11 Best Infinite Scroll WordPress Plugins for Your Website!

Looking for infinite scroll WordPress plugins? Find the best infinite scroll plugins for WordPress that will upgrade your website today with this round-up!

Best Infinite Scroll WordPress Plugins

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Want your website visitors to consume your content endlessly?

That’d be wonderful, right? A visitor finishes looking at some products or posts, and your website loads more. They scan the headline and begin reading. Before they realize it, they’ve scrolled through five more pages.

If this sounds good, then the infinite scroll feature is for you.

And this post will give you the best infinite scroll post WordPress plugins to use on your site today.

But first, let’s cover what you should look for in the best plugin for your WordPress website.

Choosing the best infinite scroll WordPress plugin

You can scroll through the options and spend an entire day trying to find the plugin for you.

Just keep scrolling

Or, you can let us do the work for you.

See, there are a few things to consider when choosing your plugin:

  1. Easy setup. We don’t like headaches, and we imagine you don’t either. So, is the plugin easy to use and set up?
  2. Features. What additional features does the plugin offer? You have your own needs, so finding features to help them is important.
  3. Updates. Is the plugin updated regularly? If it’s out-of-date, you may experience issues with the plugin.
  4. Compatibility. The best plugins will be compatible with all themes and other plugins. Is the plugin you’re considering widely compatible?

Luckily, we’ve removed all the plugins that don’t meet the basic requirements. So, you’ll just have to decide what plugin has the features you want!

Now, let’s dive into the plugins.

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Then simply follow this guide to get infinite scroll on your website easily!

Best infinite scroll WordPress plugins

1. Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms banner

Rating: 4.7 stars (880+ reviews) | 300,000+ active installations

A form builder is the top option for infinite scroll. Say what?

But, you’re not seeing things wrong. Formidable Forms goes beyond form building. 

With its unique Views feature, Formidable gives you the power to create anything you want. So, make your application, and you’re off to the races with infinite scroll. It can be a series of Instagram-like posts, a product page, or a blog feed. If you can think of it, you can create it with Formidable.

And all it takes is enabling an infinite scrolling option to add infinite scroll to your WordPress site. So, if you’re wondering, “How do I turn on infinite scroll?” You have your answer!

We know you want it easy, so that’s how we make it.

Top Features


Formidable offers a free plugin, but you must pay for a premium version to access Formidable Views. Pricing plans start at $199.50 for a year.

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Ajax Load More Banner

Rating: 4.8 stars (275+ reviews) | 50,000+ active installations

If you’re looking for one of the best infinite scroll plugins, it’s hard to look past Ajax Load More.

With features like lazy loading posts, single posts, and more, the plugin runs smoothly and creates a great experience. Plus, you can create custom queries with its shortcode builder, which you can then add to your post or page for easy display.

Top Features

  • Shortcode Builder
  • Query Parameters
  • Repeater Templates
  • Multisite Compatibility


Ajax Load more has a free plugin but offers a pro version. Pricing begins at $149.99 annually.

3. YITH Infinite Scrolling

YITH Infinite Scroll Banner

Rating: 4.3 stars (40+ reviews) | 10,000+ active installations

Want smooth transitions without awkward waiting times?

YITH Infinite Scrolling is a solid, lightweight plugin used on over 10,000 sites. And that’s because of how well it works. But that also comes at the expense of extra features. YITH is a straightforward, no-frills option.

As a result, it doesn’t have many additional features available.

You should know beforehand the free version allows you to use infinite scroll on only one section of your site. The pro version gets you unlimited sections across your website.

Top Features

  • Custom loading images
  • Multiple pagination types
  • Load more button option
  • Ability to update URL automatically


YITH Infinite Scrolling offers a free version and a pro version. Plans start at $59.99 per year.

4. Catch Infinite Scroll

Catch Infinite Scroll

Rating: 4.2 stars (15+ reviews) | 20,000+ active installations

Another straightforward option that leaves out some features to increase speed and functionality.

Catch Infinite Scroll works similarly to YITH Infinite Scroll. With features like a “Load More” button and additional customization options, Catch Infinite Scroll gives you just enough to improve your visitor experience how you see fit.

Plus, with the pro version, you can easily display ads within your infinite scroll! This is an option not many other plugins offer.

Top Features


Catch Infinite Scroll has a free plugin and a pro version. Plans start at $24.99 yearly.

Infinite Scroll and Ajax Load More banner

Rating: 5 stars (2 reviews) | 400+ active installations

Looking for a free option that just gets the job done with no extra features?

Then Infinite Scroll and Ajax Load More is the plugin for you. But, the lack of features means faster load times for your website. Some plugins slow down your load times and cause visitors to leave your site. Not the case with Infinite Scroll and Ajax Load More!

But, you will want to have code experience if you choose this option. You must adjust some code in your site’s files to work correctly.

Top Features


Infinite Scroll and Ajax Load more is an entirely free plugin.

6. WooCommerce Infinite Scroll and Ajax Pagination

WooCommerce Infinite Scroll and Ajax Pagination banner

Dealing with WooCommerce?

Then why not use a plugin WooCommerce designed explicitly for this situation? Your entire product collection will be endlessly scrollable with a few simple adjustments. Plus, they offer many customization options to make your infinite scroll look even better.

When in doubt, go with the trusted names in the business. And WooCommerce is one of those.

Top Features

  • Multiple scrolling methods
  • Advanced customization options
  • Simple WooCommerce integration
  • Option to turn off Ajax scrolling for mobile


WooCommerce Infinite Scroll and Ajax Pagination is a premium-only option. Plans start at $29.40 for the first year.

7. Infinite Scroll Random Post

Infinite Scroll Random Post banner

Rating: 5 stars (3 reviews) | 30+ active installations

Looking for another free option?

Then check out Infinite Scroll Random Post. Not as well known as other options on this list, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. 

For starters, it automatically connects to your Posts Single Page to start loading random posts for visitors. No work is needed on your part. So you save time and can handle other areas of your business.

Straightforward, fast, and efficient. That’s what we like.

Top Features

  • Automatically connects
  • Randomly loads posts
  • Filter by post type


Infinite Scroll Random Post is completely free.

Load More Products for WooCommerce banner

Rating: 4.9 stars (215+ reviews) | 10,000+ active installations

One more for WooCommerce? Alright then!

Just as powerful as WooCommerce’s plugin, Load More Products comes with many options for your eCommerce site. Lazy load images, custom button text, and multiple animations are all available in a straightforward plugin.

Load More Products is your best option if you’re looking for an alternative to WooCommerce’s native plugin.

Top Features

  • Multiple loading types
  • Lazy load with animation
  • Advanced customization options
  • Custom hooks


Load More Products has a free plugin on WordPress.org. It also has paid plans starting at $34 for a lifetime subscription.

9. Animated Infinite Scroll

Animated Infinite Scroll banner

Rating: 5 stars | 300+ active installations

Animated Infinite Scroll is perfectly named, with over 130 animation styles available.

And they make your website look great as it smoothly transitions from post to post or product to product. Whether you’re managing a blog, running a shop, or have a custom need, Animated Infinite Scroll can easily help. 

Plus, it offers a fair number of customization options. So, if you’re into creating a uniform website design, you’re in luck.

While only a premium option, it’s worth considering for the features it offers.

Top Features

  • 130 animation styles
  • Multiple scrolling options
  • Custom Load option
  • Callback jQuery functions


Animated Infinite Scroll is a premium-only option. The plugin is $11 and comes with six months of support.

10. Royal Elementor Addons for Elementor

Royal Addons for Elementor banner

Rating: 4.9 stars (115+ reviews) | 80,000+ active installations

Okay, Royal Addons isn’t specifically an infinite scroll plugin.

But it does offer the feature within its package of features. So, if you’re looking for more features than only infinite scrolling, Royal Addons is worth checking out. It includes a theme builder, WooCommerce widgets, and more. 

So, if you’re using Elementor, Royal Addons is a great option. But you’ll have to get the pro version for infinite scroll.

Top Features

  • Popup Builder
  • 70+ widgets
  • Smooth infinite scroll transition
  • WooCommerce integration


Royal Addons has a free plugin, but you must pay to get infinite scroll. Plans start at $29 annually or $59 for a lifetime option.

11. Jetpack

Jetpack banner

Rating: 3.9 stars (1,800+ reviews) | 5+ million active installations

One more excellent option that isn’t specifically an infinite scroll pagination WordPress plugin.

Jetpack serves many purposes on your website to help improve the experience. And infinite scroll is just one of them. However, it’s listed lower because it takes some coding to work correctly.

So, if you’re unfamiliar with code, you should pass on using Jetpack.

Top Features

  • Improved speed and performance
  • Top-notch website security
  • Infinite Scroll option
  • Advanced site analytics


Jetpack has a free plugin available, and infinite scroll is available. It also offers a premium version.

How do I make WordPress infinite scroll?

As you can see from the list above, all you need is a simple plugin to make your WordPress website infinite scroll.

allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture”
title=”Infinite Scroll in WordPress”

If you want a more detailed guide, you can check out our post to get WordPress infinite scroll on your site today!

Wrapping up

So, what do you think?

This post showcased the 11 best WordPress plugins for your site. And with these options, you’ll have a beautiful infinite scroll on your website.

What’s the best infinite scroll plugin for you? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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