10 Best WordPress Podcast Themes in 2023 (Compared)

Podcasts have become a growing media form over the past few decades. What was once a highly technical form of content is now accessible to the masses. With WordPress, you can quickly launch your very own podcast website to share your podcast with the world. While podcast hosting platforms are great, having your own podcast website gives you more control, allowing you to share your show notes, sell merch, and more. You can do all this and more with the right WordPress theme. So, if you’re a podcaster looking to make the most out of your online platform, it’s time to explore the best WordPress podcast themes available.

What is a WordPress Podcast Theme?

WordPress podcast themes come in various forms and functions. At their core, a WordPress podcast theme will allow you to connect to your podcast’s hosting platform or RSS feed. This will allow you to display episodes of your podcasts on your WordPress website for your website visitors to listen to. In addition to its podcast playback functions, WordPress podcast themes may come with the ability to sell merchandise to listeners, display show notes, connect to your show’s social media accounts, and more. Some themes will work seamlessly with the best podcast plugins for WordPress or have their own built-in features.

With that in mind, we’ve selected some of the best WordPress themes for your podcast that are packed with features every podcaster will enjoy.

10 Best WordPress Podcast Themes

Below you’ll find a list of our top best WordPress podcast themes. Within our list, you will find a theme that will work best for your podcast. Take a look, test the demos, and choose your new podcast theme today!

The Best WordPress Podcast Themes Listed In Order

1. StreamKing

StreamKing – as its name suggests – is a king among WordPress podcast themes. To begin, the theme’s podcast player is exciting and feature-rich. It supports playlists and individual episodes and can do all this as your listeners move through your website without missing a beat (thanks to Ajax!). Furthermore, StreamKing supports both famous and lesser-known podcast platforms. This also allows you to manage multiple podcast feeds from one place, your WordPress website. If you’d like, StreamKing can also support natively uploaded audio files directly from WordPress’ media library. You can use the Elementor page builder to build the various pages throughout your website, and you have at least 40-page templates that you can mix and match to make your perfect podcast website. StreamKing also allows you to show your podcast notes, has a series manager, and efficiently manages photo and video galleries.

Key Features of StreamKing:

StreamKing has a dedicated subscribe button that opens into a unique vertical menu. Attach all your podcast platforms – and social media networks – as links and efficiently direct your listeners to your various podcast platforms easily with this eye-catching call-to-action.

Best For:

StreamKing is the best WordPress podcast theme for those who want to make an impact with their podcast. Its extensive list of platform integrations, its number of page templates, and its impactful audio player makes StreamKing one of the best WordPress themes for podcasts.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $79 per year

Podcrafter is one of the most complete podcasting themes available for WordPress. Powered by the Sonaar Music Plugin, there is so much that Podcrafter can accomplish for your content. With Podcrafter, you can pull episodes from many podcast platforms onto your WordPress site. The theme also supports natively uploaded MP3 files. Then, you can arrange and manage your episodes, putting them into albums, seasons, or categories you choose. The Sonaar Music Player can be made sticky, so it stays at the bottom of your site as listeners browse it. It also features optional skip-forward buttons, an audio speed rate, a scrubbing bar, quick jump links to other episodes, and more. On the design front, Podcrafter comes with more than 15 native widgets and blocks that you can use within Elementor. Quickly edit the provided page templates to create the perfect website for your podcast.

Key Features of Podcrafter:

A feature you wouldn’t typically associate with a podcast theme, the gigs manager allows you to showcase your past and present events on your site. Showcase your brand events, shows, and more. Each gig can show a map, description, featured image, directions, and more.

Best For:

Those looking to build an exciting, feature-rich website for their podcast will enjoy using Podcrafter. With its unique features and powered by the Sonaar music plugin, building your podcast website with Podcrafter is an obvious choice.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $79 per year

Divi is our very own WordPress theme and visual page builder that can give you more control over the design and functionality of your podcast website. It has over 2,000+ design layouts that are free to use within the Divi Builder. Complete website layout packs are also available that are specifically designed for the podcasting niche. Use them to get a new podcast site design up and running in minutes.

Divi integrates seamlessly with popular plugins that allow you to equip your podcast site with everything it needs. You can use Blubrry Powerpress with Divi to build your podcast content, embed podcast players from other platforms like Libsyn, add Advanced Custom Fields to display podcast content dynamically, and more. You can even add a booking form and showcase events with Amelia Booking or the Events Calendar. And with Divi, you can have full control over the design of your site with a drag-and-drop visual builder with tons of style options.

Key Features:

Divi has built-in design modules that will make it easy to showcase your podcast features, including a  customizable audio module, video module, and video slider.

Best for:

Our Divi theme is best for podcasters looking to have more control over their podcast website from the ground up. The design resources and easy-to-use Divi Builder sets it apart from other themes. There aren’t as many built-in features specifically for podcasters, but Divi’s integrations make it a great choice for those looking for more flexibility with their theme.

VideoBox does not only focus on the audio aspect of podcasting but also has deep functionality for video. So, if you’re a podcaster who also creates video content for or from your podcasts, VideoBox is a great option for you. The theme has an audio player that allows you to connect your podcast through file upload, a URL, or embed code. VideoBox automatically detects links from popular platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, Buzzsprout, etc. You can easily change the site’s branding with the WordPress Customizer and its built-in theme panel. For those looking to conquer the podcast realm, VideoBox is the theme for you.

Key Features of VideoBox:

A key feature of VideoBox is its multimedia player. The player can play podcasts from a wide array of podcast platforms. In addition to the platforms listed prior, Transistor, Simplecast, Stitcher, Overcast, and Anchor are all natively supported by VideoBox. On the video front, Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo videos can be showcased in the header of your blog posts and the body.

Best For:

VideoBox is one of the best WordPress themes for podcasts that also have a video component to them. If you plan on also creating video content alongside your podcast content, VideoBox is an excellent theme for you to use for your WordPress website.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $69 per year

Ovation is a beautifully designed, minimalistic podcast theme that does more. While you can use it to showcase your podcast episodes, that’s not all it does. The theme opens with an eye-catching header image but can be replaced with a video if you choose. The theme features a sidebar hidden by a hamburger menu with an audio player and newsletter module. However, this can be customized with its entire library of widgets. Ovation is also integrated perfectly with the AudioTheme plugin for those who want to add deep functionality to their WordPress websites. You can connect your social media accounts to Ovation and display them beautifully in the header and footer of your website. If your podcast is well established, you’ll like the out-of-the-box features Ovation provides to the experienced podcaster.

Key Features of Ovation:

Visitors on your website can use the secondary menu to choose a podcast episode they’d like to listen to as they browse their site. Sticking to its minimalistic roots, Ovation has a podcast playlist player neatly tucked into the sidebar that can be opened anytime as listeners visit your WordPress website.

Best For:

Ovation is best for the established podcaster. If you have multiple podcast seasons, do live events, and need more room to share all that your podcast does, both online and offline, consider choosing Ovation as the WordPress theme for your podcast.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $69 per year

Podcast Plus is the theme for you if you’re looking for a WordPress theme for your podcast focusing on integrations. Firstly, this WordPress theme integrates with a wide array of podcast platforms. Popular and more niche podcast hosting platforms are integrated seamlessly with Podcast Plus. Secondly, Podcast Plus connects with some of the best podcast plugins available to WordPress. Building a fully integrated podcast website provides listeners with a distraction-free listening experience. Like most themes on our list, Podcast Plus is easily customizable with WordPress’ Customizer, so adding in your custom fonts, branding, and logos is a straightforward process. Finally, Podcast Plus has several page templates packed with blocks and patterns that can be used seamlessly with Gutenberg.

Key Features of Podcast Plus:

Podcast Plus gives your listeners many call-to-actions that can increase listenership and subscribers to your podcast. Easily allow your website visitors to subscribe to your podcast, download your episodes, or even listen in another window.

Best For:

If you’re looking for a podcast theme that integrates with many podcast and video platforms, Podcast Plus is for you. Additionally, if accessibility and search engine optimization are paramount to your theme requirements, choose to use Podcast Plus for your website.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $80 per year

Mozzy is a simple podcast theme that focuses on bringing your podcasts online. While Mozzy doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of other themes in our list, this theme focuses on bringing your podcast episodes to your audience. The AudioIgniter media player is the crown jewel of this theme. The player allows unlimited tracks, playlists, shuffles, repeat modes, and more. AudioIgniter also has an analytics dashboard option to see how listeners interact with your episodes. Mozzy works with Elementor and Gutenberg, so building the pages of your podcast’s site will be a breeze. Mozzy allows you to showcase your episodes either within.

Key Features of Mozzy:

Showcase all the outlets where you host your podcasts with a subscribe page on your Mozzy-powered website. No matter where you home your podcast, this page template allows you to showcase the multiple avenues you have for your website. Additionally, your listeners can choose their platform to listen to your podcast, allowing them to enjoy your work anywhere they listen to podcasts.

Best For:

If you’re looking for a simple podcast theme that is easy to edit with a page builder, Mozzy is the theme for you. While it may not have advanced podcasting features, Mozzy holds your hands through creating a podcast website for the newbie to podcasting or website building.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $49

ChicMoxie is the theme for coaches, consultants, and business owners who want to add podcasts to their websites. You may have specific pages on your website that sell to your clients, and with its additional page templates, ChicMoxie makes it easy for you to build and edit your coaching business website with Elementor. As a podcast theme, ChicMoxie allows you to show off video and audio content. You can embed your podcast code from anywhere. If you have a YouTube video to support your podcast episode, ChicMoxie allows you to showcase it alongside your podcast’s audio. ChicMoxie is also integrated with WooCommerce, so selling merchandise for your podcast is simple, straightforward, and expertly branded for your business. As a coach or consultant, selling your services and promoting your latest podcast episode is effortless.

Key Features of ChicMoxie:

BluChic’s podcast functionality comes from its podcast plugin. This plugin creates a custom podcast post type, allowing you to organize and add your podcasts by date. Add a featured image, including show notes, and even add a video to your podcast posts.

Best For:

If you are a coach, content creator, or business owner with a podcast, ChicMoxie is a theme you can get behind. With its conversion-focused design, multiple page templates, and compatibility with Elementor, this WordPress theme is for the creative who wants to add a podcast to their business website easily.

Pricing: $149

Bolden is a WordPress theme for those looking to build a website for a podcast network. If you have multiple podcasts, hosts, or shows you’d like to manage on the same website, choose Bolden as your podcast theme. Each show can have its own page with its own episodes. Furthermore, no code is required to manage this complex website. You can edit your headers, footers, pages, and posts with the popular page builder Elementor.

Regarding your users browsing your shows, there are various options with Bolden. From sliders to grids, carousels to lists, display your shows and episodes in myriad options. It is painless to create a website for multiple podcast shows with Bolden.

Key Features of Bolden:

A standout feature of the Bolden WordPress theme is its ability to manage multiple shows. Each show can have its own page on the site, with links to its external streaming platforms. The latest episode for each show is showcased, in addition to a feature image, description, and excerpt.

Best For:

If you’re running a podcast network or managing multiple podcast shows, Bolden is the best podcast theme for you. Quickly build your podcast network’s website with Elementor and Bolden.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $69 per year

Gumbo is a powerhouse for podcasts that want to shine. Pull your episodes from many podcasting platforms like Libsyn, MixCloud, YouTube, and Vimeo. Display your episodes in a list, grid, or masonry layout. Add filters to help your visitors navigate through your various podcast categories. Made with Elementor, you can easily edit the provided page templates with drag-and-drop functionality. The media player is compatible with all browsers and mobile devices, and you can add a download button for people to take your episodes offline.

Furthermore, you can add the option to play your episodes in a new window. With the WordPress Customizer, you can update your typography, branding, and more to match your podcast’s theme. Finally, Gumbo works well with WooCommerce, allowing you to sell merch and more from your new podcast website.

Key Features of Gumbo:

Show off the hosts of your podcast with the podcast host template. Add a short biography, link to social media profiles, and upload a headshot for all the hosts of your podcasts. This can be easily edited with Elementor; no coding is necessary.

Best For:

For those who want to use WordPress podcasting plugins for their show, Gumbo is a good fit. The theme integrates with WordPress’ popular podcast themes, making it simple to bring your podcasts from all over the internet to your WordPress website.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $79 per year

Tusant is a good WordPress theme for those who want a clean, easy-to-use podcast theme. With three show display layouts and over ten layouts for episodes and episode lists, display your podcasts in style with Tusant. The sheer number of podcast platforms that Tusant supports ensures it has a place on our list. Additionally, Tusant works with a wide range of WordPress podcast plugins. This means that building your podcast website on WordPress is made simple, as you can use almost any platform and plugin you want to build your website. Edit the pages of your website with Elementor, as Tusant comes with several podcast-specific widgets that you can use with this page builder. It also has some support for Gutenberg. You can use the Customizer to ensure that your theme matches your podcast branding, customizing everything from typography to branding and everything in between.

Key Features of Tusant:

Easy lead your website visitors to other podcasting platforms using Tusant’s dedicated subscribe plugin. Choose the platforms you’d like your listeners to access and display them to your visitors when they click on the subscribe button on your website. Build brand awareness and gain additional traffic for your podcasts with this neat feature.

Best For:

Whether you’re managing multiple podcasts or a single show, Tusant will be a good fit for you. With multiple show and episode layouts and an exhaustive list of supported podcast platforms, Tusant is a WordPress theme for anyone who wants to take their podcast website to the next level.

Pricing: Paid plans start at $69 per year

Comparing the Best WordPress Podcast Themes

With all our themes lined up, you’ll notice a podcast theme for every kind of podcast. Whether you’re looking for something complex, want to run multiple shows, or have a theme that’ll help you sell your podcast merch, there’s a podcast theme on our list.

The Best WordPress Podcast Themes Price Comparison

Let’s compare the contenders for best podcast theme and see how they rank in terms of price and if they have a free version that you can try out today:

Plugin Price Free Option
🥇 StreamKing $79/yr Visit
🥈 Podcrafter $79/yr Visit
🥉 Divi $89/yr Visit
4 VideoBox $69/yr Visit
5 Ovation $69/yr Visit
6 Podcast Plus $80/yr Visit
7 Mozzy $49/yr Visit
8 ChicMoxie $149 Visit
9 Bolden $69/yr Visit
10 Gumbo $69/yr Visit
11 Tusant $69/yr Visit

What is the Best WordPress Podcast Theme?

As you’ve read through our list, we hope you’ll get some ideas and decide on the WordPress theme you’ll use for your podcast. If you’re looking for a podcast theme that will excite listeners and shame your competitors, try StreamKing. Our top-rated podcast theme, StreamKing, was made for the podcast that wants to make its mark on the scene. For a WordPress theme that can handle multiple podcast shows quickly, Podcrafter is your best bet. Display all your shows equally with ease from one WordPress installation. Lastly, if you plan on deep diving into customizing and building your perfect website for your podcast, Divi is the clearest option for you.

Here’s a roundup of the best podcast plugins you can use with your new podcast theme. Which theme will you be using for your podcast? Was there any that caught your eye or that we missed from our list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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