11 Best WordPress Under Construction Plugins in 2023

When developing or redesigning a website, it’s common to need a Coming Soon or Under Construction page to avoid showing an incomplete or unsightly maintenance mode message provided by WordPress. An under construction plugin can help create a more effective landing page that informs website visitors of your website’s status. In this post, we’ll share our top picks for the best under construction plugins available for WordPress.

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Why Should You Use Under Construction Plugins?

Avid WordPress users know that it’s not always puppies and rainbows when maintaining a website. There are times that disaster can strike during plugin updates or installations, page edits, and similar situations that result in page errors or other unsightly messages visible to your site’s visitors. If you have an under construction plugin installed and enabled, you can usually avoid these headaches, and display something much more professional while you take steps to correct any issues.

11 Best WordPress Under Construction Plugins

When selecting the best WordPress under construction plugins, we considered factors such as ease of use and customization options to create engaging maintenance pages that accurately reflect a user’s brand. Our list also includes plugins that allow users to replace the unsightly maintenance mode screen with custom-designed pages. Additionally, we took into account reviews, level of support, and features to provide users with the best overall choices.

1. Divi

For our first entry, we have Divi – a highly versatile full site editing theme and standalone plugin that is unrivaled by any other. Boasting over 200 design elements, a no-code drag and drop Visual Builder, and the ability to create page templates with the Theme Builder, Divi stands out from the crowd.

With the Theme Builder, you can create a template that will be displayed instead of your website’s original content, allowing you to work on your website while displaying a coming soon page to visitors. Once you’re done with your changes, you can simply disable the template and your website will revert back to its original state. This feature is particularly useful when you want to make significant changes to your website’s design or layout, as it allows you to experiment without affecting your live website.

Key Features for Divi:

Furthermore, Divi’s display conditions feature is a standout among its many capabilities. It enables you to selectively show content to specific users based on their login status or roles, providing valuable content restriction options. In addition, display conditions can be used in a Theme Builder template to automatically remove coming soon page content when a user logs in, delivering an uninterrupted user experience. The Visual Builder in Divi further empowers you with complete control over your page design, allowing you to customize colors, add modules such as the email opt-in for collecting emails, and achieve the desired look and feel.

Divi is for you if…

Pricing: $89 per year

SeedProd is a landing page and website builder that happens to be one of the best WordPress under construction plugins on the market. You can design your maintenance page using a front-end editor, with nearly unlimited design choices. Set up is easy, and allows you to specify what you’d like to set it up for. With the free version of the plugin, you’ll have 10 maintenance mode design templates to choose from, or you can build your own.

Once the initial setup is complete you have the option to create a coming soon, maintenance, or landing page using the 15 free elements included:

Key Features for SeedProd:

Should you decide to upgrade to SeedProd Pro, you’ll have access to even more features including 90+ page blocks to design with as well as more than 50 professionally designed templates.

SeedProd is for you if…

Pricing: Free, with paid plans starting at $79 per year.

3. LightStart by Themeisle

Our next best WordPress under construction plugin, LightStart by Themeisle, offers an easy-to-follow setup wizard. You choose the type of page you want, and can select options for image and speed optimization through Optimole, and your off to the races.

If you want search engines to continue indexing your site while it’s in maintenance mode, CMP also offers some advanced features that allow you to bypass search bots. You can set the robots meta tag to inform search engines that your site is temporarily unavailable, while still allowing them to crawl and index it. This is especially helpful if you’re performing routine maintenance or updates on your website and want to avoid a drop in search engine rankings.

Key Features for LightStart by Themeisle:

When it comes to design options, Lightstart offers you a selection of 15 layout designs to choose from. However, if you want to add more elements to your page, you have the flexibility to use the Gutenberg block editor or integrate it with a theme of your choice.

LightStart by Themeisle is for you if…

4. Templately (Coming Soon Layout Pack) for Elementor and Gutenberg

Templately is a massive cloud-based template library that offers thousands of professionally designed layouts, blocks, and themes. Their Coming Soon Layout Pack is designed to showcase product launches, upcoming sales, or under construction pages. This pack is created with Elementor and Essential Add-ons and can be further customized with either Gutenberg blocks or other Elementor design elements.

The Coming Soon Layout pack is available for free with Templately’s starter subscription, which includes hundreds of design elements. This pack features 3 different designs, each with call-to-action (CTA) buttons, animated countdown timers, and 100% responsiveness. And if you’re looking for even more options, you can sign up for their premium plan, which adds thousands more designs and elements to build with.

Key Features for Templately (Coming Soon Layout Pack) for Elementor and Gutenberg:

Installation is a breeze – just install Elementor and Templately, then search for “coming soon” in the template library. With a single click, you can install the layout pack and begin designing. Despite not being a dedicated under construction plugin, it deserves a spot on our list for its abundance of features.

Templately (Coming Soon Layout Pack) for Elementor and Gutenberg is for you if…

Pricing: Free, with premium plans for $99.99 per year.

5. CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin by NiteoThemes

Our next best WordPress under construction plugin, CMP, provides a simple interface to build your maintenance page. You can easily enable you’re coming soon page with just a toggle switch. You can then choose from three different modes – coming soon, maintenance, or redirect – depending on your needs. Although it doesn’t offer the advanced drag-and-drop options of SeedProd, CMP’s ease of use more than makes up for it.

Key Features for CMP:

CMP offers a variety of design options to customize your maintenance page. You can choose your preferred color scheme, customize the text, and images from your media library or Unsplash, and add your social media profiles. Additionally, if your theme is compatible, CMP allows you to add a countdown timer, subscription form, image sliders, and footer content to your page.

CMP is for you if…

Pricing: Free, $49 per year for the bundle.

Visual Composer is primarily a drag-and-drop page builder plugin that enables you to create customized pages for your WordPress site. Although it’s not a dedicated under construction plugin, Visual Composer can be a powerful tool for crafting polished and professional-looking coming soon pages for your website.

Key Features for Visual Composer:

Upon installing the Visual Composer plugin, you’ll be greeted with an extensive walkthrough to help you familiarize yourself with it. When building a coming soon page, you’ll have access to nearly 50 design elements that can be easily added using the drag-and-drop interface.

For those looking for additional elements and options, the pro version of Visual Composer offers even more design layouts, as well as integration with popular plugins such as WP Forms, Envira Gallery, and Toolset.

Visual Composer is for you if…

Pricing: Free, with premium licenses starting at $49 per year.

Up next in our list of best WordPress under construction plugins is Under Construction. It provides a simple and fast way to set up an under construction, landing, maintenance mode, or coming soon page for your website. While there aren’t many options to choose from, the plugin makes it incredibly easy to get started. But if you’re looking for more features, you can upgrade to the pro version, which includes a drag-and-drop editor, tons of free high-resolution images, and integration with Mailchimp and Zapier.

Key Features for Under Construction Page:

With over 50 available designs, the free version of the plugin offers a wide variety of options to build your page. With so many options, you can choose the design that best fits your needs.

Under Construction Page is for you if…

Pricing: Free, Paid plans start at $49 per year.

The next best under construction plugin on our list is Maintenance. While it doesn’t offer as many design layout options as other under construction plugins on our list, it is still a reliable choice to get the job done. With this plugin, you can easily configure text, and SEO, set image compression, and add logo and background images to your page.

If you need more options, upgrading to the pro version unlocks over 20 different designs, as well as the ability to add a background video, contact form, and countdown timer. Additionally, the pro version lets you enable a secret access link or password, which allows clients to view the site while you’re building it.

Key Features for Maintenance:

While the free version of Maintenance gets the job done, the pro version unlocks advanced settings that are necessary for more complex tasks. For example, with a pro license, you can add custom tracking pixels and enable REST API, giving you more control over your website’s performance.

Maintenance is for you if…

Pricing: Free

9. Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode by wpdevart

Next up is Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode by wpdevart, which is a straightforward plugin that’s easy to set up. All the settings can be accessed on one screen, making configuration a breeze. However, the free version is limited in its options. While you can add your logo, text, images, and social media icons, you won’t have access to advanced features such as changing font colors, adding a countdown timer, featuring an email opt-in form, or other customization options.

The pro version of the plugin is much more advanced, offering features such as slider and video backgrounds, dozens of animation effects, email opt-in, as well as a progress bar.

Key Features for Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode by wpdevart:

wpDevArt’s intention to encourage users to upgrade to pro is evident throughout the plugin. It’s not a dealbreaker, but can be a bit discouraging. Despite this, the plugin still offers enough features to deserve a spot on our list. It’s a reliable option for displaying a coming soon page, even with its limited set of features.

Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode by wpdevart is for you if…

Pricing: Free, with pro options starting at $39 per year.

Our next under construction plugin, Minimal Coming Soon, boasts an impressive range of features, even in its free version. With the ability to replace the default WordPress maintenance mode screen, you can create a custom page that greets your website’s visitors. Additionally, the free version offers a choice of two themes, along with the option to customize text, image, and form colors, arrange design elements, and provides integration with Mailchimp.

Key Features for Minimal Coming Soon:

Configuring Minimal Coming Soon is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly settings screens. These screens allow you to effortlessly add a custom logo, favicon, and background images. You can also define content width, background colors, and positioning for the content, giving you complete control over the look and feel of your coming soon page.

For more theme choices, you can upgrade to the pro version, which gives you access to more than 60 themes, as well as additional design modules for a more customized look.

Minimal Coming Soon is for you if…

Pricing: Free, with pro versions starting at $39 per year.

11. Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode plugin by wpshopmart

Coming Soon Page and Maintenance is a lightweight Bootstrap3-based under construction plugin for adding maintenance or coming soon pages. It offers plenty of design features, including CTA buttons, a countdown timer, and font and image settings. While you’ll only have access to one layout, it’s attractive and easy to configure. The dashboard is feature-packed but may feel overwhelming to some. You can configure a logo, text, static background color or image slider, social profile links, an about us section, contact info, and a newsletter opt-in using WP Mail.

Key Features for Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode plugin by wpshopmart:

To access important features like replacing the default maintenance mode message and website redirect mode, which are essential when updating plugins and themes, you’ll need to upgrade to the pro version of the plugin. The pro license is only $19 per year, making it a worthwhile investment. However, if you only require a coming soon splash page for your website, this plugin still serves as a solid option.

Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode plugin by wpshopmart is for you if…

Pricing: Free, with a pro license available for $19 per year.

SeedProd and LightStart by Themeisle are considered the best WordPress under construction plugins because of their user-friendly interface, customization options, and range of features.

Plugin Price Free Option
🥇 Divi $89 per year Visit
🥈 SeedProd $79 per year ✔️ Visit
🥉 LightStart by Themeisle / ✔️ Visit
4 Templately (Coming Soon Layout Pack) $99.99 per year ✔️ Visit
5 CMP – Coming Soon & Maintenance Plugin by NiteoThemes $49 per year ✔️ Visit
6 Visual Composer $49 per year ✔️ Visit
7 Under Construction Page $49 per year ✔️ Visit
8 Maintenance / ✔️ Visit
8 Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode by wpdevart $39 per year ✔️ Visit
8 Minimal Coming Soon $39 per year ✔️ Visit
8 Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode plugin by wpshopmart $19 per year ✔️ Visit

SeedProd is a dedicated under construction plugin with over 50 pre-designed templates and integration with email marketing services. LightStart is a feature-rich WordPress theme with a dedicated under construction mode, drag-and-drop page builder, custom widgets, and compatibility with popular plugins like WooCommerce and Yoast SEO. Both options allow users to create professional-looking under construction pages that align with their brand and messaging.

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