13 Free User Management Plugins for WordPress (2021)

Are you looking for the best user management plugins for WordPress?

User management plugins let you more easily register, edit, and manage users on your WordPress website.

In this article, we’ll share our favorite user management plugins that you can use on your WordPress site.

Why Do You Need a User Management Plugin in WordPress?

WordPress user management plugins make it easy to manage and register new users on your WordPress website.

There is built-in functionality to manage user registrations, but it’s quite limited and doesn’t give you much control over your users.

With a user registration plugin, you can easily manage your users in bulk, customize user roles, create custom login and registration forms, and more.

If you’re running a multisite network, online course, multi-author blog, or membership site, then this gives you more flexibility and control over your users.

That being said, let’s take a look at the best user management plugins for WordPress.

Members is a free user management plugin used by over 200,000 sites that lets you easily create and manage user roles and permissions in WordPress.

You can easily set permissions and restrict content on your website without having to code or hire a developer.

The advanced role editor lets you create, delete, and customize roles and capabilities for any user through the easy to use interface. You can even assign multiple roles to different users.

It also integrates with other popular plugins, including MemberPress, to help you build a paid membership site.

WPForms is the best contact form plugin for WordPress used by over 4 million websites.

It’s very easy to use and lets you build contact forms and other forms with the drag and drop builder.

The free version of the plugin has simple contact form features like spam protection, basic form fields, email notifications, and simple user management.

If you want to create custom user registration forms, then you’ll need the pro version that comes with the User Registration Form addon.

You can use this addon to build custom user registration and login forms. This lets new users create an account on your WordPress website.

The registration forms are completely customizable. You can change form fields like the username, bio, assigned user roles, and much more.

For spam protection, you can manually approve new users or require them to confirm their profile by clicking a link in their email.

If you have an email list, then you can integrate WPForms with the most popular email marketing services to automatically add users to your email list.

It’s very easy to use and can help you quickly build a membership site or online course in WordPress.

After you activate and set up the plugin, you can turn on user registration in a couple of clicks. To embed new user registration forms into your website, you can use the custom shortcodes.

Beyond new user registration, you can easily view and manage your existing users and even edit their profiles.

Plus, it supports all kinds of integrations with the most popular WordPress plugins. For example, the WooCommerce integration to help you create a members-only online store, add WooCommerce registration forms, send new user emails, and more.

Formidable Forms is one of the most advanced WordPress form builders in the market, used by more than 300,000 businesses.

You can use the drag and drop builder to easily create advanced forms like quizzes, payment forms, job board listings, surveys, online calculators, and much more.

Both the Business and Elite plans allow you to add advanced user registration forms to your WordPress site. Your users can register and edit their profiles all from the front end of your website.

There are all kinds of advanced options like user nickname fields, custom password reset pages, field auto population with user data, and more.

You’ll also find advanced integrations to register WooCommerce users or automatically add users to your email newsletter, CRM, and more.

WP User Manager is a free user registration and profile builder plugin. It has features like custom user registration and customizable user profiles, login form, password recovery, and more.

Plus, you can create custom front end login forms, let users create custom avatars, display users in a directory, and much more.

If you’re building a community based website, then this plugin can help you easily manage all of your members.

LoginWP (formerly Peter’s Login Redirect) is a free plugin that lets you automatically redirect users after they log in to your website. You can redirect users based on their username, user role, capabilities, and more.

This plugin makes it easy to redirect users to a custom welcome or thank you page after they successfully register on your website.

It’s very easy to use and only takes a couple of clicks to set up the redirects. For step-by-step instructions, see our guide on how to redirect users after a successful login.

User Switching is a great free plugin that lets you quickly switch to different user accounts.

Instead of having to log out and log in to different user profiles, you can do it in one click from your WordPress dashboard.

This can be useful for testing WordPress sites, where you regularly need to log out and switch between different accounts.

Comment Moderation Role is a simple and free plugin that lets you easily create a comment moderation user role in WordPress.

This lets you keep you WordPress website secure while creating a role that only allows for comment moderation. Every other part of the WordPress dashboard will be hidden.

For more details, see our guide on how to allow blog users to moderate comments in WordPress.

Simple History is a free WordPress plugin that lets you monitor the activity of your WordPress users. It shows you actions your users have taken on your WordPress site, which helps you spot any errors or security issues faster.

You can choose whether you want your user activity log to display, and you can show the user history for the last 30 or 60 days.

For more details, see our guide on how to monitor user activity in WordPress with security audit logs.

Alternative: WP Activity Log provides detailed user tracking and real-time reports.

SeedProd is the best drag and drop page builder for WordPress used by over 1 million websites. It lets you create completely custom pages in WordPress without writing a line of code.

The plugin has a beginner-friendly drag and drop builder, a page template collection, and pre-design sections to make the page building process quick and easy.

Plus, it has a WPForms integration, so you can build a registration form with WPForms and customize it with SeedProd.

The free version of SeedProd can be used to customize your user registration page.

However, the premium version of the plugin comes with over 100 professionally designed templates, additional content blocks, integrations, subscriber management features, and more.

Bulk Delete is a useful free plugin that lets you bulk delete users on your site that have a specific role or other criteria. For example, you can delete users that haven’t logged in for a specific amount of time.

Instead of selecting users manually, this plugin lets you bulk delete users in a couple of clicks.

You have complete control over the filters you want to use to delete users, like the number of posts, last login date, user role, and more.

Hide Admin Bar Based on User Roles is a simple plugin that does exactly what the name suggests and lets you hide your WordPress admin bar for specific user roles.

Hiding the admin bar can help to improve the user experience for some users. For example, you might want to hide the admin bar on the front-end of your website for subscribers, or for users who aren’t able to edit posts or pages.

For more details, see our guide on how to disable WordPress admin bar for all users except administrators.

Import and Export Users and Customers is a free plugin that helps you easily export and import WordPress users. This can be very useful if you’re merging multiple sites and want to add all your users to the new site automatically.

It can also be helpful if you want to import your existing customer or user information to your CRM or email list. It’s very easy to use and can help you import or export user data in a couple of clicks.

For more details, see our guide on how to easily import and export your WordPress users.

We hope this article helped you find the best free user management plugins for your WordPress site. You may also want to see our guide on how to choose the best WordPress hosting and our expert picks of the best business phone services for small businesses.

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