10 Best WordPress Redirect Plugins

Want redirect your website without coding knowledge? Or you have coding knowledge but want to save time by doing it fast and easy?

Redirection plugins are the user-friendly and SEO-friendly way to move your content to another URL. 

Why Redirect?

Maybe you’ve changed the slug for a post or page. Maybe you’ve amended your permalink settings. Or maybe you’ve written a new post and want to redirect an old post to that.

In all of these cases, you’ll need to set up a redirect. This tells browsers to go to the new URL instead of the old one.

  • If visitors are searching for a product, you can redirect to the product page within your website or to a dedicated landing page. 
  • If you change the name of your website, you can redirected the pages under your old website name to the new website.
  • If you delete old posts from your website, you need redirect users to a page with other relevant content.

You can also redirect visitors of particular countries to servers that are geographically closer to them so they can access your website quickly and avoid delays. 

Why Use Redirect Plugins?

You don’t have to go to WordPress admin and create manual redirects—is is error-prone and takes extra work. You just need a redirect plugin to do it easily, without any fuss. 

Redirect plugins allow you to:

  • set or change redirect rules
  • manage redirects

Types of Redirects

You can classify redirects into two basic types: permanent and temporary.

These redirects are usually represented by numbered HTML status codes. It’s helpful to know the different kinds, because there can be SEO benefits to using one over the other. 

Status Code Meaning
301 Permanent redirect—this is what you will use most times.
308 Permanent redirect from HTTP to HTTPS.

Temporary redirect categories:

Status Code Meaning
302 The website is temporarily unavailable, eg. down for maintenance.
303 Used for refreshing the page without re-sending sensitive information during a transaction.

How To Redirect a WordPress Page? 

If you just want to do a basic redirect in WordPress, you can use a free plugin. Check out our tutorial and video below.

But for more advanced or professional features, you’ll want a premium redirect plugin from CodeCanyon. Let’s take a look at some of the best redirect plugins on CodeCanyon. 

Best WordPress Redirect Plugins 

1. WP GeoIP Country Redirect

The WordPress GeoIP Country Redirect plugin: 

  1. automatically identifies what country your visitors are coming from based on the IP address
  2. redirects them to a specific page

For example you can:

  • redirect visitors from Spain to a specific promotions page with deals for buyers in their country. 
  • allow website access to visitors from a particular country and block access to visitors from another. 
  • create redirect rules for a specific page. This practice also ensures you can direct visitors to information that is relevant to what they looking for.

The plugin is easy to use. You can set redirection rules in your WP admin panel using dropdown menus. 

2. WPML Redirect Based on IP Country

Showing content in the language of the user makes your website more relevant. This plugin allows you to redirect based on the IP address which allows you to know what country your visitors are accessing your website from. 

You can configure the plugin to allow users to choose to see content in the language of the country they are located. In this case a popup notification will comes up with the option to Show Content in My Language.

You can also configure this plugin to automatically redirected users based on the country where their IP is located.

You can customize the text and colors for the popup and even translate text with WPML. Finally you can set up mapping and choose which language to show for which country. 

3. RedirectPlus—WordPress Mobile Redirect Plugin

Websites are made for both mobile and desktop. Many customers visit your website from their mobile devices. With this plugin you detect mobile devices and redirect traffic from mobile or tablets to mobile version of your website for fast and easy access to your content and products. 

It comes with many redirection options. The plugin has a redirect chart for different devices. For example you can redirect to a specific mobile platform: iPad, iPhone, Android, or Windows Phone. Each platform can be assigned a different mobile URL option. 

You have also can choose to redirect or not redirect based on device types. 

These screenshot show you how easy it is to use this plugin.

4. Search Manager: Plugin for WooCommerce and WordPress 

When you eliminate unnecessary steps and allow visitors to find products faster, they’ll  respond with fast checkout and purchases, and you will see a rapid increase in your sales and profits. 

This is the promise of Search Manager Plugin and here’s how it works: customers search for products using particular search terms, the plugin recognizes the search terms and sends visitors directly to the product page. 

Visitors can search products by name, SKU, tags, comments, short description, or even excerpt and you can send them directly to the product page or product category. 

In short the plugin shows you all the search terms visitors have used on the your website. Next you create redirect rules that will send users who use those search terms direct to the product page. You can enable autocomplete features to make searches faster and easier.

The plugin also comes with widgets that help make the search process easy by showing or suggesting : recent search terms, popular search terms, and search terms cloud.

5. Affiliate Links: WordPress Plugin for Link Shortening and Masking

With this plugin you can create short URLs for your affiliate links. In addition you can redirect the URLs by setting up redirection types and rules based on the visitor’s language, browser, operating system, and platform.

6. Trash Duplicate and 301 Redirect PRO for WordPress

Search engines penalize websites for duplicate content. They reduce your website SEO ranking because the traffic is directed to different pages on your website that have the same content. You have to decide on one page to send all traffic searching for that particular content. 

That’s how this plugin works:

To understand how duplicate content can happen, let us look at the example in this image:

There are several likely scenarios that may have contributed to duplication of content in this image.

  • if you allow user submitted content
  • if you have several content contributors or editors and they all upload content to your website
  • if a page or post gets updated and the author name changes but you still have the original page which needs to be deleted

This causes split traffic, some to the original page and the other to the updated page. The solution provided by this plugin will help you avoid this problem. 

First it will search and allow you to view all duplicate posts, pages, or custom types post. You can then remove duplicate content and keep either the old or newest post. Then it redirects all traffic to your new main URL. In this case you can add or delete redirection.

The plugin also allows wildcard redirection.

Free WordPress Redirect Plugins

7. WP Force SSL & HTTPS SSL Redirect

This plugin allows you to redirect insecure HTTP traffic to secure HTTPS and fix SSL errors without touching any code. When you activate Force SSL, it will enable SSL, and the entire website will move to HTTPS using your SSL certificate. 

This plugin works with any SSL certificate, free or paid. The plugin comes with an SSL certificate testing tool which allows to check if an SSL certificate is valid, properly installed, and up-to-date. 

8. Redirection for Contact Form 7

This add-on for Contact Form 7 allows you to redirect to whatever page you choose after you have successfully sent out mail. You simply need to go to the setting of your Contact Form 7 and set the page you want to be redirected to. You can choose to be redirected to any URL. You can redirect mail submission forms to your database. 

9. Sky Login Redirect

Using this plugin, when your users login or logout, you can redirect them to whatever page you set in the options.

It allows you to redirect specific users, redirect based on their roles, you can also redirect users to the page they were reading before logging in or logging out. 

The plugin allows you to customize the login page according to your style and even add your logo. 

10. Maintenance Redirect

When a website is under maintenance mode, this plugin will allow designers and developers to create redirect rules that will grant access to website clients.

In addition, they can set up a list of IP address that can be allowed to bypass maintenance mode so that a client’s entire team can have access to the website. With this method there is no need to maintain private access keys. 

Also, using this plugin designers or developers can inform users that the site is undergoing maintenance. This is done by setting up a redirect to “503 Service Temporarily Unavailable”.

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