34 Best AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes for 2021

If you’re pouring your heart and soul into your website, it makes sense to get a little payback. Monetization isn’t easy and is won’t make you instantly rich. It is however a viable way to make a little money out of your site.

That’s what we are going to look at today. Some of the best AdSense optimized WordPress themes to help you monetize with ease.

By the end of this article, you will know what to look for in an AdSense optimized WordPress theme and have 34 examples of free and premium themes you can use for your own site.

What Is an AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme?

An AdSense optimized WordPress theme is a template designed to make placing ads simple. That can include predefined ad spaces for easy listing and clean design to help optimize the rest of the experience so users are more likely to engage.

These themes come in all shapes and sizes, designed to provide options for all kinds of websites in all kinds of niches. Our list includes magazine themes, corporate themes, blog themes and a cross-section of the entire range of WordPress designs.

All have AdSense at their heart.

What to Consider When Choosing an AdSense Optimized WordPress Theme

Aside from the design itself, there are a few other key considerations to take into account.

SEO Optimization

SEO optimization is important for all websites but especially for AdSense ones. To make money, you have to be found. To keep people on the page and clicking, pages have to load quickly.

All that comes from SEO optimized WordPress themes. There are SEO optimizations you can make yourself but if the theme already includes some of them, that’s less work for you.

Mobile Friendliness

Mobile friendliness, or responsiveness is another feature all websites should include but it’s especially true for AdSense sites. People visit websites from all devices and you want to be as inclusive as possible.

Plus, you want your ads to be optimized for mobile so they display properly, increasing the chances of being clicked.

Ease of Ad Placement

Not all WordPress themes are designed with ads in mind. Some are simple to customize to include them while others are not.

Ideally, an AdSense optimized WordPress theme will include a series of ad spaces in prime positions all ready to go. All you’ll need to do is add your AdSense code and you’re ready.

Other themes may include placeholders for you to insert your ads manually. Others still will be widgetized, meaning you will be able to use WordPress widgets to place your ads wherever you like.

Design and Layout

Design and layout are another universal feature of a high quality WordPress theme. However, the intent of the design differs in an AdSense optimized WordPress theme.

Some themes are designed to showcase products or services. Others share a lot of news in a small space. Others still show off you or your work.

An AdSense optimized WordPress theme is designed to balance the needs of your audience with the needs of revenue. Showcasing content to engage the reader while also showing your ads in positions that are both obvious and noticeable and unobtrusive so they don’t interrupt the experience.

Built-in AdBlock Detectors

AdBlock detectors are controversial but some websites use them to great effect. They are code snippets that can detect whether the browser the visitor is using has ad blockers enabled or not.

According to a recent survey by Amazon, over 33% of internet users block ads on mobile and desktop. Working around that is key if you’re to make any money from ads.

The AdSense Optimized WordPress Themes

Here are what we consider the 34 best AdSense optimized WordPress themes around right now.

1. Astra

WP Astra homepage

Astra is one of the most popular WordPress themes in the world with over a million active users. It’s light, refreshingly easy to use and has been designed to be both accessible to those new to WordPress and flexible for those with more experience.

It delivers on both counts!

Astra has a selection of high quality free starter templates and a wide array of premium templates. All use drag and drop page builders to make building your site simple, one-click installation of demo websites and a range of professional quality themes.

Astra is known for being fast loading, ideal for SEO. It is also flexible, can be customized to fit AdSense ads and there is a theme for almost every niche. You will find it hard to get better than this!

Astra Features

  • Selection of free and premium website templates
  • Fully responsive
  • Compatible with most WordPress plugins

Astra Pricing

Astra is free with premium plans starting at $47 per year.

Opinion of Astra

It’s hard to argue against a WordPress theme that gives so much. Even the free version looks professional and delivers all the features we look for in a theme. Go for premium and the features expand massively, along with the benefits.

2. MH Magazine

MH Magazine WordPress theme for adsense

MH Magazine is a stylish modern WordPress theme with a magazine layout ideal for news, current affairs, sports or whatever niche you decide. It’s a flexible theme with a boxed center section, modest category slider and attractive layout.

MH Magazine uses widgets for AdSense and other features that give you the freedom to place your ads wherever you like across the design. This is a flexible theme with a lot to offer.

MH Magazine Features

  • Modern magazine layout with lots of appeal
  • Widgetized areas for ads and other features
  • Designed with clean code
  • Fully responsive
  • SEO optimized

MH Magazine Pricing

MH Magazine costs $49.

Opinion of MH Magazine

Magazine layouts are ideal for many niches and MH Magazine is a great example. It is well designed, well priced and includes all the ingredients you need to build a monetized website.

3. HotNews

HotNews Theme for magazine

HotNews is a free magazine theme that offers a lot of opportunity for ads and for telling your story. It’s a simple theme with unfussy navigation, lots of white space and high contrast colours throughout.

HotNews is AdSense optimized, loads quickly and offers multiple opportunities for ad placement and for encouraging engagement. It’s a viable option if you prefer simple design that lets your content shine.

HotNews Features

  • High contrast colours work well
  • SEO and AdSense optimized
  • Fully responsive

HotNews Pricing

HotNews is free.

Opinion of HotNews

You wouldn’t think this theme was free when you first load it and that works in its favour. It’s simple but effective and those high contrast colours work well on mobile devices. What more do you need for free?

4. Magazine Pro

Magazine Pro WordPress theme

Magazine Pro from StudioPress is a minimal theme with a magazine layout ideal for a wide range of niches. It’s slick, elegant and uses muted colours across the entire design.

Magazine Pro uses the Genesis Framework that sits on top of WordPress. It’s fast, flexible and offers a lot of scope for design and customization. There are ad spaces across the design and it’s a matter of seconds to add more if you like.

Magazine Pro Features

  • Modern minimal theme with real appeal
  • Lots of white space and muted colours
  • SEO optimized
  • Predefined ad spaces
  • Fully responsive

Magazine Pro Pricing

Magazine Pro costs $99.95.

Opinion of Magazine Pro

If you like minimal design that still gives you space to tell your story, this is a theme that delivers. It’s simple and elegant, fast and responsive. All the things we look for in AdSense optimized WordPress themes.

5. Ad-Sense

Ad-Sense Theme

With a name like Ad-Sense, a template had better deliver on the ad front! No worries there. This is an accomplished theme with several predefined layouts with different colours and designs ready for a range of niches.

This AdSense optimized theme has ad spots already defined and shows one as an example. You can add more with widget areas too. It also has an ad blocker detection feature and content locking to ‘encourage’ users to turn off their ad blocker.

Ad-Sense Features

  • Modern, colourful WordPress theme
  • Wide range of pre-built demo websites to import
  • Fully responsive
  • AdSense optimized with ad block detection
  • Content blocking feature

Ad-Sense Pricing

Ad-Sense costs $59.

Opinion of Ad-Sense

Ad-Sense is a smart theme with a lot to recommend it. There are lots of AdSense features and the layout is great. The opportunity to import one of a range of predefined layouts is also a bonus.

6. Divi

Divi theme homepage

Divi is another leading WordPress theme with a lot going for it. It has a range of predefined demo templates, uses colour and layout well and can be customized with drag and drop page builders.

While not specifically an AdSense optimized WordPress theme, you can quickly insert ads using the page builder in a similar way you would add widgets. This offers a lot of design freedom and the opportunity to monetize any of your websites.

Divi Features

  • Very popular WordPress theme with lots of templates
  • Utilizes a drag and drop page builder
  • Fully responsive with clean code
  • Covers most niches you’re likely to need

Divi Pricing

Divi costs from $89 per year.

Opinion of Divi

Divi is a very accomplished WordPress theme with a wide array of design options. The templates aren’t quite up to Astra standards and it is more expensive than some but it is a viable option if you like the layouts.

7. Best

Best Theme demo

Best is another of our top AdSense optimized themes. It’s clean, simple and attractive. Three things we like to see in a theme. This is a magazine layout with a two column boxed layout with sidebar and could handle ads anywhere on the page.

There are a series of demo sites you can choose from to get your started. Each is slightly different and fully customizable. They are all fully responsive, optimized for AdSense and fully responsive. Everything you need when building a site for passive income.

Best Features

  • Clean design with nice use of colour and font
  • Lots of white space
  • Fully responsive
  • SEO and AdSense optimized
  • Ajax elements included

Best Pricing

Best costs $59.

Opinion of Best

Best is another clean and simple theme that works well. While the demos don’t showcase AdSense, placing ads is simple and you have complete freedom to design and configure your site as you like.

8. GoMedia

GoMedia demo

GoMedia is another clean, elegant magazine theme that works well. It’s up against tough competition but still delivers the goods in terms of layout, colours, fonts and design.

GoMedia also has specific ad slots and areas for sponsors so you’re well covered for monetization. The neat timeline option is different and something that marks it out from the majority of other magazine themes here.

GoMedia Features

  • Simple, clean design
  • Great use of colour and white space
  • AdSense optimized with sponsor areas
  • Fully responsive
  • Pages load quickly

GoMedia Pricing

GoMedia costs $24 per year.

Opinion of GoMedia

GoMedia offers great value and performance. It’s an excellent theme if you’re looking for a magazine layout and comes ready to accept AdSense and sponsors. Two areas of monetization you’ll want to use.

9. Blossom Feminine Pro

Blossom Feminine Pro theme demo

Blossom Feminine Pro certainly lives up to its name. It provides a range of feminine layouts ideal for that demographic. Each exhibit excellent design, great use of fonts, white space and colour to make a very compelling offering.

While this isn’t an AdSense optimized theme, it is flexible enough to handle ads with ease with custom feature boxes, widget areas and SEO optimization built-in.

Blossom Feminine Pro Features

  • Very attractive feminine design
  • Nice colours, fonts and layout
  • SEO optimized
  • Opportunity to monetize using feature boxes and widgets

Blossom Feminine Pro Pricing

Blossom Feminine Pro costs $49 per year.

Opinion of Blossom Feminine Pro

If you’re targeting a female demographic, Blossom Feminine Pro is one of the better themes to use. It’s fast, elegant and powerful enough to fill any niche and perform any function.

10. Numinous Pro

Numinous wordpress theme

Numinous Pro is an AdSense optimized WordPress theme that doesn’t mind making a first impression. The demo has a full width image header full of colour and interest that is sure to engage.

This is a magazine layout with ad spaces throughout. It also includes an ad blocker detector with three ways to handle them, a popup, floating notice or content blocking. The theme also has multiple ad areas, WooCommerce compatibility and is fully responsive.

Numinous Pro Features

  • Attractive magazine layout
  • SEO optimized
  • Multiple ad spaces
  • Ad blocker with three ways to handle them
  • Flexible design with lots of options

Numinous Pro Pricing

Numinous Pro costs $59.

Opinion of Numinous Pro

Numinous Pro is an attractive AdSense optimized theme that delivers on content, on ad features and on design. It has everything you need to monetize your website with no downsides.

11. Sarada

Sarada WordPress theme demo

Sarada is an attractive, feminine theme with three distinct design options. Each has a magazine layout but each demo has been tuned for different niches. All are fully customizable so you can turn these into any type of site you like.

Design is light and easy going with nice pastel colours, good use of white space and lots and lots of images. There are AdSense opportunities with feature boxes and customization widgets and the entire theme is SEO friendly.

Sarada Features

  • Attractive feminine design
  • Magazine layout with a ton of options
  • SEO optimized
  • Can insert ads using boxes and widgets
  • Fast loading

Sarada Pricing

Sarada costs $49 per year.

Opinion of Sarada

Sarada is a very accomplished WordPress theme with a lot to recommend it. The demos are attractive and fully customizable and you can insert ads wherever you need to with built-in tools. Hard to fault really!

12. Metro Magazine Pro

metro pro wordpress magazine theme

Metro Magazine Pro is a variant of Numinous Pro but is different enough to be its own thing. It uses a full screen image header with a slider at the top, simple navigation and enough white space to keep things tidy.

While the demo design is excellent, you can customize it as much as you like as the package comes with multiple headers, footers, content section and colour options. The design includes ad spaces throughout and an ad blocker detector.

Metro Magazine Pro Features

  • Attractive magazine theme that makes a statement
  • Fully responsive
  • SEO and AdSense optimized
  • Lots of customization options
  • Ad blocker detector

Metro Magazine Pro Pricing

Metro Magazine Pro costs $59 per year.

Opinion of Metro Magazine Pro

Metro Magazine Pro looks like a professional news website design which could work well for some niches. It offers a lot of scope to monetize and customize so could be all the theme you need.

13. Editorialmag

EditorialMag A WordPress Magazine Themes demo

Editorialmag is a stylish free AdSense optimized WordPress theme with more of a tabloid feel. It’s bold, colourful and likes to make an impact. It could be ideal for certain niches or target demographics.

The boxed layout provides enough white space to give it good balance while bold colours and strong images carry the day. There are ad options throughout, comes with a child theme, WooCommerce compatibility and everything you’ll need.

Editorialmag Features

  • Bold and colourful magazine theme
  • Fully responsive
  • SEO and Ad optimized
  • WooCommerce and WordPress plugin compatibility
  • Fast loading pages

Editorialmag Pricing

Editorialmag is free.

Opinion of Editorialmag

Editorialmag is one of those themes you would never think was free. It’s well designed, fast loading and well balanced. It’s difficult to criticize something this good, especially when it’s free!

14. Extra

Extra Theme for adsesne

Extra is a more restrained AdSense optimized WordPress theme from the people behind Divi. It is a magazine layout with nice colours but is less bold and more stylish than EditorialMag. That doesn’t make it better or worse, just different.

Extra has been designed to be as flexible as possible while also being easy to customize. It comes with a drag and drop page builder, unlimited colours and font options and plenty of opportunities to monetize using ads.

Extra Features

  • Accomplished magazine theme
  • Nice layout with an easy going feel
  • Lots of customization opportunities with a page builder
  • SEO optimized
  • Ads can be placed using the page builder

Extra Pricing

Extra costs $89 per year.

Opinion of Extra

Extra is another top performing magazine theme that delivers on all counts. It’s attractive, easy to use, can be customized with ease and includes lots of opportunities to place ads. What more could you need?

15. Sensational

Sensational Theme adsense optimized wordpress theme

Sensational is another free AdSense optimized WordPress theme that really doesn’t look it. This is another magazine layout but with several predefined options already created. You can still build your own if you prefer though.

The design is clean, laid back and easy to read which would work for many niches and target markets. Colours are subtle but effective and a unique shaded headline background marks the design out as different. It’s a well-designed theme!

Sensational Features

  • Attractive design with nice balance
  • Lots of customization options
  • SEO and AdSense optimized
  • Ads can be placed using widgets
  • Social media integration

Sensational Pricing

Sensational is free.

Opinion of Sensational

Sensational is of a very high quality considering this is a free AdSense optimized WordPress theme. It has a nice balance, great colours and some well thought-out demos. Hard to fault considering it costs nothing.

16. Insider

Insider theme demo

Insider is a clean blog design with a left sidebar instead of the usual right sidebar. It’s a subtle difference but completely changes the character of the design.

That design is clean, modern and attractive. It uses white space well and has a bold contrast colour for interest. A single column in the center keeps content in check while offering interest. Ads can be placed within content areas or the sidebar, offering lots of monetization opportunities.

Insider Features

  • Fully responsive
  • Supports custom widgets for ads
  • Also has AdSense slots throughout
  • Loads quickly

Insider Pricing

Insider costs $24 per year.

Opinion of Insider

If you’re looking for a more laid back design, Insider could be it. The theme is light, colourful, well balanced and delivers on every count.

17. Adsense Pro Ultimate

Adsense Pro Ultimate theme demo

Adsense Pro Ultimate is another design that had better live up to its billing. Fortunately, it does. It’s another modern theme with a good eye for design, nice font choices, attractive colours and lots of options.

As the name implies, Adsense Pro Ultimate is designed for conversion and includes lots of customization options, plenty of ad spots and fast loading pages.

Adsense Pro Ultimate Features

  • Designed for monetization
  • Clean design with modern appeal
  • Lots of Ad placement options throughout
  • Pages load quickly
  • Fully responsive

Adsense Pro Ultimate Pricing

Adsense Pro Ultimate costs $69.

Opinion of Adsense Pro Ultimate

Adsense Pro Ultimate is a good looking WordPress theme that delivers the experience we want our visitors to have. Combined with great monetization options, this is a definite contender!

18. Classy Moments

Classy Moments wordpress theme

Classy Moments is another of the free AdSense optimized WordPress themes we think worth checking out. It’s a quality design and is a child theme of One Pageily.

Classy Moments is a simple but effective blog template with a single column layout with sidebar. Ads can be placed at the top, in the sidebar and within the content so you’re not short of options. Alongside some nice colours and exceptional fonts, this is a free theme worth considering.

Classy Moments Features

  • Classy blog theme
  • Lovely font choices
  • Nice layout with ad placement opportunities
  • Pages load quickly
  • Child theme of another accomplished design

Classy Moments Pricing

Classy Moments is free.

Opinion of Classy Moments

As long as you have the skills to turn Classy Moments into something unique, it is well worth using. It’s free, easy to use, customizable and works well.

19. SuperNews

SuperNewsPro Theme demo

SuperNews is a stylish magazine theme with a real eye for colour. It’s actually a very minimal design but the use of colour and images makes it seem much more intricate than it actually is. That works in its favour.

The layout has lots of white space and those bold contrast colours to make it stand out. Alongside some strong imagery and modern fonts, the page really shines. Ads can be placed anywhere on the page thanks to its inherent support for monetization.

SuperNews Features

  • Simple but effective design
  • Great use of colour and images
  • Modern sans serif fonts
  • AdSense optimized
  • Fully responsive

SuperNews Pricing

SuperNews costs $55.

Opinion of SuperNews

SuperNews is a very simple design done well. The use of colours, fonts and images makes this stand out way more than it should and that’s something to applaud.

20. Editorial

Editorial Clean Magazine WordPress Theme demo

Editorial is an AdSense optimized WordPress theme with a magazine layout and clean, modern appeal. It uses flat design within a boxed layout to create its space and draw attention. It’s a very effective design.

There is very little copy on the page so all the heavy lifting is done by images and colours. As long as you know how to optimize images for WordPress, you could do a lot with this theme.

Editorial Features

  • Clean flat design with modern appeal
  • Ads can be placed throughout the page
  • Great use of colour and imagery
  • Live customizer makes personalization easy
  • SEO optimized

Editorial Pricing

There is a free version of Editorial and a premium version that costs $59.99.

Opinion of Editorial

Editorial is one of many magazine themes in our list of AdSense optimized themes but still manages to stand out for all the right reasons.

21. AccessPress Mag Pro

AccessPress Mag theme demo

AccessPress Mag Pro is a smart magazine theme that uses a wide boxed layout with strong image header and traditional layout. The demo doesn’t currently work but the theme is still worth checking out.

The design is clean and modern and uses a bold red and black colour scheme in the demo. This can be changed of course. It supports ads throughout, has a configurable sidebar, social media integration and everything you need to build a monetized website.

AccessPress Mag Pro Features

  • Strong, smart magazine layout
  • Bold header image section
  • Good page balance with lots of white space
  • AdSense optimized
  • Fully responsive

AccessPress Mag Pro Pricing

AccessPress Mag Pro costs $55.

Opinion of AccessPress Mag Pro

If you can get to the demo, you’ll quickly see this is a well designed AdSense optimized theme with a lot to offer. It’s light, easy to use and includes lifetime updates. It’s hard to argue with that!

22. Marketingly

Affiliate Marketingly theme demo

Marketingly could be a magazine, blog, business site or anything you like. The combination of features doesn’t limit you to any niche or layout. It’s a genuinely flexible theme that works well.

Marketingly opens with a full screen image and service box underneath. It then opens into a single column blog layout with a sidebar. It’s a very flexible theme that has opportunities for ads throughout and the ability to be anything you want it to be.

Marketingly Features

  • Free AdSense optimized WordPress theme
  • Great design with lots of white space
  • Good use of colours throughout
  • Genuinely flexible layout
  • Fully responsive

Marketingly Pricing

Marketingly is free.

Opinion of Marketingly

Marketingly could be anything you want it to be as long as you have the skills. It’s a flexible theme that doesn’t scream monetization yet supports it willingly.

23. MH Newsdesk

MH Newsdesk WordPress theme demo

MH Newsdesk is a newspaper-style AdSense optimized theme that could be customized to appeal to any demographic. The demo website is designed for a more serious audience while a simple change in font and colours could change that completely.

This is a flexible design with clean code, fast loading pages that have been SEO optimized and will support ads. You can use widgets to place ads anywhere on the page in seconds, which is why it’s in our list.

MH Newsdesk Features

  • Flexible design with wide appeal
  • Fully responsive
  • SEO and Ad optimized
  • Clean code with fast loading pages
  • Supports widgets

MH Newsdesk Pricing

MH Newsdesk costs $49.

Opinion of MH Newsdesk

MH Newsdesk is an excellent theme whatever use you put it to. A simple change of colour and font could transform it into almost anything you like. For that alone we recommend it!

24. Travel Blogger

Travel Blog WordPress theme

Travel Blogger is a simple free AdSense optimized WordPress theme that could be kept that way or filled with features. The core design enables you to make of it what you will with minimal effort and deliver a consistent experience to users.

The design is understated with simple colours and minimal on-page features. You could leave it like this or fill it up with more, it is entirely up to you. This isn’t a pure AdSense optimized theme but you can place ads anywhere using widgets. That’s why it’s in our list.

Travel Blogger Features

  • Simple, minimalist design that could be anything you like
  • Muted colours and on-page features
  • Supports ads through widgets
  • Fast loading pages
  • SEO optimized

Travel Blogger Pricing

Travel Blogger is free.

Opinion of Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger is for those that like to keep things simple. You can do whatever you like with it of course, but sometimes less is more.

25. Wimple

Wimple WordPress theme

Wimple is another simple free AdSense optimized WordPress theme. This time there is a little more going on with that full width header, darker contrast colours and mix of fonts.

Wimple is flexible, SEO optimized and supports AdSense. It’s a flexible theme that isn’t really done justice by its demo. It’s only when you download and fill it with content that it really comes alive.

Wimple Features

  • Simple design framework that could be built on with ease
  • SEO and AdSense optimized
  • Fully responsive
  • Includes social media interaction
  • Pages load quickly

Wimple Pricing

Wimple is free.

Opinion of Wimple

Like Travel Blogger, Wimple is a simple design that could be the basis for something much more content-rich or be left as it is. Either way, it provides the framework from which you can build an AdSense website with ease.

26. Magazinely

Magazinely wordpress theme

Magazinely has a more grown up vibe thanks to the combination of dark header, gold contrast colour and mix of fonts. It’s something you could make the most of or change completely depending on what you’re looking for.

This is a simple magazine theme with borderless content areas, a modest image header and two column layout with sidebar. There are lots of monetization options here, with ad spaces already defined with more that can be added using widgets.

Magazinely Features

  • Mature WordPress theme with nice design elements
  • Ad spaces already included
  • SEO optimized
  • Fully responsive
  • Lots of customization options

Magazinely Pricing

Magazinely is free with a Pro version for $29.

Opinion of Magazinely

It’s amazing what a small change such using darker colours does. Magazinely showcases that perfectly. It’s a grown up design that could fit multiple niches with minimal customization while monetizing with ease.

27. TA Newspaper

TA newspaper wordpress theme

TA Newspaper uses similar colours to Magazinely to create a completely different look and feel. This is also a free AdSense optimized WordPress theme with a magazine layout and a lot of scope for personalization.

The layout uses a full width image slider with ad space in the header and sidebar. The demo is set up as a single column layout but could be changed if required. Overall, this is a simple but effective theme that could be as much or as little as you need.

TA Newspaper Features

  • Nice magazine layout with lots of white space
  • Good use of colour and fonts
  • Flexible enough if you have the skills
  • Fully responsive
  • Supports ads

TA Newspaper Pricing

TA Newspaper is free.

Opinion of TA Newspaper

TA Newspaper is another simple theme that could be as much or as little as you like. It’s flexible enough to handle anything as long as you have CSS and HTML skills which is why it’s in this list.

28. E-commerce Fashion

Ecommerce Fashion WordPress theme

E-commerce Fashion is a child theme of Responsive Pro and is a store theme for WordPress. It also supports ads for a little extra monetization potential.

The design is simple but effective with a full width image slider, bold colours, alternating shaded backgrounds and product areas. It is well balanced, full of options and well worth checking out.

E-commerce Fashion Features

  • Colourful and impactful design
  • Simple layout done well
  • Fully responsive
  • SEO optimized

E-commerce Fashion Pricing

E-commerce Fashion is free with Responsive Pro which costs $47 per year.

Opinion of E-commerce Fashion

Judged purely as a store theme, E-commerce Fashion is okay. Judged as an ad-supporting store theme, E-commerce Fashion is more compelling. It’s colourful, flexible and includes enough features for most stores.

29. MyBlog

MyBlog Theme demo

As the name suggests, MyBlog is a blog theme. It has a selection of layouts tweaked to suit a range of niches and can be infinitely customized to fulfil any number of tasks. It’s a well-conceived design worth checking out.

The layouts are a mixture of one and two column layouts with or without sidebars. You can change anything, insert ads, use widgets, change fonts and colours and the theme comes with a bunch of plugins and features for good measure.

MyBlog Features

  • Modern, attractive blog theme
  • Great use of layout and colours
  • Can be customized to suit any niche
  • SEO optimized
  • Supports ads through widgets

MyBlog Pricing

MyBlog costs $59.

Opinion of MyBlog

MyBlog is a great theme for general use. There are no standout elements but there are enough good ones to make it worth experimenting with.

30. Daily

Daily theme wordpress theme

The main Daily demo is quite a grown up design suitable for a range of audiences. You can customize it to suit all manner of target markets though, hence its place in our list of top AdSense optimized WordPress themes.

The design is clean, minimal and pared back. It’s a magazine layout with simple colours, modest fonts and unfussy navigation. It could be ideal for almost any use and supports ads in the top and sidebar as well as through widgets.

Daily Features

  • Mature design with grown up feel
  • Light and easy to browse
  • Laid back vibe that encourages use
  • SEO optimized
  • Supports ads through widgets

Daily Pricing

Daily costs $24 per year.

Opinion of Daily

Daily is a great WordPress theme for certain demographics. You could tweak it to suit others but you would need to be careful so as not to spoil the effect. A competent theme that is well worth checking out.

31. Responz

Responz themify theme demo

Responz is a pared back magazine theme with some colourful elements combined with minimalism. It strikes an excellent balance that could be useful in all manner of niches.

This is a blog or magazine theme depending on how you configure it. A modest image header draws you in while simple navigation and fonts keep you engaged. Further down, the demo has a single column for content with a sidebar either side where you can place your ads.

Responz Features

  • Clean, crisp design
  • Great use of layout and white space
  • Subtle colours and attractive fonts
  • Flexible enough to suit any niche
  • Supports ads through widgets

Responz Pricing

Responz costs $59.

Opinion of Responz

Responz is simple but effective and could be amazing in the right hands. It’s flexible, has great balance, nice flow and an accessible feel. All the things a website needs if it is to make money.

32. Adsos

Adsos theme demo site

Adsos is a minimalist blog theme that really does keep it simple. It’s an elegant design with minimal colours and on-page features. A simple blog layout with a sidebar is all you get, yet it’s enough.

Aside from the faux pas around not offering a demo unless you register, this is a superb AdSense optimized theme. It supports ads through widgets and the sidebar is fertile ground for monetization. Alongside an elegantly simple design, it could be all the theme you need.

Adsos Features

  • Minimalist blog design done well
  • Modern fonts
  • Simple but effective layout
  • Fully responsive
  • Supports ads through widgets

Adsos Pricing

Adsos costs €99.

Opinion of Adsos

If you like your web design minimalist, Adsos delivers. While you’ll have to commit to the demo, the theme itself is very easy to use and can support ads in the sidebar using widgets. Well worth trying.

33. VMag Pro

V mag pro wordpress theme demo

VMag Pro is clean and crisp and draws you in the moment you land on the page using the large image slider. The rest of the page is more restrained but no less effective.

The design is simple with lots of white space, a subtle blue complementing colour, multiple layout options, sidebar and ad support. We would change the font from the demo but otherwise, this is an excellent option and worth its space in our list of AdSense optimized themes.

VMag Pro Features

  • Clean modern design
  • Great magazine layout with plenty of white space
  • Colours and fonts work well
  • Ad ready
  • Fully responsive

VMag Pro Pricing

VMag Pro costs $55.

Opinion of VMag Pro

VMag Pro is a tidy AdSense optimized WordPress theme with a great eye for design. It loads quickly, has plenty of layout options and could genuinely appeal to a wide array of niches.

34. Maggie Pro

Maggie Pro Magazine Theme demo

Maggie Pro is a full width magazine theme that engages the moment it opens. It uses a full width image slider well and combines it with strong images and colours. A modest sticky news ticker at the bottom of the screen is a neat touch too.

Maggie Pro showcases a range of layout options in the demo and each works well. The black and red colour scheme also works, along with the alternating shaded and white backgrounds. This is a very accomplished design ideal for sites that want to create an impact.

Maggie Pro Features

  • Not afraid to make an impact
  • Competent design backs up that first impression
  • Great layout options
  • Supports ads through widgets
  • Pages load quickly despite being full of images
  • Fully responsive

Maggie Pro Pricing

Maggie Pro costs $55.

Opinion of Maggie Pro

Maggie Pro is an excellent magazine theme that is intent on making a great first impression. It doesn’t let you down once you go further though, which is definitely to its credit!


What do you think of our list of the best AdSense optimized WordPress themes of 2021 so far?

We think the list includes a wide variety of themes covering every imaginable niche. While the designs are predominantly magazine or blog layouts, they are flexible enough to be customized to suit almost any use.

Do you have any AdSense optimized themes to recommend? Do you use any of the ones we list? Tell us about it below if you do!

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