19 Best WordPress Themes for Businesses in 2023 (Compared)

Starting a new business venture is no easy feat – especially if you don’t have a solid website to capture leads, guide new customers to your doorstep, or sell products and services directly. Many multipurpose and business themes are available online for WordPress users, and many of them deserve your attention. In this roundup, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best WordPress themes for businesses available today.

Some of the following themes are suited to specific business niches, while others can cover a variety of verticals. We’ve highlighted the primary use case for each theme and its name so that you can quickly spot which themes interest you.

Let’s get cracking!

1. Divi – Best Overall

Divi is our multipurpose theme. It features hundreds of premade layouts based on diverse business (or personal) sites and fully supports WooCommerce integration. Divi is one of the best WordPress themes for business regardless of sector. If you’re in real estate or a chef, looking to sell courses, or get into affiliate marketing, Divi is truly the WordPress theme for your business.

Our library of layout packs has over 200 full website kits that give you a set of templates that you can use to start your business website. With the power of the Divi Builder, you can easily import, edit and launch your site without having to learn a single line of code. If, by chance, you don’t find what you’re looking for among the included premade layouts, you can always turn to the Divi Marketplace to find a child theme that suits your fancy. Or, you can be bold and use the drag-and-drop Divi Builder to quickly put together pages and websites with complex features, thanks to its wide array of customization options.

The Divi theme is also fully responsive, available in 32 languages, and was awarded the Sucuri’ Seal of Security’ thanks to passing their audit with flying colors, making it ideal for building a secure business website in any field.

The Theme Builder is one of the crown jewels of the Divi theme. You can create templates for pages, posts, archives, and more with it. You can set template assignments on several levels and use the Divi Page Builder to do all of this visually. Create custom headers, 404 pages, and product categories easily with the Theme Builder, and start building your perfect website with Divi.

Key Features:

Best for:

Divi is one of the best WordPress themes for business that you can find available. The levels of customization and design resources without knowing how to code make this an easy choice for anyone building a website for their business on WordPress today.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $89 per year

Sydney is a multipurpose WordPress theme that many business owners can use. This theme works well with Elementor and even comes with a selection of Elementor-specific widgets that you can use with this famous page builder. Looking deeper into the Business Starter Theme, we can see why this is one of the best WordPress themes for business. You have a variety of header, footer, blog, and archive templates that you can mix and match for your needs. Additionally, this theme takes WooCommerce integration to another. Many features available for building a store with Sydney are only available in eCommerce plugins.  With a library of prebuilt sections, a visual builder, and many settings, Sydney makes the best theme for business professionals across many verticals.

Key Features:

Sydney Studio is where you’ll find your website’s headers, footers, archives, and more. As a business owner, a feature like Sydney Studio can help you quickly and effectively build the pages you need for your website. Also

Best for:

Sydney works best for business professionals and those looking for a corporate look for their website. Consultants, small businesses, and professionals can benefit from using the Business Starter Theme for their WordPress website.

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $69 per year

Astra is hailed as one of the most popular WordPress themes of all time. Available in both free and premium versions, Astra is lightweight, fast, and customizable for any business owner. An extensive starter template library makes it easy to see how a business owner in any vertical could choose to use Astra for their website. It also has many starter templates for any business type. For example, the Business Consultancy Firm starter template makes a great starting point for professional businesses. The starter template comes with a slew of inner page templates for you about services and contact pages, to name a few. Additionally, there is a global call-to-action button at the top of every page that you can link to your contact or consultation page. Astra is fully mobile-responsive and has customizable branding, fonts, and colors, allowing you to make your new business website yours from day one.

Key Features:

Astra comes with preset color and font palettes that can make building your website fast. Alternatively, as easy as it is to choose a different color and font pairing, you can also create your custom branding for your site, choosing colors and fonts that match your business’s brand both online and offline.

Best for:

Astra is best for any small business looking for a powerful multipurpose theme that is lightweight and highly versatile. You’ll have access to a drag-and-drop visual builder, feature-rich design options, and starter templates for launching any site with ease.

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $59 per year

4. Ultra – For Agencies

Building your business website with Ultra is critical to building a website that entices and engages your audience. For starters, Ultra has more than 30 design skins available for various industries. As a corporate business, the Agency skin suits you because it allows you to showcase your services in a portfolio, uses exciting animations and transitions, and is powered by the Themify Builder. The Themify Builder is a page builder that makes it easy to access Ultra’s exhaustive layout library. Additionally, you can build custom pages and posts with an Ultra website powered by the Themify Builder. This is excellent news for business owners because you can use designer-created assets on your website. Or, you can create your website masterpiece without learning any coding.

Key Features:

A new feature for Ultra is its section scrolling. This is a great new feature for business owners who want to add something different to their websites. With horizontal, vertical, and the option to combine both, impress your audience with eye-catching features on your business website.

Best for:

For those who prefer a simple approach to their page builder, using the Themify page builder with Ultra will make a winning page builder combo.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $59 per year

5. OceanWP – For Digital Marketers & eCommerce

For the business owner who wants a free WordPress theme that does more, look no further than OceanWP. OceanWP is a powerful WordPress theme that does more. The free version of OceanWP is jam-packed with features that other themes on our list will require additional plugins to support. The Agency site template for OceanWP provides all you need to build a solid website for your digital marketing consultancy firm. With portfolio functionality to show your latest work, a blog, plus a global call to action button, Agency makes building your corporate website with OceanWP a breeze. When it comes to selling online, OceanWP takes WooCommerce integration very seriously. This can empower you to quickly sell your products and services online, knowing that you can quickly build the highly styled website your business needs.

Key Features:

Adding cross-sells to your checkout experience can increase your shoppers’ average order value. This is just one of the many ways OceanWP does more with WooCommerce for business owners looking to use it for their websites. Furthermore, OceanWP provides multiple checkout modes, including a distraction-free cart, which makes WooCommerce easier for your customers, and limits friction when shopping on your website.

Best for:

Business owners who are on a budget will love that OceanWP packs a lot of features into their free version. Additionally, business owners who need strong eCommerce skills in their WordPress website will appreciate the attention to detail that OceanWP has when it comes to online selling.

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $54 per year

6. PremiumPress – For Directories

PremiumPress is one of the best WordPress themes for business if you want to monetize an online directory. The theme provides many options to monetize your directory. From creating pricing tables and handling upgrades to selling memberships to your site, generating revenue from your online directory is paramount, and PremiumPress makes this easy. You can quickly build your site with the page builder plugin Elementor, and PremiumPress has many one-click demos. Quickly edit your demos visually and start building your online directory site. Furthermore, PremiumPress allows you to create custom fields and forms for your users. This makes this theme suited to any business case that wants to enjoy the perks of having an online directory.

Key Features:

A standout feature of PremiumPress is its user portfolio. From here, users of your site will be able to manage their listings, payments, advertising, and much more. This powerful tool makes it easy for your users to interact with your site quickly and is an excellent way for you to make membership within your directory website a good deal for them. By providing your users with tools that make it easy to be a member of your site, you can help generate more significant recurring revenues for your business with this WordPress theme for your business.

Best for: 

For those looking to start a business with an online directory, PremiumPress is the best business WordPress theme for you. With multiple integrations and paired with a friendly page builder, PremiumPress makes it simple to start building and monetizing your directory.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $99 per year

7. Lens – For Photographers

A theme for the creatives among us, Lens is a theme by Pixel Grade that focuses on putting your body of work front and center. The homepage layout features a beautiful fullscreen portfolio grid with filter and hover effects. The theme has multiple layouts for showcasing your work, including galleries, grids, and slideshows, which can all be organized with the portfolio custom post type. Your portfolio projects can hold photo and video content, so Lens can work with creatives that also use video as a medium. The theme is not just for individual creatives. Larger studios with multiple professionals on their roster can also benefit from using Lens as their WordPress theme.

Key Features:

Lens’ photo-proofing portfolio lets you showcase your work to clients and collect their feedback. Lens makes it easy to upload your projects to your WordPress site and gives your clients the tools to approve, reject and download their proofs from one simple and secure portal.

Best for:

Photographers, videographers, and artists who want to showcase their work visually appealingly will thrive using Lens as their WordPress theme. Additionally, if you are in the creative space and need to collect feedback from clients, the native proofing tools can give you the upper hand compared to your competitors, who may not have such a smooth process for their business.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $75 per year

8. Garnet – For Real Estate Professionals

Garnet is a premium WordPress theme that goes above and beyond for real estate professionals. Whether you’re an individual agent or a prominent firm, Garent has every feature you could think of for your real estate website. Garnet is powered by Realtyna, the premier real estate platform for WordPress. The platform covers a lot of ground for those working and running a business in the real estate industry, and Garnet is one of the top premium themes that include a ton of built-in features. Their plugin, WPL Pro, is one of the most popular real estate plugins for WordPress that comes with a few native themes that you can try for free.

Garnet can be customized by our very own Divi Page Builder and Elementor. This lets you quickly build your real estate website with easy click-and-drag tools. Garnet was built with real estate businesses in mind. Features like agent profile management, location auto-suggestion, and a custom search form builder make it the paramount WordPress you can use for your real estate business.

Key Features:

The properties listing page strongly reminds you why you should choose Garnet as your real estate website theme. Not only can the branding of this page be edited easily with Divi or Elementor, but you also have bespoke features that are hardly found in other real estate themes. For example, the map module is integrated with Google Places so that you can showcase neighborhood stats alongside your properties. The search function can be built according to your specifications with custom fields and branding. Lastly, the property cards can be built and tailored to match your needs as a real estate professional.

Best for:

Garnet is a powerful theme with a commanding price tag. However, the price justifies the flexibility, integrations, and feature set that a Garnet and Realtyna-powered website will bring your real estate business. While Garnet works for individual real estate agents, brokers and developers will benefit the most from using Garnet for their business. If you are looking for something more budget-friendly, you can check out their other real estate themes.

Pricing: $750 (one-time fee); their Realtyna WPL platform is also available for free with a pro version at $199/m

9. Construction Landing Page Pro – For Skilled Trades

For those in construction or any skilled trade, the Construction Landing Page Pro will set up your business for success by providing ample areas for collecting leads. As the name implies, this theme is dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to build an effective website for your business. The header designs in this theme give you lots of space to put your phone number and email address, making it easy for potential clients to contact you. As one of the best WordPress themes for business owners in the construction field, this theme gives you more than 15 elements to combine to create a highly convertible landing page as your homepage. With an estimates section, packages section, testimonials, and much more, using your homepage for paid media campaigns is straightforward with Construction Landing Page Pro.

Key Features:

Start collecting leads right from the homepage of your website. This theme has a large and bright quote form in the header section of your homepage. This makes it simple for visitors to your site to contact you and for you to start your lead-generation process.

Best for:

Businesses in the skilled trades, construction companies, and skilled trades will benefit by having a business theme like Construction Landing Page Pro.

Pricing: Free,Paid plans start at $59 per year

10. Aeen – For Lawyers & Legal Professionals

Aeen is a WordPress theme geared toward lawyers and professionals in the legal industry. Paralegals, law firms, and individual legal practitioners will find this theme a great help as they build out their website for their legal business. Aeen has four one-click demos, making it easy to jumpstart your web design process without learning code. Create unlimited color and font schemes with the Live Customizer and build stunning sliders with the premium Revolution Slider bundled with this theme. The theme is Elementor compatible, so building your pages and posts is easy with this popular page builder.

Key Features:

Aeen comes with custom post types and archives geared explicitly to legal professionals. Team, Case Study, and Practice custom post types allow you to create specific posts geared around members of your legal team, your various cases, and practices for the larger law firms. Each archive can have customizable elements that are activated through the Live Customizer. For example, Team pages can have social media links, pagination, post names, and the number of posts in the archive grid controlled by settings in the WordPress Live Customizer.

Best for:

Lawyers, law firms, and professionals in the legal field will find Aeen suitable for the needs of their business website.

Pricing: $29

11. Extra – For Online Publications

Extra is one of the best WordPress themes for business in the online publication and digital media space. To begin, Extra puts your content front and center. Secondly, Extra takes great pride in ensuring that you can monetize your media site. With numerous ways to include ads into your content and dedicated ad modules, you can monetize your website with Extra’s native modules, and no additional plugins are needed.

Thirdly, the styling options when it comes to building the website for your media company are limitless. The Theme Builder puts the design of your headers, footers, products, archives, and more right in your hands. You have the freedom to combine over 200 elements for design, structure, and eCommerce with the click of a button.

Like Divi, Extra allows you to build any page layout you can think of visually. No code is necessary to build your perfect website for your online publication. With Extra, you can easily create any layout with the Builder’s drag-and-drop functionality. Also, with 2,000+ layouts readily available, it is easy for you to mix and match layouts to create a diverse array of page and post templates for your online publication.

One key feature differentiating Extra from Divi and other magazine WordPress themes is its Category Page Builder. Based on the Divi Builder, the Category Page Builder is unique to Extra. It boasts additional modules that you can use to beautifully display your posts on a per-category or global category basis. From tabs to ads, sliders to grids, the Category Page Builder makes building custom layouts for the various archives on your blog a walk in the park.

Key Features:

Best for:

If you’re looking to build a news website, digital media website, or any online magazine in general, Extra is the theme for you. From the deep customization provided by Divi Builder to the sheer number of integrations with third-party services, Extra is the theme for the media company looking to build a website that stands out among the crowd.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $89 per year

12. Sarada – For Influencers and Bloggers

If you’re a fashion blogger, travel influencer, or content creator, Sarada is the WordPress theme for you. Firstly, Sarada has a vast library of options for building your website. Boasting four pagination styles, 12 archive page layouts, three header types, six single post and page layouts, and much more, the opportunities to mix and match styles are endless with Sarada! As with any blog, monetization is crucial, and Sarada places this front and center. First, this theme comes with its ad widget, making it easy to display banner ads across the site. Second, you can easily add affiliate codes such as LTK (Like to Know It), ShopStyle, and more at the bottom of individual blog posts. Finally, Sarada comes with three one-click demos making it easy for you to get building and monetize your blog quickly.

Key Features:

Sarada gives you multiple ways to monetize your blog. Firstly, it gives you three areas to place ads on your site: your homepage, single blog post, and single pages. Next, you can add affiliate codes at the bottom of any blog post you like. With tools like these baked into the theme, Sarada makes monetizing your blog as a content creator easy.

Best for:

For those looking for a feminine, modern theme for their lifestyle, travel, fashion, or beauty blog, Sarada is one of the best WordPress themes for business owners looking to break out into the influencer space.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $59 per year

13. Grand Spa – For Beauty Artists

Whether you’re a makeup artist, lash tech, or spa owner, Grand Spa is one of the best WordPress themes for business in the beauty sphere. Firstly, the theme is visually appealing. It uses large photography and parallax sections to evoke feelings of luxury on your website. Additionally, the theme allows you to integrate online bookings easily into your website. Grand Spa supports WooCommerce not just for shop functionality but also for subscriptions. Quickly sell your packages with WooCommerce with beautiful service and pricing tables designed in Grand Spa. The theme’s page builder has a Keynote app-like interface making it simple to edit and build the pages for your website visually. All in all, for those in the beauty field, this WordPress theme will make a good impression on your clients and competitors alike.

Key Features:

If your beauty business has multiple locations, Grand Spa has page templates that make it easy to display all your locations. With one-click import, you can add pricing tables, service pages, and more for the various locations on your website.

Best for:

Beauty professionals looking for a visually appealing yet functional website will enjoy building with Grand Spa. With many demo layouts, booking integration, and shop functionality through WooCommerce, you can quickly build your beauty business’ website with Grand Spa.

Pricing: $59

14. Avantage – For Consultants

Avantage is a consulting WordPress theme that does more. Firstly, it’s bundled with plugins to make your consultant business more profitable. Its Cost Calculator plugin allows you to create quotes and estimates simply on your WordPress website. For a consultancy business, this can be an excellent tool for your clients. Secondly, Avantage has a page builder with more than 20 design elements. Build your website with this drag-and-drop builder and save time. Thirdly, the theme is integrated with WooCommerce, WMPL, Yoast SEO, and Contact Form 7, some of the best WordPress plugins available for a business website. Avantage is one of the best WordPress themes for business, no matter what area of consulting you’re in.

Key Features:

The Avantage Cost Calculator will take your consultancy website to the next level. You can fully customize the settings on the calculator, and your branding selections from the theme can customize it. Make it easy for your clients to get to know your pricing and provide a unique user experience to website visitors.

Best for:

If you’re a consultant who needs to provide quotes or estimates to your clients frequently, using Avanatage as your WordPress theme is a good business decision.

Pricing: $69

15. SEO WP – For Digital Marketing & SEO

SEO WP makes having a digital marketing website on WordPress easy. While the name suggests that this theme should be used for SEO professionals, the tools and features of SEO WP can be used for ad agencies, digital marketers, and designers looking for a modern and feature-rich theme for their businesses. For starters, the theme comes with several premium illustrations, setting your website up visually for success. Next, the native drag-and-drop builder allows you to customize the 30+ included page layouts. Unlike other themes, SEO WP’s page layouts are built with conversions in mind, so you can be at peace knowing your website will be working for you. The theme is also multilingual ready, working with WPML, and integrates with Yoast SEO, one of the best SEO plugins. SEO WP also has Ninja Forms and Mailchimp integration allowing you to build beautiful custom options for your email list.

Key Features:

SEO WP comes bundled with many additional plugins, making it a standout theme for digital marketing professionals. As such, their Digital Marketing Toolkit comes with native tools that can help you when building your business’ website. For example, the native estimation builder allows multiple steps, upsells, and options. This will enable your clients to quickly get a glance at your pricing in an almost gamified manner.

Best for:

SEO WP is best for professionals in the digital marketing space. Media buyers, web designers, SEO professionals, and more can benefit from using this theme for their businesses. This is also one of the best WordPress themes for business owners considering starting a digital agency.

Price: $69

16. Financity – For Financial Professionals

Financity is a WordPress theme best suited for professionals in the financial services industry. Whether you’re a financial planner, accountant, or another financial professional, this theme will help make your business website stand firm. To begin, Financity is based on a custom page builder that is drag-and-drop and easy to use. No coding is necessary, and easy editing of your site awaits you when you use this theme. Secondly, this theme has a built-in coming soon feature. So as you’re working on your site, you don’t need to download a secondary plugin to prevent the world from seeing your work in progress. Thirdly, Financity follows the highest SEO guidelines, setting your SEO strategy up for success. Of course, the theme is jam-packed with layouts for your blog, portfolio, gallery, and support for WooCommerce.

Key Features:

The native GDPR tool for Financity is powerful. Within the theme’s settings page, you can set various levels of cookie consent for visitors to accept on your site. Financity allows you to customize this box’s position, colors, and font without using a secondary plugin. Additionally, you can also give your users the option to set the duration period for their cookie consent.

Best for:

Financial professionals across multiple sectors looking to build a beautiful site will love using Financity. From its custom page builder, intuitive admin panel, and a large selection of page templates, building your website for your financial services business is easy with Financing.

Pricing: $64

17. Gymbase – For Fitness Professionals

If you’re in the fitness space, Gymbase is one of the best WordPress themes you can use for your business. Whether you’re a gym, a personal trainer, or a fitness coach, Gymbase has all you need to launch your fitness business website. For starters, it works effortlessly with Gutenberg, WP Bakery, and Visual Builder. This brings drag-and-drop functionality to your website-building process with no code required. Next, the theme comes with a class template. This template allows you to describe your classes and assign them to various trainers, add custom fields, and list the hourly schedule for said class. Additionally, the theme comes with over 20-page templates, 50 content elements, and a BMI and daily calorie needs online calculator.

Key Features:

The native timetable feature is a great way to display your class schedule to users of your website. You can assign various classes to different trainers. Each class has its page on your site, which will list a featured image, description, and the time and location of said class. Both gyms can use this with multiple trainers or individual professionals who may want to make their fitness available and classes previewed by potential and current clients.

Best for:

Gyms, fitness, and health professionals can benefit from using Gymbase for their next website build.

18. Archi – For Interior Designers

Archi is an interior design theme that architects and builders can use. Rated one of the top interior design themes on ThemeForest, Archi brings beautiful animations, parallax, and stunning typography to interior designers and architects alike. It has a vast library of homepage layouts and custom elements that you can drag and drop with WP Bakery or Visual Composer as your page builder. It integrates nicely with Contact Form 7 for beautifully branded intake forms and includes the premium slider plugin Slider Revolution for eye-catching slide designs. For one of the best WordPress themes for business in the architectural design space, Archi is the theme to use.

Key Features:

The portfolio layouts of Archi make the theme shine for professionals who want to showcase their projects. Whether you’re a stager, building developer, architect, or interior designer, Archi’s portfolio layouts give you ample opportunities to showcase your work beautifully to the world.

Best for: Interior designers and architects can use Archi for their websites. Also, luxury developers and builders could use Archi to promote their latest projects with its attractive portfolio options.

19. Flatsome – For Online Stores

Voted one of the best eCommerce themes on ThemeForest, Flatsome is the clear choice for those looking to build an online store for their business. For starters, Flatsome uses a proprietary page builder called UX Builder, which makes building headers, footers, product pages, and much more simple and dynamic. UX Builder takes live page building up a level with an extensive selection of elements geared to creating engaging pages and exciting product and eCommerce pages. The theme is also compatible with both WPML and Polylang, so you can easily make your site multilingual with your choice of the plugin. You can also use Flatsome as a catalog, so if you’d instead your customers reach out to you directly for pricing or quotes, that option is built into the theme. When building a robust, stable, and beautiful online store for your business, choose Flatsome.

Key Features:

Flatsome Studio is where the magic happens with this theme. Download, remix, and use professional pre-designed layouts for every factor of your website. From contact forms to product grids, banners to mega menus, Flatsome Studio gives you a head start when designing every aspect of your website. Never again worry about looking for design inspiration for your shop. Flatsome Studio can give you practical and beautiful ideas for all areas of your online shop.

Best for:

If you have an eCommerce brand, you’ll be pleased to have Flatsome as your WordPress theme. From its extensive layout library to its powerful UX Builder, building your online store is easy and profitable with Flatsome.

The Best WordPress Themes for Business

You’re heading to kickstarting or boosting your business’s online presence. But simply choosing a theme isn’t enough to get you there. A great theme will, however, include all the required features and give you enough flexibility to grow over time.

Theme Price Free Option
🥇 Divi $89/year Visit
🥈 Sydney $69/year ✔️ Visit
🥉 Astra $59/year ✔️ Visit
4 Ultra $59/year Visit
5 OceanWP $54/year ✔️ Visit
6 PremiumPress $99/year Visit
7 Lens $75/year Visit
8 Garnet $750
(one-time fee)
9 Construction Landing Page Pro $59/year ✔️ Visit
10 Aeen $29 Visit
11 Extra $89/year Visit
12 Sarada $59/year Visit
13 Grand Spa $59 Visit
14 Avantage $69 Visit
15 SEO WP $69 Visit
16 Financity $64 Visit
17 Gymbase $69 Visit
18 Archi $59 Visit
19 Flatsome $59 Visit

Here are our top picks. First and foremost, Divi is your best bet for the business owner who needs the most flexibility in terms of design and functionality. Sydney is one of the best WordPress themes for business professionals who want a good mix of modern design, high levels of customization, and the option to pick and choose from an extensive selection of starter sites for various verticals. And Astra is one of the most powerful and lightweight themes for any business looking for a multipurpose theme with tons of design options at a good price.

What is your favorite WordPress theme for businesses? Share your picks with us in the comments section below!

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