate scams.

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How We Ranked 5 Best Affiliate Fraud Detection Software for WordPress?

Affiliate fraud occurs when an individual participating in an affiliate program engages in fraudulent activities, such as generating fake clicks.

Which means they pretend to click on things to make it look like more people are interested in buying something.

Or providing false information, with the intention of earning commissions or payments that they are not legitimately entitled to receive.

As an affiliate manager, it’s important to protect yourself from these scams, which is where affiliate fraud detection software comes in.

We took a lot of things into account when making this list of the best affiliate fraud detection software for WordPress. This is to make sure that we only list the most effective and reliable software.

Here’s what to look for in the best fraud detection affiliate software for WordPress:

By taking the above factors into consideration, here’s an overview of the best affiliate fraud detection software for WordPress:

To find the best SaaS affiliate program, let’s compare each one’s price and features.

Best Affiliate Fraud Detection Software for WordPress

Using the best affiliate fraud detection software for WordPress can help protect your affiliate program from fraudulent activities, minimize false positives, and save you time and resources.

Let’s take a look at these software and select the one that better suits your needs.

1. AffiliateWP

AffiliateWP is one of the best affiliate fraud detection software options available for WordPress.

Not only does it provide high-quality affiliate link tracking software, but it also offers a range of powerful functionality to help prevent fraud before it occurs.

One of the key features of AffiliateWP is the ability to set up strong affiliate terms and conditions that can be generated using their Terms of Use generator.

This includes detailed metrics, customizable affiliate registration forms, and affiliate approval on signup.

Additionally, the software offers the ability to blacklist URLs with suspicious activity and deactivate affiliate accounts, providing a range of barriers to prevent fraudsters from infiltrating your program.

You can use AffiliateWP Fraud Prevention addon to further enhance your program’s security. This addon provides a dedicated anti-fraud tab in your settings where you can manage program security, bringing together existing features with powerful new settings to boost your fraud protection.

With the addon, you can manage self-referrals, approve or reject referrals from non-approved websites, and flag referrals and visits from affiliates with suspicious conversion rates.

By making it as difficult as possible for fraudulent affiliates to infiltrate your program, AffiliateWP provides the ultimate arsenal of defenses to stop affiliate fraud in its tracks.

With the click of a button, you can easily manage your settings and ensure that your program is protected against fraudulent activity.

Protecting your affiliate program from fraud is essential to maintain profitability.

With an estimated 2% of affiliate transactions attributed to fraud, not taking measures to prevent it can seriously hurt your marketing budget.

But, by using AffiliateWP’s powerful fraud prevention features, you can minimize false positives and save valuable time and resources

Key Features:


Use it on 10 sites. Comes with advance features such as white label affiliate area, custom affiliate dashboard and fraud prevention suite.

Use it on 3 sites. You can go for a plus plan if you’re looking to have both growth and essential tools

Allows only 1 site installation. Comes with all the essential features like first-party cookies, affiliate area, checkout referrals and more.

EasyAffiliate is a powerful tool for affiliate managers that comes with an essential add-on called Fraud Prevention. This feature provides a reliable way to safeguard your affiliate program against fraudulent activities that could impact your business negatively.

Like AffiliateWP, EasyAffiliate too has its own Fraud Prevention add-on, using which you can protect your affiliate program from abusive traffic generated by bots, non-human requests, and residential proxies.

EasyAffiliate’s fraud prevention comes with customizable settings that allow you to manage different scenarios.

For instance, you can set up how commissions are handled if an affiliate makes a purchase using their own affiliate link. You can choose to allow, flag or reject the commission, depending on your preference.

Overall, EasyAffiliate is a great software that helps protect your affiliate program from fraudulent activities, giving you peace of mind and ensuring that you only pay for legitimate traffic.

Key Features:


Use it on 1 site. Comes with only essential features like commission theft prevention, tracking and banner ads.

Great for medium size businesses. Comes with multi-level affiliate commission tracking, and marketing tools.

Great plan for eCommerce sites. Use it on 5 sites. Features include advanced commission rules, tax reports and more.

3. Everflow

Everflow is a great affiliate management software that offers various features to help prevent fraud in affiliate marketing campaigns.

One of the most effective fraud prevention strategies offered by Everflow is the ability to set targeting restrictions. By targeting specific users based on their location, device, and other parameters, you can ensure that your campaigns are only shown to legitimate users, thereby reducing the risk of fraud.

Everflow also offers the ability to require approval for sensitive offers, as well as manually approving conversions.

Everflow is an excellent choice for big businesses that are willing to invest in advanced fraud prevention tools. Because, due to its high cost, it may not be suitable for small or medium-sized businesses that are just starting out as affiliate managers.

In comparison, AffiliateWP or EasyAffiliate is a more affordable option that offers similar fraud prevention features.

Key Features:


Great for small and medium businesses. Comes with every essential tool you need to create a successful affiliate program.

Good for big enterprises and this plan has all the core plan features and some additional features such as a dedicated team, proven partners, and automated payments.

4. Tapfiliate

TapAffiliate is an affiliate tracking software that enables businesses to create and manage their own affiliate programs. With seamless integration with E-Commerce and SaaS websites, it takes only a few minutes to set up and start benefiting from loyal brand ambassadors and increased sales.

Tapfiliate’s software utilizes a combination of checks on both affiliates and the traffic and conversions they drive to ensure the integrity of the program.

The system blacklists several values for key attributes such as IP, domain, etc., performs attribute comparisons between clicks and conversions, and sliding window checks to identify any fraudulent activities.

In the event that an affiliate uses their own referral link to make a purchase and the IP of the affiliate and the conversion match, Tapfiliate will track and flag the resulting conversion.

However, it’s important to note that while Tapfiliate tracks incoming traffic and conversions on the website in which tracking scripts are installed, any activities taking place outside the bounds of the website where tracking is taking place are beyond the system’s control.

Key Features:


Great plan for small size businesses. Comes with features like white labeling, two team members support and more.

Great for large enterprises. You get a custom domain, 5 team members support and more.

5. Trakaff

Trakaff is another awesome affiliate fraud detection software that easily detects and prevents fraudulent activity such as fake conversions, fake traffic sources, fake hits, or clicks.

The software sends alerts to the user, ensuring that no fraudulent activity passes through your network.

Apart from fraud detection, Trakaff offers a range of other features to help you optimize and scale your affiliate network. You can create custom affiliate campaigns and set up different commission structures to incentivize affiliates.

With its powerful fraud detection tools, real-time tracking and reporting, and seamless integrations, Trakaff is a great choice for CPA networks, affiliate networks, and e-commerce companies looking to create, optimize, and scale their affiliate network.

Key Features:


If you’re a beginner, this plan will suit you the best. It comes with 3 month data retention, email support and SSL certificate.

A great plan for pros. Comes with 6 month data retention, and email and Skype support,

Great for medium size owners. Comes with multi level tracking, smart links and more.

Best plan for large enterprises, comes with 24/7 support team, API access and smarter email system.

What’s The Best Affiliate Fraud Detection Software?

After evaluating several affiliate fraud detection software options, we have determined that AffiliateWP is the best choice for businesses looking to effectively manage and prevent affiliate fraud.

Not only is it one of the most affordable options, but it also provides robust features that help prevent fraudulent activity, including tracking clicks, referrals, and conversions, as well as providing options to set approval rules for conversions, block fraudulent traffic sources, and more.

Additionally, AffiliateWP also integrates with several popular e-commerce platforms such as WooCommerce, Easy Digital Downloads, and more, making it a seamless addition to any existing e-commerce infrastructure.

We can say for sure that businesses can protect their brand, build trust with their affiliates, and make sure their affiliate program is successful and profitable by using AffiliateWP.

FAQ: Best Affiliate Fraud Detection Software for WordPress

Why Is Fraud Detection Important for Affiliate Programs?

Fraud detection is important for affiliate programs because it ensure that only legitimate traffic and conversions are being counted toward commissions.

How Can I Choose the Best Affiliate Fraud Detection Software for My Needs?

When choosing affiliate fraud detection software, it’s important to consider factors like ease of use, features, and pricing. AffiliateWP is a popular choice for many businesses because of its powerful fraud detection tools and ease of use.

What Are Some Common Types of Affiliate Fraud?

Common types of affiliate fraud include click fraud, lead fraud, and conversion fraud. Click fraud involves generating fake clicks on affiliate links, while lead fraud involves generating fake leads.

Now, Start a Safe WordPress Affiliate Program

Once you’ve selected the ideal affiliate fraud detection software, you can focus on expanding and enhancing your affiliate program on WordPress.

By choosing the right fraud detection software for your affiliate website, you can secure your business’ long-term success.

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