15 New WordPress Tools and Resources for January 2022

This month’s collection of tools and resources is 100% designed to make your website management a lot easier. Here, we’ve gathered 10 WordPress design tools and resources to help you do everything from block bots from email and allow users to sign in using social media to design with better WordPress blocks.

1. Advanced Image Block

The new Kadence Advanced Image Block available in Kadence Blocks allows adds incredible features for adding images to your WordPress posts or pages using the block editor.

When adding images to your posts using the standard WordPress image block, there are only a couple of settings available for styling those images. While there are options for adding additional CSS for styling, the Kadence team wanted to provide an easier, no-code way to present stunning visual images on WordPress sites. 

This new block gives site owners using Kadence greater control over how their images are displayed. Add animations on scroll, shadows, masks, and filters, right in the block editor for any images you upload and add to your site.

2. The 2021 WordPress Vulnerability Annual Report

iThemes Security just released its first-ever 2021 WordPress Vulnerability Annual Report. The data just released not only shows you the entire year of reported 2021 WordPress vulnerabilities, it also reveals the specific vulnerabilities that hackers most often exploit.

For example, did you know that 97.1% of total 2021 WordPress vulnerabilities were due to plugins? That’s important to know if running a secure WordPress site matters to you.

3. Restrict Content

By default, WordPress doesn’t offer an easy way to do content restriction except for password-protected pages. Password-protected pages simply won’t do for most websites, so you need a more robust content-restriction utility, especially if you want to sell access to content.

With the new, improved, and FREE Restrict Content plugin, you now have access to a plugin that puts you in control of who can access premium content on your WordPress site.With powerful content restriction options and the ability to sell memberships with access levels, you get everything you need to sell premium content in one easy-to-use plugin. 

4. New Classic Donation Form Template

The GiveWP plugin just introduced a new donation form template called “Classic.” It’s a gorgeous and powerful single-page template that supports all your favorite add-ons. We think you’ll love using this for your next non-profit donation campaigns. It supports your favorite add-ons, like Recurring Donations and Fee Recovery. Plus, the “Donation Summary” is featured prominently.

5. Single Product WooCommerce Starter Template

The new Single Product starter template from Kadence WP is one of four new starter templates for WooCommerce sites from Kadence WP. This starter template is perfect for those businesses looking to just bring a single product to market… fast. Not only is this template clean and fast-loading, it quickly gives your business opportunities to dive into the unique selling proposition of your single product. Navigation easily transitions to moble and tablet, and only the most important elements of research for a singular product are provided to site browsers. 

Start with the default green color scheme, or use the customization tools to select a color palette that suits your business and your single product. Customize your starter site template with unique fonts, your own photography, reviews, and everything else you need for a successful product launch.

6. WooCommerce Attribute Swatches

With the WooCommerce Attribute Swatches plugin from IconicWP, you can add Color and Image Variation Swatches to WooCommerce. You can Replace the standard variation dropdowns with color, image, and text swatches. Help customers make decisions more quickly with a visual and user-friendly experience.

7. Social Login WP

One of the most common tools online is the ability to login to a website using social media credentials. The SocialLoginWP plugins allows visitors to register and login using popular social media options such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit. Users like this option because it is fast and you’ll like it because it allows for a one-click option for your website. 

8. OneID – Age Verification Identity Solution

If your website needs to be behind an age wall or you sell age-restricted content, OneID is an age verification tool to help control sales. This tool does something that many others don’t for an additional level of protection by linking to UK bank accounts for verification. OneID is a fully regulated online identity and age verification service.

9. Email No Bot

Cut down on bot and spam emails with Email No Bot, a tool that prevents bots from detecting email addresses on your website. The tool uses a shortcode so that human can read email addresses, but bots can’t. The one caveat is that email addresses can’t be copied to the clipboard with this tool in place. 

10. SMTP.com

This premium tool is from a trusted email provider and can help you send emails via SMTP.com if you are unhappy with other methods. You can send emails from a WordPress site using the SMTP.com API or the standard SMTP protocol. The plugin will suggest the best way for you to send email even if your provider has restricted access to outbound internet ports. Either way, SMTP.com will ensure your email gets delivered.

11. Download List with Icons

Looking for a better way to manage downloadable lists on your website? Download List with Icons is a Gutenberg block that lets you add icons and download links together in an easy format for users. It works great for sites that have PDF or other downloads that link to the media library. 

12. Manifold Google Maps

Manifold Google Maps lets you customize Google Maps on your website with unlimited maps, custom markets and tooltips, ad multiple map types. Go from beyond the standard Google Map to something that looks a lot more custom. The plugin works with any theme and is quick and easy to set up. 

13. Full Site Editing (FSE) is Here in WordPress 5.9

In case you missed it, WordPress 5.9 dropped this week, as the first major WordPress core release of the year. The biggest thing to know about WordPress 5.9 is simply this: Full Site Editing (FSE) using the WordPress block editor is here (well, if you want to use it or your theme supports it).

WordPress 5.9 represents the largest release of Gutenberg features since the initial Gutenberg launch in WordPress 5.0. In addition, WordPress 5.9 includes 99 enhancements and 100 bug fixes.

14. The Block Editor’s New List View

List view is one of the most useful features of the block editor, especially if you are using more complex layouts (like with Kadence blocks.) List view had several limitations, but WordPress 5.9 greatly improves usability.

For example, in WordPress 5.9, you can now drag blocks around right in the list view. This makes moving blocks in the WordPress editor so much easier.

Especially for more complex layouts, this is extremely helpful. Now, simple controls let you expand and collapse sections as you build your site — and add HTML anchors to your blocks to help users get around a page.

In addition, now you can expand and collapse nested blocks, which is helpful for navigating complex block structures.

15. Block Patterns Directory Now Built-In to the Block Editor

WordPress block patterns are ready-to-insert, predefined WordPress block layouts. Block patterns are a grouping of WordPress blocks that allow users to create any number of complex layouts by only clicking a few buttons.

The WordPress Pattern Directory is the home of a wide range of block patterns built to save you time and add core site functionality. With the increasing number of block patterns available in the pattern directory and bundled with themes, there is now a full-screen modal pattern explorer that can be accessed via an Explore button in the pattern inserter.

With a near full-screen view that draws you in to see fine details, the Pattern Explorer makes it easy to compare patterns and choose the one your users will expect. This explorer allows users to find patterns in a bigger, more advanced tool.

Just click the “Explore” button in the Patterns tab after clicking into the block inserter.

Wrapping Up: WordPress Tools and Resources for January 2022

We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of new WordPress tools and resources for this month. What has been your favorite new tool or resource you’ve added to your toolbox lately? Tweet us @iThemes.com.

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