3 Best WordPress AI Page Builders in 2023 (Compared)

With the rapid advancement of WordPress page builders and the integration of AI technology, creating stunning websites has never been easier. By harnessing the power of generative artificial intelligence (AI), users can now experience AI within a drag-and-drop builder. AI page builders are revolutionizing how we generate content, enabling effortless text and image creation directly on the front end. In this post, we’ll look at the top WordPress AI page builders currently available and AI plugins that complement them.

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What Is a WordPress AI Page Builder

An AI page builder is a plugin or theme that allows you to build web pages with the help of AI. Using a drag-and-drop visual interface on the front end, usually without the need for coding. Page builders keep you from bouncing between the front and back end, so you can view design changes in real time. With AI page builders, you can create posts, pages, and templates by adding simple text prompts to aid in text and image generation.

Why Do We Need a WordPress AI Page Builder

There are many benefits of using a WordPress AI page builder, including:

The Best WordPress AI Page Builders

With the technology relatively new, only a few AI page builders are out there. That said, we fully expect this to change. In fact, we have it on good authority that many popular page builders are hard at work building AI integrations, so we expect this list to grow exponentially. In the meantime, here are a few that are available or set to be released soon.

1. Divi

First on the list is Divi, which comes packed with AI features to increase your productivity and make building web pages a snap. It can write content and generate images right inside the Visual Builder, so you can view text and image creation in real time. Not only that, but Divi AI can generate text automatically based on the surrounding content on your website.

With Divi AI, you can create unlimited text and images, which is great when considering the cost of other generative AI. Unlike its competitors, you won’t need to purchase credits or tokens to generate content. Those who have used AI in the past can tell you that those credits will run out quickly while you’re trying to perfect the text and images you create. With one flat monthly fee, you can tweak, improve, and perfect until your heart’s content without reloading your balance.

Key Features of Divi

Divi AI improves upon Divi’s already amazing capabilities. You’ll have access to over 200 design elements, 2000+ design layouts, and seamless integration with popular plugins like Toolset, WPForms, WooCommerce, and more.

Best For

Divi is best for beginners and professional web designers who want a robust visual page builder that also creates text and images on the fly through the power of artificial intelligence.

Pricing: Divi AI starts at $18 per month when paid yearly, which includes unlimited text and image generation for you and your entire team.

Similar to Divi AI, Elementor AI works within a drag-and-drop front-end editor. Using generative AI, you can generate images, write copy, and add code snippets. Elementor AI activates once you click the Create with AI button in the Elementor builder. You can describe the type of content you want to generate, and within a minute, you’ll have a new image or copy ready for use on your website. If you want to refine an existing image, Elementor AI can do that, too. You can edit pictures, add design elements, and even extend photos, making filling in white space easy.

Key Features of Elementor AI

In addition to image and text generation, Elementor AI can create custom CSS snippets for your design elements. Describe what you want your element to look like, and Elementor AI will transform it into a usable CSS snippet you can copy and paste into your site.

Best For

Elementor AI is a cost-effective way to incorporate AI into your website. However, unlike Divi AI, Elementor limits the number of generations you can have. For example, the lowest-tiered plan allows for 18,000 generations. For some, that may be more than enough for what you need. That said, those with larger sites may require a higher-tiered plan.

Pricing: Starts at $2.99 per month for 18,000 credits.

Spectra Pro is a page builder that works within the WordPress editor. It comes with 28 Spectra blocks that can be used alongside the blocks that come standard with WordPress. At the time of this writing, Spectra Pro is in the process of adding AI features, including AI-powered design suggestions, text generation, and the ability to revise existing copy with a text prompt.

Key Features of Spectra Pro

One of the best features of Spectra Pro is its ease of use. WordPress users can easily drag elements onto the page, style them, and see their design changes in real time. It provides an excellent way to extend the Gutenberg block editor without bloating your site.

Best For

Those who prefer to work within the Gutenberg block editor will love Spectra Pro. Spectra Pro has something for everyone, with over 28 additional blocks, design templates, and a lightweight footprint. Soon, the folks at Spectra will be adding AI features, so those looking to add AI to Gutenberg should closely monitor their progress.

Pricing: $49 per year.

While there aren’t a ton of AI page builders out there (yet), there are quite a few WordPress AI plugins that integrate into popular page builders like Divi, Elementor, Visual Composer, Beaver Builder, and Oxygen. While functionality is limited, these will allow you to generate text and images or improve SEO titles and meta descriptions within the page builder interface.

Here’s a short list of some of those plugins:

Get Genie

Get Genie is a WordPress AI plugin that boasts improved SEO copy through text generation. You can generate long-form content, blog posts, optimize for SEO, write product descriptions, and more. It offers integration with Gutenberg and Elementor. It has over 37 templates, including social media, blogs, WooCommerce, FAQ, and more.

Get Genie offers a free version that allows you to use it on one website. You’ll get 2,500 words, 10 SEO keyword analyses per month, access to all templates, a WordPress blog post wizard, and more. If you need a more robust plan with unlimited words, opt for the Agency Unlimited plan for around $69 monthly.

Pricing: Free, with monthly plans starting at $69.

BerthaAI is an AI plugin that helps you craft web copy, product descriptions, or blog posts with artificial intelligence. In addition, you can create images and illustrations to use within your WordPress website. It works with all of the major page builders, including Elementor, Divi, Beaver Builder, Thrive, Visual Composer, and more.

For one monthly fee, unlimited users will have access to 1 million words and 20 image generations per month. Alternatively, you can sign up for a pay-as-you-go plan offering 100 images for $15.

Pricing: $20 per month.

Rank Math is a powerful SEO plugin that integrates seamlessly with Divi. It works within the Visual Builder, so you can tweak on-page SEO on the front end. It comes with Content AI, which allows you to generate SEO-optimized copy for your website. Content AI also gives suggestions based on your current content, including suggested word count, link count, and more.

Content AI comes standard with both free and paid versions of Rank Math. You’ll get 5 free credits so you can test out the functionality. When depleted, you can purchase additional credits through the WordPress dashboard or your Rank Math account.

Pricing: Free with pro plans starting at $59 for the first year. Free plans come with 5 AI credits, while the pro plan offers 25. Additional credits cost $49 for 75.

AI Engine is an AI plugin for WordPress that allows you to generate text and images inside WordPress. The plugin has a free version, but you’ll need OpenAI and Stable Diffusion API keys to create text and images. One of the coolest things about AI Engine is the ability to create your own chatbot, which can be displayed through a shortcode. This allows you to use AI Engine in any page builder or Gutenberg.

AI Engine also offers a paid version with all the benefits of the free version, along with an AI form generator that allows you to create dynamic forms to answer common questions. Additional features include content-aware, which enables AI to analyze your site’s content and make suggestions to improve it.

Pricing: Free with pro plans starting at $49 per year.

Comparing The Best WordPress AI Page Builders

We’ve compared the top three AI page builders so you can get a feel for what’s out there and the features that they offer. Although there are only a few, each option featured in this post will give you plenty of AI features to help create or improve your website’s content.

AI Page Builder Price Comparison

We’ve compiled this handy table to provide pricing for our top AI page builders. Divi AI and Elementor AI have a free trial, so you can test them and decide which you prefer.

Plugin Price Free Option
🥇 Divi AI $18/month ✔️ Visit
🥈 Elementor AI $2.99/month ✔️ Visit
🥉 Spectra Pro $49/year Visit

AI Page Builder Feature Comparison

Here’s another table showcasing the features of each AI page builder.

🥇 Divi AI 🥈 Elementor AI 🥉 Spectra Pro
Theme + AI price $18/month $2.99/month $49/year
AI Image Generation ✔️ ✔️ (coming soon)
AI Image Editing ✔️ ✔️ (coming soon)
AI Text Generation ✔️ ✔️ (coming soon)
AI Text Editing ✔️ ✔️ (coming soon)
Active Installations 881,346 5 million 500,000+
Community Rating 4.9/5

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What is The Best WordPress AI Page Builder

If you’re looking for an AI page builder with unlimited text and image generation, Divi AI can’t be beaten. With the power of Divi’s no-code Visual Builder with AI onboard, Divi is a must-have for creators looking to create SEO-quality written content, generate images, or improve upon both. Unlike competitors such as Elementor AI, Divi doesn’t cap the number of generations you can have. This excellent feature will allow you to make as many tweaks and content changes as you wish. Additionally, Divi AI is tied to your Elegant Themes account, so it can be used on unlimited Divi websites. If you’re looking for the perfect AI assistant for your WordPress website, try Divi AI.

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