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It’s amazing what one or more plugins can do for your website design and for your business. There’s a ton of them available for WordPress users.

A “ton” of cool WordPress plugins may sound like a lot, and it is. Unless you know where to look and what you should be looking for. Finding one or more you would benefit from can be a challenge. You might be better off reading the reviews or simply leaving everything up to the experts.

One or more of the ten top WordPress plugins featured in this article could make an average-performing website a genuine powerhouse. It can enable your business to save time and money. All that by eliminating cumbersome or error-prone processes that you currently have in place.

Check out these potential game-changing WordPress plugins, starting with –

1. Amelia

The Amelia WordPress plugin is an excellent choice for beauty, health and fitness, training, and similar businesses that might be having to put up with a manual or semi-automated booking system with its inherent delays and inconsistencies.

Amelia can save businesses like these time and money by –

Amelia supports PayPal, Stripe, Mollie, and RazorPay payments. Click on the banner to find out more about what this time and money saving plugin could do for your business.

2. wpDataTables

wpDataTables is a feature-rich WordPress table and chart building plugin that gives its users everything they are ever apt to need to build their tables and charts.

Creating a table from large amounts of complex data from various sources can require tools that are not necessarily be easy to come by or easy to work with. Such is not the case with the wpDataTables’ 4 chart-building engines:

For table building, wpDataTables can easily access a variety of database sources that include:

wpDataTables can at the same time process data that exists in common industry formats, and features a host of sorting and filtering options that enables you to create a multiplicity of table types.

wpDataTables tables and charts are front-end editable and responsive and, thanks to conditional formatting, can highlight and/or color code key information.

Even though your website’s performance meets your expectations there will invariably come a time for improvement, whether it be related to traffic, lead generation, conversion, or something else. 

Determining how best to make a needed improvement can be a challenge. Site Kit offers a one-stop solution for you by making critical Google tools available to WordPress and deploying them to help you make your site a success by –

Click on the banner to find out more about what Site Kit can do for you.

If you suspect your websites aren’t exactly sending your clients into fits of ecstasy with your visuals, Slider Revolution can change that by bridging the gap between what they want and what you can provide with its –

WordPress is popular for its form plugins. Tablesome is a WordPress form database plugin that you can use to save, edit, delete, and export WordPress form entries. 

It can be used to save Elementor Form submissions, WPForms entries, Contact Form 7 DB, Forminator database, and more. 

It is GDPR compliant and also a form automation plugin that you can use to display WordPress form entries on frontend pages and export entries to tools such as MailChimp, Google Sheets, Salesforce, etc.,

6. TheDock

Having trouble finding just the right WordPress theme? Why not let TheDock help you create your own? It’s not all that hard and it will certainly give you a sense of satisfaction. 

TheDock has a multiplicity of helpful features, including –

If you want to profit from selling content, you’re going to need a tool that’s capable of converting your website into a powerful content selling platform. The Ultimate Membership Pro WordPress plugin can do exactly that for you by enabling you to –

8. LayerSlider

LayerSlider is not just another slider plugin. It’s an animation and website-building tool you can put to use to improve any website’s look and feel with its eye-catching array of animations, contemporary graphics, and interactive features that are –

Professional one-on-one customer support is there for you as well.

The Download Monitor plugin places a ready solution at your fingertips to help you track file downloads, gate content to generate leads and request personal information from users to build an audience while delivering valuable content in return.

This WordPress plugin lets you –

Ads Pro is currently the biggest and most up-to-date ads manager for WordPress. It places at your disposal everything you need to manage and sell ads.

Its admin panel makes managing ads straightforward along with its –

The WordPress plugin directory features almost 60,000 plugins. This guide narrows the number down to 10 top WordPress plugins. Each of which offers game-changing possibilities for your websites or businesses.

We consulted with experts in their respective fields to assemble this list of essential plugins for WordPress. All of them designed to help you with content strategy, SEO, site security, and even social media marketing.

The functionalities these cool WordPress plugins provide can add tremendous value to your use of WordPress.

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