21 WordPress Block Themes for Full-Site Editing (Ready to Use)

If you’re unfamiliar with block themes for WordPress, the concept might seem a bit odd, especially if you are mainly using the classic editor. However, Full-Site Editing is very much a “thing” now and it’s probably high time you embrace it. That is, if you use WordPress in any capacity.

The good news is that building a site with a block theme can save you a lot of time and help you get a handle on how full-site editing works. It’s very much a process of learning by doing. 

So with this in mind, we’ve put together a list of over 20 different block themes you can use with Full-Site Editing in WordPress right this second. With these, you’ll have no excuses to not give it a try. 

What is Full-Site Editing? (FSE)

To put it simply, Full-Site Editing is the addition of block editing to all aspects of updating, maintaining, and customizing a WordPress site. Unlike standard block themes that allow you to customize posts and pages only, Full-Site Editing applies the same set of tools to site navigation, menus, widgets, and more.

In fact, the current Full-Site Editing project allows to make changes to the site editor, global styles, navigation, templates, site blocks, and block themes. The idea here is that it provides a single workflow for all ways of creating or making changes to your website. You can write a new blog post in the same way you’d edit your site’s color scheme. It also removes the need for using custom code (in most cases). 

Yet, it is important to note you will need a WordPress block theme to make use of full-site editing. Block themes are a special kind of theme with a different setup than classic WordPress themes. For example, instead of PHP files, they mainly consist of HTML files with block markup. In addition, most of their styling happens in theme.json instead of style.css. For a full lowdown on the difference between block and classic themes, check the developer handbook.

21 Block Themes to Use With Full-Site Editing

If you’re a bit unfamiliar with block themes, don’t sweat it. We’ve put together a decent collection of block themes that work with Full-Site Editing that you can put to use right this second. Take a look and you’re certain to find something that’ll work for your project. Take note that, to use block themes and Full-Site Editing, you need to update your WordPress version to at least 5.9.

1. Twenty Twenty-Two

Twenty Twenty-Two is the current default WordPress theme and it of course supports blocks and Full-Site Editing. It features a strong color palette and lovely typography options as well as a multitude of customization options powered by blocks. You can change every page’s layout with ease, utilize block patterns, and more. 

2. Frost

The next option is Frost, which is another well-designed theme that aims to explore the power Full-Site Editing has to offer. It comes with numerous block patterns you can put to work immediately, including those for hero and portfolio sections, testimonials, CTAs, and more. You can also use this theme to change up the layout of all aspects of your site, including navigation

3. Tove

Next up: the Tove WordPress theme. This is another great option that describes itself as a multipurpose block theme, though it does offer designs specific for the restaurant industry. You can adjust your site’s layout entirely with this theme thanks to its FSE capabilities. It comes with 40 block patterns as well as numerous options for your header and footer

4. Wabi

Thenm there’s Wabi, which is a block theme for WordPress aimed at writers. It offers a simple design with straightforward layouts meant to make your writing stand on its own. However, it’s also a great Full-Site Editing option as its typography and color accent system are adaptable to suit just about any type of minimal or portfolio website. 

5. Aino

Another solid block theme to consider is Aino, which offers a range of FSE features thanks to its inclusion of blocks. With it, you can create complex page layouts and make full use of the included block patterns. It supports all types of websites, too, including blogs, portfolios, and online stores. 


Alternatively, you might be interested in the emulsion theme. It aims to be a “universal” theme that can be with Full-Site Editor capabilities. You can also use it with traditional WordPress, you only need to enable the “FSE Transitional Theme” setting. emulsion offers a great deal of flexibility for those just dipping their toes into the new editing experience by allowing you to switch back and forth. 

7. Hansen

Hansen is another block-theme option. This one doesn’t compromise on style, and offers a modern and minimal layout suitable for a simple blog or a more complicated business website. This block theme comes with several block patterns and block styles, so you can hit the ground running when designing your website.

8. Armando

The Armando theme stands out for a variety of reasons. It supports Full-Site Editing, of course, but also features specific design elements for creating a website for a sports team or a sports blog. It includes numerous block styles as well as block patterns that you can put to work immediately. Quickly create full page layouts that are unique to your needs as well as feature-rich headers and footers. 

9. Avant-Garde

Perhaps Avant-Garde is more your style? As its name suggests, Avant-Garde considers itself an “experimental” block theme. That’s thanks to its bold hero section, stand-out layout options, and overall simple design. It’s modern, minimal, and straightforward. As a block theme, you can utilize the included block patterns and styles in any way you wish. 

10. Naledi

Naledi offers a nature-theme design that you could easily set up and use for a personal blog or simple website. It would also make a great choice for a travel site. In terms of block capabilities, Naledi includes several templates and design settings that you can modify on the fly using Global Styles. 

11. Blockbase

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that Blockbase is another block theme. Overall, it is more on the simple side. The templates it comes with are straightforward to set up and offer minimal designs. However, you can use Global Styles and its other design settings to create something uniquely yours. 

12. Pacer

Pacer is another great block theme that offers a modern design and the flexibility to turn it into anything you want. Generally, this theme was designed for blogs and magazines. However, it’s up to you how the final result appears and how your target audience will interact with it. 

13. Elyn

Or you might want to check out Elyn. It’s a theme that would be a great choice for bloggers looking for something super simple yet attractive. The theme is clean and minimal and its support for full-site editing means you can adjust the layout to suit your specific needs. Create a magazine, add eCommerce features – it’s truly up to you. 

14. Allele

Still another block theme worth checking out is Allele. This clean and modern theme comes with several predefined block patterns as well as page templates you can start working with immediately. You can also make use of Global Styles to adjust every aspect of your full site’s typography and color palette.

15. Geologist

And then there’s the Geologist theme, which is an ideal choice for bloggers across every niche. It features a single column design that makes your content stand out and read like a feature essay at a renowned publication. The included color palette and typography are lovely as well, and you can adjust all of them using FSE. 

16. Archeo

Archeo is another great choice. The theme was inspired by Mayan history and culture, and includes design elements and motifs that draw upon these influences. Prominent featured images with call-out text, bold headers, and distinct typography make Archeo a stunning choice for those who have a real story to tell

17. Kemet

You may want to take a look at Kemet, too, when looking for a block theme. It provides a multitude of options for creating a website for any project you want. While originally made for portfolios and business websites, you can still customize it to suit any purpose. Kemet comes with several templates, block patterns, and more that you can adjust using Global Styles. It also has light and dark color palettes, a sticky header and footer, advanced styles for image blocks, button styles, and more. 

18. Bricksy

The Bricksy theme offers a decent set of features with a modern design that’s easily adaptable for different purposes. Use it to create a personal blog or extend its features to create a full-fledged online store – it’s up to you. This theme comes with several block patterns and templates that you can use right away.

19. Catch FSE

The Catch FSE theme is another great block theme that actually offers a truly extensive feature list. You can customize its minimal design however you see fit using the FSE editor. It supports Global Styles and includes block patterns to make customization even easier. Use this theme to create everything from a personal blog to a corporate website to an online shop – it’s up to you. It also comes with 15 full-site editing templates with nine template parts, as well as block patterns for things like calls-to-action, columns, headers, and about us. 

20. Blockpress

Or you could try out Blockpress, which offers an array of features well worth a mention, too. It comes with several post and page layouts, patterns for headers and footers, as well as several block styles, section patterns, and a font selector. This theme has also been performance optimized, so it stands a better chance of providing a superior user experience and of ranking well in search engines. Blockpress is fully compatible with WooCommerce, too. 

21. Mebae

And lastly, there’s Mebae. It comes with a two-column layout by default and includes a vertical navigation menu, making it a bit unique. The theme also offers a dark color scheme with gradient color headings you can adjust to match your branding. Other features include six block patterns, one of which is a cover header. The featured images display in cut-out shapes as well, giving the entire design an interesting, whimsical look. Of course, if only a few of these features appeal to you, it is possible to further customize using FSE. 

What Are Your Best Block-Theme Options?

Wrapping your head around WordPress Full-Site Editing can be a challenge, especially if you haven’t given block themes a try yet or if you’re a classic editor loyalist. However, FSE is rapidly gaining prominence so it’s a great time to acquaint yourself with it if you haven’t already. Hopefully this collection of block WordPress themes will help to guide you on your way.

Do you know any other block themes that you can recommend? Please do so in the comments below!

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