4 Useful Tips for WordPress Website Design

WordPress is the most popular platform available for creating a website, thanks to the fact that it is not only very affordable, but also easy to use. WordPress can be used to create any kind of website, whether you are starting a blog, running an online shop, or want to create a site that provides your potential clients and customers with more information on your business. To make a WordPress website a success, there are lots of factors that you need to consider when it comes to the design. Keep reading for some top tips on great WordPress website design.

Selecting the Best Theme

When you build a website using WordPress, you can choose from a range of different design themes. Selecting a good theme that allows for as much flexibility as possible with your visual design, along with making it easy for you to expand your website, is important. If you are feeling overwhelmed with the number of themes that are available for you to choose from, or if you want a custom design that’s not available from the themes on offer, then consider working with a top WordPress development agency to create the perfect design for you.

Use the Right Plugins

Once you have chosen the theme that will be the foundation of your business website, there are several plugins available for WordPress that you can use to enhance your site and add more functionality to the design. You can use plugins to aid with SEO, site loading speed, and more.

Keep Things Simple

It is possible to overload your WordPress website, so try and keep things as simple as possible with your design. Sticking to the theme and only changing things like colours or fonts, for example, is a good way to do this as most themes are designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. Over-loading your homepage with text, for example, is not a good idea as this can be off-putting for viewers. Instead, sort text onto different pages where you can provide more information on different topics related to your brand.

Make Sure It’s Responsive

It’s important to ensure that your WordPress theme allows for easy switching between viewing on different devices. With more and more web searches and online purchases now being made on smartphones and other mobile devices, making sure that your website is easy to view on mobile is crucial.

Make Sure the Content is Accessible

Finally, it’s not just the visual aspects of your site design that you will need to consider when building. Your site should also be accessible to everybody. Therefore, consider aspects of your design and content that some users might be using a screen reader to access, for example. It’s also worth giving some thought to how easy your site is to browse for users who have colour-blindness.

Designing a WordPress website is easier than ever, as it’s an easy-to-use platform with lots of customisable themes to choose from. Before you get started, keep these tips in mind.

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