23 Ideas To Grow Your WordPress Business in 2023

WordPress is the most popular website-building platform worldwide, trusted by numerous brands. WordPress enables you to build a user-friendly and highly reliable site, together with tools and plugins to enhance your marketing and work like a lead magnet. All these features make WordPress the platform chosen by more than 43% of businesses globally.

Moreover, WordPress is not only used by corporations but also by personal brands and small and medium-level enterprises. Professional themes, plugins, and SEO content marketing make WordPress the web hosting platform trusted by most businesses and organizations.

In this article, we’ll give you 23 ideas to grow your WordPress business so you can make 2023 the best year yet!

Why You Should Choose WordPress To Build Your Website

Customized Themes

WordPress enables your website-building experience easier by giving you ready and customizable themes that can get you started. Depending on the industry, you only need to select the theme that works for your business.

Kadence WP lets you create stunning WordPress pages easily, with zero limits on what you can design.

Launch your website quickly by choosing and importing a starter template. Get designing without any coding knowledge with Kadence Blocks. Choose from an awesome selection of premium plugins to help you bring your vision to life.

SEO Opportunities

WordPress gives you the necessary tools for your company’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization.) There are several WordPress plugins for you to ensure your website is SEO-friendly.

Mobile Adaptability

WordPress website builders enable you to create a website that is easily responsive to a mobile device.

WordPress is Free

Building your company’s website on WordPress is free. There are no hidden costs. The only charges you incur are when you pay for hosting or a better theme.

Grow Your WordPress Business

23 Ideas to Grow Your WordPress Business in 2023

1. Build Your Blog

Blogging is an essential tool to grow your WordPress business. Blogging helps drive traffic toward your business page; hence, it will tremendously improve your SEO. As more visitors click on your blog, they will have the opportunity to see and interact with your content and learn more about your products. This will, in turn, increase their trust in your business and create customer loyalty.

You can choose particular blogging themes and plugins to give your blog the right aesthetic feel and functionality. If you have a web design expert, you can consult them when choosing the appropriate color palettes, images, and fonts for your blog.

Before writing your blog on WordPress, check various tips on writing a blog that will hook your target audience on your website. Kadence has helped several companies grow through blogging. If you can master writing blog posts, it is one of the best ways to engage your prospects.

Your blog can be about different insights that you think your customers would find helpful. Research the following:

  • What your customers search for online.
  • Frequently asked questions by your customers.
  • How you want to rank on SEO.
  • You can answer these questions extensively through consistent blogging on your WordPress site.

2. Using SEO Plugins

SEO plugins on WordPress make it easy to optimize your website. The SEO plugins are important as they enable you to do the following:

  • Monitor your content performance
  • Prompting you to update your content
  • Keyword optimization
  • Monitoring robot.txt files, sitemap, and .htaccess files.
  • Timely updates for Google algorithms after every 14 days.

Check the available WordPress plugins. One of the most efficient WordPress SEO plugins is Yoast, and you can install it for the Search Engine Optimization of your website.

3. Monitor your Website’s Analytics

Website KPIs, fully known as Key Performance Indicators, are metrics that help assess the success of the activities you perform on your website as you aim to reach more customers. KPIs can assess the website or your ads posted on various social media platforms. After analyzing your KPI data, you will know the adjustments you need to make to improve your customer reach.

An advantage of using WordPress is its ability to integrate the Google Analytics tool to give you insights into consumer data and trends.

The Google Site Kit plugin by Google Analytics allows easy tracking of your website visitors within minutes.

4. Speeding up Your Website

Oblivious to you and your team, your website might frustrate visitors due to the long loading time. High-quality images can look visually appealing, especially from your end, but they might cause problems for your website’s landing page visitors.

The slower the page, the less time your prospects will spend scrolling to the next. Consider installing WP Smush to optimize your website’s images and increase the load time as a guest browser.

5. Redirecting your Traffic

In case you have updated or moved your website to another ghosting platform, update your redirection process so that your prospects do not get the 404 error whenever they try to search for your page.

Installing the plugin by WordPress allows you to redirect the lost pages to your current site, so your guests will still land on your page. This helps increase traffic to your updated website.

6. Integrate Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are uniform resource locators that redirect prospects to a company’s product sales page or website. An affiliate link can help you bring in traffic to your page and enable revenue from the parent company.

Steps on How How Affiliate Links Work:

  1. Sign into an affiliate program from a parent company to get a link
  2. Place the affiliate link on your company’s website
  3. When visitors click your link, they are redirected to the parent company’s website
  4. You then earn a commission whenever a prospect makes a purchase or visits the merchant’s page, depending on your agreement with the merchant.

ThirstyAffiliates and SliceWP Affiliates are great affiliate tools by WordPress that make it easier and quicker to insert merchant links into your blog posts.

7. Enable Your Clients to Book Appointments on Your Website

Move away from using the traditional contact forms on your website and get the BirchPress scheduling tool to enable you to schedule virtual appointments with your prospects or customers.

BirchPress embeds a booking form on your website for guests to check your schedule, schedule an appointment, or reserve a product they want to buy. BirchPress enables calendar syncing for iCal, Google Calendar, iPhone, Android, and Outlook.

It is an inclusive plugin that caters to all your prospects who have different devices with varied operating systems.

8. Build an Online Course

An online course is a way of increasing traffic to your website and boosting your customers’ trust in your brand.

Build an online presence as a way of providing solutions to customers’ frequently asked questions or challenges they may be experiencing in relation to a lack of service or product that your company offers.

An online course-building tool that can help you, in this case, is LearnDash, the most powerful learning management system for WordPress. With LearnDash, you can create courses with flexible pricing models and customizable designs. And get better learning outcomes with certificates, quizzes, and assignments to keep students engaged.

9. Host a Podcast

Hosting a podcast is an alternative way to popularize your brand and website. Podcasts have been increasingly popular, and becoming part of the wave will add value to your website or social media pages. Analyze your customer demographics and select the podcast theme and images to attract more prospects.

Podcasting steps:

  • Research a topic.
  • Analyze your customers’ demographics.

10. Use Kadence for Web Design

Kadence allows you to create interesting themes for your website. You can quickly launch your website using the Kadence starter templates contains templates, fonts, and colors that you can use to build your website. You can segment your website using the design library. It is a drop-in design library using the Kadence pre-designed library. The templates enable you to build, tweak, and edit texts in your brand name.

11. Expand your email list

Email marketing is important to grow your WordPress business. You can use the plugins that encourage your clients to subscribe to your updates by submitting their email addresses to you. WordPress integrates email subscription plugins to allow you to insert shortcodes on the site where visitors can subscribe to your updates with a single click.

For a start, you can use the MailChimp shortcode plug to enable email subscriptions for your clients. You can include the shortcode at the end of each piece of content you post on your WordPress site and in your blog posts.

12. Enable Social Media Sharing

You should explore thousands of WordPress plugins meant to boost your social media growth. WordPress has social media sharing button plugins to make it easier for clients to share your posts and products on social media platforms.

WordPress regularly updates these plugins since they are used by 500,000+ websites globally. The plugins have more than 50 themes for your choice, according to your website’s needs and theme. You can generate more leads when your posts are shared on several social media accounts and external websites

13. Embed Videos within your Website

WordPress has plugins that you can use to embed your marketing videos on your website. Videos give your customers the look and feel of your products. Customers connect more to the audio-visual content, which enables them to see what exactly your company offers. Some of the videos you can post on your website include

  • Product videos on the main website slider.
  • Knowledge-sharing videos on your blog.

Videos are an effective way to connect with your customers, as they not only see the products but can also see any value proposition as they gain some knowledge shared through your “how-to” videos.

14. Regular Product Launches

Even if all other business processes go according to plan, product launches can put a stop to any progress made. This is what makes the product launching process difficult for businesses. Product launches need to be high-quality, creative, and unique enough for a client to buy.

More importantly, you need to make sure product launches happen regularly. A good rule of thumb is to have at least one product launch every month. They don’t have to be big, they just have to be consistent enough to make your business stand out.

15. Build A Thorough Sales Funnel

One of the more obvious strategies that can be used to grow your WordPress business in 2023 is having a sales funnel. However, the mistake that many businesses make is not making their sales funnel thorough and informational.

The result of this is that a client is more likely to bounce from the funnel without making a purchase. To get around this, make your sales funnel as detailed as possible. This includes anything that will help keep a potential customer engaged, including ebooks, infographics, video tutorials, and webinars. By making these changes, you can increase conversion rates which then leads to business growth from a financial standpoint.

16. Sell your products through your website

WooCommerce is a WordPress eCommerce platform currently used by over 30% of businesses around the globe to sell to clients online. It allows you to sell your products online and offline.

WooCommerce enables the client to add their addresses for delivery if they are in need. from a central platform. Take some minutes to learn how WooCommerce works and start your

17. Enable Checkout on your Website

Save your clients’ time by accepting payments through your website. External payment platforms can be hectic. Establish a centralized system that enables your clients to make payments through your WordPress site.

Kadence Shop Kit has templates for checkout systems that you can integrate into your system so that you can build product pages that convert.

18. Flaunt Your Past Happy Customers

Your prospects can only trust you more when they see proof of the size of your customer base. Proven is a plugin for WordPress that helps display client testimonials on your site and previous newsletter signups as a way to build trust with prospects and increase conversion.

19. Include a Messenger Button

A messenger button on your website makes it super easy for your prospects to contact you, especially those who do not want to book an appointment or make reservations before seeking clarity.

Facebook is one of the leading social media platforms for subscription and daily use. Facebook Messenger plugin enables instant chat with your visitors.

20. Install Meta Pixel

Meta Pixel will enable you to create a custom pixel on your platform and target your specific prospects with the correct Facebook ads.

21. Using a Smart Bar

A smart bar is a non-moving bar positioned at the bottom or top of your website with a call to action. Smart Notification Bar can display a notification bar on your entire site or on certain pages.

22. Make Pop-ups

Want to boost sales and build engaging audiences? Use Kadence Conversions, the only no-code WordPress block tool, to create lightweight popups, sale banners, and slide-ins that connect site visitors to your offers.

With Kadence Conversions, you can grow eCommerce revenue with popups, grow your email list with attention-grabbing exclusive bonuses, and engage your visitors with announcements, sale notices, or exclusive recommendations.

23. Build Your Portfolio

Build your custom portfolio and have it appear on your website whenever your prospects land on it so they can see some of the work you have done previously and what makes you the ideal place to get the services or products they need.

Wrapping Up

WordPress is the most trusted content management system worldwide. Using WordPress is a great advantage, as you can expand by being accessible to a large and growing number of online customers.

However, your clients can only discover you if they consider your business credible and easily accessible.

There are several other tools available on Kadence to enable you to design and optimize your website. Things are easier with these modern tools, and there is no excuse to build a brand that resonates with more customers in 2023.

Boost Sales and Build Engaged Audiences with Kadence Conversions

Kadence Conversions is the only no-code WordpRess block tool to create lightweight popups, sale banners, and slide-ins that connect site visitors to your offers.

Increase your sales by driving eCommerce revenue growth and preventing lost sales with cart abandonment popups. Collect leads by growing your email list with attention-grabbing exclusive bonuses. And connect with your visitors with announcements, sale notices, or exclusive recommedations.

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