11 Best Viral Quiz WordPress Plugins [Buzzfeed Style!]

Looking for the best viral quiz WordPress plugins? This list will give you the best Buzzfeed quiz WordPress plugins to make your quizzes viral today!

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Did you know millions of people fill out Buzzfeed quizzes every day?

We love interactive content. And our addiction to Buzzfeed-style quizzes proves it.

Formidable Forms is the best WordPress Form Builder plugin. Get it for free!

But that’s excellent news for you and your WordPress site.

You can create a quiz ready to set the internet on fire with a simple plugin. And we’ve got a list of the 11 best viral quiz WordPress plugins for you here.

Let’s dive into them.

11 best WordPress viral quiz plugins

Rating: 4.7 stars (900+ reviews) | 300,000+ active installations

A form builder may seem odd as the first choice.

But once you get Formidable’s Quiz Maker in your hands, you’ll understand why it’s listed as number one.

With Formidable’s drag-and-drop builder, you can create the quiz of your dreams. Make it a conversational-style quiz, turn it into a multi-step to make it easier to finish, or turn it into an outcome quiz (like Buzzfeed).

Here are a few of the quiz types you can build to go viral:

These are just a few of the types. We’re still waiting to see what fantastic quiz you’ll create using Formidable!

And, not to mention all the other great features you get with Formidable.

Rating: 4.8 stars (1175+ reviews) | 40,000+ active installations

Quiz and Survey Master is one of the most popular options for creating quizzes.

Simple setup, easy-to-design questions and answers, and compatibility with most WordPress themes, this plugin makes it easy for you. You can also add features like timers and media and even send email notifications with the quiz results.

This is a solid option if you’re looking for an outstanding WordPress viral quiz/BuzzFeed quiz builder.

Thrive Quiz Builder is ready to create any type of quiz you need.

Whether it’s a quiz for social media or simple personality quizzes, Thrive makes it easy to get your quiz on your site quickly. And it comes with more advanced features like branching logic, media support, and much more.

If you want to up your lead generation efforts for your business, Thrive is a great option to help.

Thrive Quiz Builder is a premium-only plugin. Prices start at $97/year.

WordPress Viral Quiz (WP Viral Quiz by Great Reboot) is an easy-to-use quiz creator for WordPress.

Want more traffic, email addresses, or simply more social shares? Then WP Viral Quiz is the plugin for you.

As the highest-selling quiz plugin on CodeCanyon, you can create and display a quiz in minutes. Plus, it’ll look great on any device with its mobile responsiveness.

You can always go right with a plugin that labels itself as a WordPress Buzzfeed-style quiz plugin.

Rating: 4.7 stars (125+ reviews) | 6,000+ active installations

Watu Quiz can handle it all.

Exams, surveys, quizzes — you name it, it can create it.

You have a lot of options with Watu in terms of customization. You can have unlimited questions, make it multiple-choice, and even randomize them into a “pool.”

While Watu Quiz leans toward educational use, it’s excellent for any quiz type.

Rating: 5 stars (110+ reviews) | 8,000+ active installations

Maintaining a 5-star rating in anything is challenging, especially as a WordPress plugin.

But that shows how happy HD Quiz’s users are!

And there’s plenty to be happy about. Unlimited quiz creation, multiple quiz types, and tooltips to help your quizzes stand out — there’s a lot to like.

Best of all, it’s completely free!

We mentioned that people love interactive content.

And the team at Interact Quiz Maker understands that perfectly. So, they work hard to add the features you need to make your quizzes great. Whether collecting email addresses, testing people’s knowledge, or creating a simple spelling test — Interact can do it all.

It’s not free, but you often get what you pay for with WordPress plugins.

Interact Quiz Maker is a premium-only plugin. Plans start at $27/month.

Rating: 4.9 stars (330+ reviews) | 10,000+ active installations

Quiz Maker is an excellent choice for beginners.

With a step-by-step quiz maker and a simple interface, it’s a great introduction to quiz building. Plus, it has plenty of quiz formats and field types for you to choose from.

If you’re more experienced, the step-by-step process may frustrate you. So other plugins may be a better match.

Overall, though, Quiz Maker is perfect for getting the job done.

Quiz Maker has a free and premium plugin. Premium plans start at a one-time payment of $49.

Rating: 4.7 stars (900+ reviews) | 5,000+ active installations

Beautiful viral quizzes are Quiz Cat’s jam.

With an easy-to-use builder, advanced social sharing features, and advanced customization, Quiz Cat is the quiz meow. And that means more opportunities for your quiz to hit the internet and go viral.

Best of all, the user interface is clean and straightforward so that you won’t be confused during quiz creation.

Quiz Cat has a free and premium plugin. Premium plans start at $49/year.

Rating: 5 stars (15+ reviews) | 3,000+ active installations

Ari Quiz (aka Ari Stream Quiz) is the definition of straightforward.

And that’s why people love it. Quiz creation only takes a few minutes, and everything is easy to find. But it still has plenty of top features for you to take advantage of — social sharing, email, and multiple quiz types, to name a few.

If you want simple, then Ari is a great choice.

Ari Quiz has a free and premium plugin. Premium plans start at a one-time payment of $17.

Rating: 2.5 stars (50+ reviews) | 9,000+ active installations

WP Quiz’s free plugin reviews don’t reflect the quality of the premium plugin.

It comes packed with features like multiple quiz types (including Facebook quizzes), Google Analytics integration, as well as onsite tracking. And you can have it email the results once visitors complete the quiz.

Try testing the free version before getting the premium version if you want a taste test beforehand.

WP Quiz has a free and premium plugin. Premium plans start at $67/year.

What is the best quiz plugin for WordPress?

Choosing a suitable quiz plugin can seem overwhelming.

But it doesn’t have to be. With any of the plugins on this list, you will surely have a fantastic quiz builder.

But, you may wonder how to add a quiz to WordPress, and we’ve got the perfect quiz builder guide here.

Also, let us know. What do you think is the best quiz plugin for WordPress?

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