10 Best AI Essay Writers in 2023 (Compared)

For students, whether in high school or postgraduate degree, submitting the best work and giving your effort for every task can be challenging. One of the common assignments you will have is essays. With a busy schedule and dozens of tasks in different subjects, essay writing can be time-consuming and tedious to do. With the rise of AI essay writing tools, you don’t need to worry about time-consuming assignments, writer’s block, and your busy schedule. AI essay writers can help in every step of your essay writing tasks. In this post, we will compare the best AI essay writers to help determine the most suitable one for your needs. Table Of Contents 1 What is an AI Essay Writer 2 Benefits of Using an AI Essay Writer 3 The Best AI Essay Writer 4 Comparing The Best AI Essay Writer 5 What is The Best AI Essay Writer What is an AI Essay Writer An AI essay writer is a tool that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create unique and human-like essays. As a student, you may feel under pressure sometimes to complete assignments quickly. That is why utilizing the assistance of an AI writing tool can help streamline task execution, significantly saving time. Most of these tools can generate whole essays from scratch, create an outline for essays, suggest topics, and detect grammatical errors and potential plagiarism. It can even provide citations for its information sources, allowing for easy verification. These advanced features enhance and simplify the essay creation process, specifically for students juggling multiple tasks and essay assignments simultaneously. Benefits of Using an AI Essay Writer Here are some significant advantages of using an AI essay writer: Speed up the writing process by automatically drafting your essays Handle the time-consuming foundational work, enabling you to focus on the creative aspect of writing Provides grammatical accuracy and a refined writing style Overcome writer’s block by giving ideas on what to write next or complete what you started While AI essay writer helps speed up your writing task, it is essential to note that you should still use your critical thinking and review the generated content by these tools to ensure it meets your assignment’s criteria. The Best AI Essay Writer Subscribe To Our Youtube Channel In this list of the best AI essay writers, we’ll go over the features and pricing of each and how they are suitable for different kinds of students. The Best AI Essay Writer Listed In Order Expand List 1. Jasper Jasper is an AI-powered writing tool that can generate different types of content, including blogs, product descriptions, web copies, and even essays. It also helps writers get through writer’s block and transform essays into different formats, tones, and languages, which is why it is also convenient. If you’re a student juggling many assignments and must focus on other tasks that need more attention, Jasper can help reduce your workload and save much-needed time. Key Features of Jasper: Write your essays in 30+ languages Unlimited word generation in every plan Chrome browser extension to use its features directly from your browser Copyscape-powered plagiarism checker Grammarly integration to help with grammar, spelling, formatting, spelling, sentence structure, and more On Jasper’s dashboard, you’ll see the ‘Create Content’ option. Under this option, you can choose between a series of templates that guide you in generating your essay. Although there isn’t a specific essay template, you can use the Commands or One-Shot Blog Post template. The Command template revolves around detail, requiring user inputs on commands, tone of voice, languages, and desired number of outputs. While the One-Shot Blog Post template requires the same information, it allows you to specify your intended audience. Best For:  Jasper is best for master’s to doctoral students looking for a tool to generate high-quality content with varied text creation options. While it is costly compared to other essay-writing tools, it can give the best value due to its wide range of features. Pricing: Paid plans start at $49 monthly 2. Rytr Rytr is an all-in-one AI writing platform that helps you create high-quality essays in just a few seconds with minimal cost. With this tool, you can simply generate content by providing your tone, use case, section topic, and preferred creativity, and then Rytr will automatically generate the content for you. Key Features of Rytr: Easily create catchy blogs, essays, and articles AI text completer to finish sentences and paragraphs AI writing assistant to automatically write the following sentences Rephrase any text into more engaging and catchy variations Summarize and shorten the content Grammarly alternative to make your content mistake-free Once Rytr generates your essay, you can use the ‘Continue Ryting’ feature to elaborate the content further, even if you are not completely satisfied with the initial output. Additionally, you can also use the built-in document editor to check for plagiarism in your essay. If your essay assignment requires a specific level of creativity, Rytr allows you to adjust this to meet your specific needs. You also have the control to specify how many essay variants Rytr should generate, allowing you to compare and choose the most appropriate version. Best For: Rytr is best for students who need a free essay-writing tool and can create content quickly. Though free, you can still get the primary use cases in writing your essays, like automatic text generation, built-in plagiarism checker, and even writing in 30+ languages. Pricing:  Free with paid plans starting at $9 monthly 3. Writesonic Writesonic is a comprehensive content writing tool that allows you to create, edit, paraphrase, and summarize different types of content – including essays. With a built-in spell, grammar, and plagiarism checker, you can edit revisions directly from the tool before finalizing and submitting your work. However, you are only given a limited of 10,000 words for your free trial, and then after consuming that, you need to upgrade to their paid plans to continue using Writesonic. Key Features of Writesonic: Sonic editor (GPT-3) to write sales emails, essays, reports, and even ebooks Chatsonic – a GPT-4 powered AI chatbot assistant Paraphrase or summarize your essays Sentence expander Content shortener to condense your copy and make it more precise The Sonic Editor feature of Writesonic operates similarly to ChatGPT. Users input their desired prompt or instructions, and then it will generate your essays automatically. Although it’s not designed solely for essay writing, it is capable of generating unique essays. Once content is generated, you can produce additional text if unsatisfied. If the initial output meets your requirements, its built-in editor allows you to polish and perfect your writing, optimizing grammar, spelling, and formatting. The platform also allows downloading the completed essay in various formats, including HTML, Word, and PDF. Best For:  Writesonic is best for bloggers and students needing more content customization and control. Their free version already comes with 100+ AI templates. Sonic Editor (Google-like Editor) and the Chatsonic feature that gets the job done for any kind of essay assignment. Pricing: Free plan with plans starting at $19 monthly 4. Copy.ai Copy.ai is an AI-powered writing tool that allows you to generate high-quality content, including essays and research papers. Like other chatbots, you only need to input the instructions or detailed prompts you want Copy.ai to generate, and then immediately, the AI will provide you with the results. Key Features of Copy.ai: AI Chatbot with real-time internet data access for more accurate responses Inline doc editor for easy content creation and editing Create content briefs Supports multiple languages Brainstorm content ideas The Chat by Copy.ai feature can automatically generate essays like Writesonic and ChatGPT. You only need to input detailed prompts or instructions based on the essay you want to write. Furthermore, with the Browse Prompts option, you will find built-in prompts for different types of content. While there are no specific essay prompts, you can create custom ones. Additionally, you can leverage the Infobase feature to help you write essays by generating content based on the text file you upload. You can ask Copy.ai to generate an essay about the uploaded file or even create a summary about it. If you frequently do essay writing tasks, you may want to consider upgrading to a paid plan for unlimited word generation. Alternatively, the free plan would be sufficient if your writing needs are more moderate and don’t exceed 2,000 words. Best For:  Copy.ai is best for high school students who need help generating essays or as a starting point for their assignments. While it can generate text, it does not provide sources or citations, which most higher-level students need. Pricing: Free option with paid plans starting at $49 monthly 5. Article Forge Article Forge is an AI-powered writer that helps write 1,500+ word content automatically. From blog posts to essays, Article Forge can deliver unique and high-quality content about your topic with just a single click. Moreover, Article Forge can generate content in one click by adding keywords and length. Key Features of Article Forge: Researches in real-time to create relevant and accurate articles AI Detection feature to write human-quality content Create content in bulk using its Bulk Generator feature Generate a 1,500+ word article in a single click Generated content passes Copyscape Using Article Forge to create essays is a straightforward process. Simply input your chosen keyword or essay topic, along with the specifics of your instructions. Plus, you can choose from one of seven languages for your generated essay. In addition to its primary functions, the tool lets you customize your essays. You have the choice to include or exclude images and videos. There’s even an option for the tool to bypass AI detection in the generated content. Once the essay is generated, you can export it as text, HTML, PDF, or post it to WordPress. Best For:  Article Forge is best for master’s or doctoral-level students looking for an essay writing tool to produce bulk content quickly. With its Bulk Generator feature, you can create an essay for each keyword you input. Pricing: Plans start at $57 monthly for 100,000 words and 1 user 6. Textero.ai Textero.ai is an AI assistant that generates academic text, including essays and research papers. Aside from generating essays, Textero.ai can also rewrite and summarize your other texts. While it does not offer a paraphrasing feature, it is still great for your academic essays on different subjects. With its free plan, you can already generate 3000 words monthly. If you need to generate unlimited words and access features like summarizing and pro text quality, it offers an unlimited plan for $16.99 monthly. Key Features of Textero.ai: Automatically write an essay in a couple of minutes Text summarizer for a certain research study or a big PDF Generate an outline for your essay to overcome writer’s block AI research assistant to find the sources you need to finish your task Textero.ai’s Essay Generator is specifically designed to write your essays automatically. It is as simple as adding your title, detailed description or instructions, style format, and word count. Once the result is generated, the built-in editor allows you to edit the text’s formatting. You can even highlight specific parts of the essay and ask the tool to simplify, expand, shorten, or paraphrase. The tool also offers an option to check the sources of your essay to verify the information. In addition to Essay Generator, you can use the Outline Generator to create your essay outline, then you can proceed to write the essay on your own. If you want to categorize your essays based on your subjects, you can go directly to the Tasks option. Afterward, choose your subject and add the title, description, pages, sources, and style format. College students can find options for both minor and major subjects. You can’t edit the generated essay in Textero.ai directly. Instead, you’ll have to download it or open it in Google Docs. Best For:  Textero.ai is best for college students from various programs seeking a free essay-writing tool but can deliver high-quality output. While it is not as robust as other tools, students who have minimal essay writing tasks for at least 3000 words output can already use Textero.ai. Pricing: Free option with premium plan for $16.99 monthly 7. MyEssayWriter.ai MyEssayWriter.ai is an AI-powered essay-writing tool that automatically generates and customizes essays. Whether you are a freshman in college, a busy postgraduate, or even a high-school student, MyEssayWriter.ai is designed to cater to your specific needs, making essay writing a breeze. MyEssayWriter.ai is a tool that gives value to it because it is free for everyone and includes a wide range of features. Plus, with its ability to write essays for different academic levels, MyEssayWriter.ai is undoubtedly one of the tools you’ll love using. Key Features of MyEssayWriter.ai: Essay Topic and Paragraph Generator AI Essay Outliner feature that aids in organizing your thoughts clearly for your essays Paraphrasing tool Plagiarism checker and grammar checker to ensure the quality of your output. Generate up to 2500 words Designed to cater to high school to doctoral students. Custom essay writing services Readability Analysis tool to know if it matches the target reader of your essay Content summarizer to make essays and other content brief and comprehensive MyEssayWriter.ai is designed to automatically generate your essay based on given parameters such as topic, academic level, type of essay, word count, and number of pages. Furthermore, you can provide additional instructions to tailor the essay to meet your specific requirements. MyEssayWriter.ai not only generates your essay but also enables you to review and refine it with grammar and plagiarism checks. Additionally, you can instruct the tool to make your content sound more human-like to avoid AI detection. Best For:  MyEssayWriter.ai is an excellent tool, particularly beneficial for master’s or doctoral students requiring in-depth content, such as articles and thesis statements. With impressive features to cater to diverse user needs and its free-of-cost availability, MyEssayWriter.ai delivers high-quality results effortlessly. Pricing: Paid plans start at $5.99 monthly 8 . The Good AI The Good AI is an AI-powered essay writer designed to streamline your writing process by automatically generating essays. Whether you’re working on a persuasive essay or a narrative piece, The Good AI can tailor your content to match the appropriate tone and style. The essay outliner feature can automatically generate an outline after you’ve added your title and type of essay. Another significant feature is its cost-effectiveness. For a minimal price, you receive maximum value, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck with this top-notch AI essay writer. Key Features of The Good AI: AI essay writer and outliner AI auto-complete feature to add changes like how many words you’d like to add to your essay Various tone options depending on your essay objective Users can choose from different types of essays, like classic, argumentative, persuasive, and more The Good AI essay writer has an intuitive interface, which is best for beginners. When generating an essay using this tool, you must choose whether you need a whole essay, an outline, or just need help from AI to complete your initial draft. When using the AI Writer feature, you need to input the title of your essay, the number of words, and the type of essay. If you subscribe to their premium plan, there is an additional option, which is to add an essay tone and include references. Best For:  If you’re a primary or secondary student who doesn’t require extensive essays, The Good AI offers a wonderful solution. Their premium plan can generate up to 1500 words, making it a perfect fit for your needs. Plus, with its user-friendly interface, you won’t struggle, even at a beginner level. Pricing: Free option with a premium plan for $5 monthly 9. AI-Writer AI-Writer is an AI-powered text generator that helps you create different types of content, whether blog posts, sales copy, or essays. The generated text was guaranteed to be unique, original, fresh, and relevant. You can also verify manually the list of citations and sources to ensure accuracy and quality content. If there are contents you need to republish, AI-Writer can reword it to make it look fresh and updated. As a writer, we don’t just experience writer’s block, but we sometimes get out of hand with our next topic to write about. The AI-Writer’s Topic Discoverer feature lets you quickly determine what you will write about next. Key Features of AI-Writer: Generate unique content, including sources just from a headline SEO-friendly and authoritative generated text Text rewording feature Directly publish generated text to WordPress For essay-writing tasks, you can take advantage of three main features that AI-Writer offers. One such feature, ‘Topic Suggest 2.0’, offers title suggestions based on the keywords or main idea you provide. The Research and Write feature will quickly generate essays when you provide your title or topic and specify how many words you want to produce. This way, you can quickly create strong essay content, which is valuable for students and writers under tight deadlines. Once the results are generated, they also display a handy list of citations, allowing you to verify the information in your essay. Furthermore, you can also use the Reword and Enhance feature to revise your essay draft if there are edits you need to work on. With just the title and content, AI-Writer works magic, enhancing and rewording your draft for a polished, final product. Best For AI-Writer is best for students who need citations in the generated content. With its generated text, you can see the information sources at the ride side of the interface so that you can verify it. AI-Writer includes a list of citations formatted in MLA at the end of the generated content. Pricing:  Basic plan starting at $29 monthly 10. Essay-Builder.AI Essay-Builder.AI is a free AI essay writer that helps students generate essays in seconds. You only need to choose your essay type and number of words, which will automatically generate the essay for you. It also ensures that the generated content is grammatically correct and plagiarism-free. It considers the user’s input, like keywords and preferred essay length, to create a more personalized essay. Essay-Builder.AI ensures that the essay you generate is logical, grammatically correct, and plagiarism-free. Key Features of Essay Builder AI: Unlimited premium essays monthlySuppr 12+ Essay types Academic citations format Essay tones Create essays depending on your academic level One good thing about Essay Builder AI is it has a user-friendly interface, which is suitable for lower-level students because you only need to input your topic, number of words, and essay type. With just a few clicks, you can generate your essays, saving you much time. While it offers a free option, it is limited to 300 words per essay generation. On the other hand, if you need to include citations and access to more essay types and tones, you can upgrade to their low-cost monthly plan. Best For: Essay Builder AI is best for students at all levels, especially those who need help in essay writing and research papers. With a low monthly cost, you can access unlimited essays and academic citations and generate text depending on academic level or essay tone. Pricing: A free version is available, and an unlimited plan for $5 monthly Comparing The Best AI Essay Writer Choosing the best AI essay writer that meets the specific requirements of your assignment might be daunting, especially with many options available in the market. AI Essay Writer Price Comparison The value for money is essential if you choose a tool you will use for a specific purpose, especially for your education needs. To help you with your decision-making, we’ve compared the price of each AI essay writer to determine whether it’s a good fit for your needs. Plugin Price Free Option 🥇 Jasper $49/month ❌ Visit 🥈 Rytr $9/month ✔️ Visit 🥉 Writesonic $19/month ✔️ Visit 4 Copy.ai $49/month ✔️ Visit 5 Article Forge $57/month ❌ Visit 6 Textero.ai $16.99/month ✔️ Visit 7 MyEssayWriter.ai $5.99/month ❌ Visit 8 The Good AI $5/month ✔️ Visit 9 AI-Writer $29/month ❌ Visit 10 Essay-Builder.AI $5/month ✔️ Visit AI Essay Writer Feature Comparison Check out our top three favorite AI essay writers in the table below. We’ve compared their key features to help you choose the most suitable for your assignments. Features Jasper Rytr Writesonic
Unlimited Word Generation ✔️ ❌ (limited) ❌ (limited) Supports Multiple Languages ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Essay Summarizer ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Essay Shortener ❌ ✔️ ✔️ Essay Rephraser ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Plagiarism Checker ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Chrome Browser Extension ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Grammarly Integration ✔️ ✔️ ❌ Chatbot Assistant ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Document Editor ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ Price for All Features $49/month (1 seat) $9/month $19/month (1 user)
Get Jasper Get Rytr Get Writesonic What is The Best AI Essay Writer Jasper is best for students who want high-quality content and don’t mind paying for a subscription. You can also have the option to try the platform for free so you can decide if it will give you the value needed for your money. With its robust features for content generation, you will surely get value for your money. If you want an AI essay writer that quickly generates content with a low-cost monthly plan, Rytr is the better option. If you only need moderate demands for your essay writing tasks, Rytr is a great tool already. Rytr can generate 10,000-character essays monthly with 40+ use cases in its free plan and a built-in plagiarism checker. Writesonic is also an excellent tool if you need an essay writer that has a Google Docs-like editor to edit your content. With its free trial, you can try all the features to determine if upgrading to the paid plan is worth your bucks. It offers 100+ AI templates, browser extensions, and Chatsonic or the ChatGPT-like chatbot. Featured image illustration by eamesBot / Shutterstock

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