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This Black Friday is your chance to enter a new era of web design with Divi AI, our revolutionary AI sidekick for building websites in Divi. Before the clock runs out on our Black Friday sale, you can get unlimited access to Divi AI with a whopping 44% discount . So, today, we are excited to share with you the powerful capabilities of Divi AI and how it can transform how you build Divi websites. Get ready to unlock the power of AI and embrace the future of web design. The Black Friday Sale is Almost Over The Divi Black Friday Sale is almost over! Tomorrow is the last day, so now is the time to save big. Here is a quick reminder of the fantastic deals we’re still offering: Unprecedented 44% OFF 🏷️ on Divi AI – for Life! 25% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi Purchase 25% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi Lifetime Upgrade 25% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi Membership Renewal 44% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi VIP Purchase 44% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi Cloud Purchase 44% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi Teams Purchase 60% OFF 🏷️ Divi Marketplace Bundles (Module Bundle, Layout Bundle, and Feature Bundle) Up to 50% OFF 🏷️ Individual Divi Marketplace Products And don’t forget, everyone who takes advantage of these deals will get a free prize with each purchase. But there’s only a limited amount of free prizes left, so you better act quickly! And, if you’re considering grabbing one of those Divi Marketplace Bundles at 60% off, don’t wait. After tomorrow, they will be gone for good. Take Me To The Black Friday Sale The Power of Divi AI: Your Personal AI Assistant For Building Websites Divi AI is an all-purpose AI assistant for building WordPress websites with Divi. Unlike other AI WordPress plugins, Divi AI works seamlessly with Divi, giving you access to unparalleled AI generation tools inside the Visual Builder in real time. The AI assistant has all the AI features a web designer needs. Divi AI has a built-in AI writer, image generator, and code assistant in one powerful tool. Its features can save Divi users a tremendous amount of time, and since they are packaged together, they can also save you a huge amount of money. Here’s why embracing Divi AI is a smart move for anyone serious about web design: AI Content generation for effortless content and copy for every part of your website AI Image generation with powerful tools to create the exact image your webpage needs AI Code generation to help you write code and generate CSS tailored to Divi’s code base. Seamless Integration with Divi : Divi AI is not an external tool—it’s a core part of the Divi experience. This integration means you get a fluid and intuitive design process where AI capabilities are just a click away. Intelligent Contextual Insights : Unlike standalone AI tools, Divi AI understands the context of your Divi website. It can analyze your site’s style, content, and structure, offering suggestions and creations that align with your existing content and design. Streamlined Design Process : The power of AI reduces the time spent on mundane tasks. From generating compelling copy to suggesting design elements, Divi AI accelerates your workflow, allowing you to focus on the creative aspects of web design. The Unbeatable Value of Divi AI This Black Friday Divi AI is already an incredible value. You get three powerful AI tools in one AI assistant to help you generate content and build a website faster than ever. It works within the Divi Builder and understands your website to generate content in the proper context. And everything Divi AI generates can be refined to perfection with countless built-in design tools. That is a complex combination to find. That’s why our Divi AI Black Friday deal is so surprising. You can now get Divi AI for 44% off! And if all of that wasn’t enough, Divi AI comes with unlimited AI generation. That’s right, no limits! With every Divi AI subscription, you get unlimited AI text generation, code generation, and image generation at our steepest discount ever. This is a much better value than you’d get by purchasing Jasper, Midjourney, CoPilot, or ChatGPT Plus (especially if you need to buy more than one of these tools). Comparing: Divi AI – 44% OFF Jasper Midjourney & ChatGPT+ GitHub Copilot Monthly Price $13.44/mo $49/mo per user $30/mo per user $10/mo per user Yearly Price $216/yr or $9.72/mo $468/yr per user $360/yr per user $120/yr per user # of Users ✔️ Unlimited 1 1 1 Text Output ✔️ Unlimited ✔️ Unlimited ❌ None ❌ None Image Output ✔️ Unlimited ✔️ Unlimited 〰️ 3.3 hours/mo ❌ None Code Generation ✔️ Unlimited ❌ None 〰️ Basic w/ ChatGPT ✔️ Unlimited Website Context ✔️ Yes ❌ None ❌ None 〰️ Only Code Get Divi AI The Powerful Features of Divi AI If you are curious about what Divi AI can do, here’s a breakdown of some of the powerful AI features that you can find in your new Divi AI subscription. Divi Text AI: Auto-Generate Content Anywhere & Refine It Like a Pro We built Divi AI to help overcome writer’s block and provide a competitive edge in all your content creation needs. Divi AI content generation is usable for every type of content on any web page you may be designing. It is a powerful tool to help you create engaging content such as catchy headings, compelling descriptions, and entire blog posts. What sets Divi AI apart is its ability to generate content within the Divi modules that you use to create beautiful and functional web pages. Just give Divi AI a straightforward prompt and watch the magic happen. It’ll analyze your existing content and effortlessly generate the missing piece you’ve been looking for. There is no need to stress about creating new content from scratch! Here are just a few ways you can use Divi Text AI: No More Lorem Ipsum! – Use AI to create a first draft for clients while you focus on the rest of your design. This will ensure that your project stays on track even when you are waiting on content. Overcome Writer’s Block – When you’re stuck in a creative rut, turn to Divi AI for suggestions on what to write next. Generate Copy Unique to Your Brand – Let Divi AI write content within the context of your page. Then, use one-click quick actions to refine it to match your tone. Divi Image AI: Generate Any Image You Can Imagine Divi AI’s capabilities also extend into premium image generation. Whether you’re looking to generate new images in a single click, create custom images with easy-to-use prompts, or enhance/reimagine existing ones, Divi AI has you covered. Divi Image AI works seamlessly with any Divi module that you’ll use to add images to a page or post. The generator has built-in quick actions for style changes, upscaling, and more. Here are our favorite uses for Divi AI for images: One-Click Image Generation – Let Divi AI pick the perfect image with a single click. If unsatisfied, generate as many as you need and refine it quickly. Reimagine Existing Images – With a single click, Divi AI will surprise you with a brand new version of any pre-existing library image with AI to make it match your site and vision. Upscale and Enhance Images – Use built-in settings to enhance and upscale images for high-resolution visibility and usefulness on your website Unleash Creativity – Divi AI is only limited by your imagination. You can create an image in whatever visual style you prefer via plain English prompts. An AI image generation like this can be pretty costly, but with Divi AI, you get a top-notch tool for images, text, and code. Divi Code AI: Write Code and Custom CSS With Simple Text Prompts Divi AI is a game-changer for those who like to explore the nitty-gritty of website customization. It writes code and generates custom CSS within the Visual Builder, offering intuitive solutions tailored to the Divi codebase. Imagine adding code snippets and advanced functionality to Divi with the finesse of a seasoned Divi developer. Divi Code AI simplifies applying CSS to Divi modules and other sections of your website. Type in a prompt within a module, and Divi AI automatically generates the CSS and ensures it is applied to the right target element. Plus, you can generate new code with Divi AI using the Divi Code Module. Type in a prompt, and Divi AI will create the code snippets you need in HTML and JavaScript. This helps add all kinds of advanced web components to your site quickly and efficiently. Here are some things that Divi Code AI can handle easily for you: Make all content within a section vertically aligned Add event listeners for tracking snippets on your buttons and other interactive elements Create advanced animations for images, text, and buttons Create familiar or new WordPress/Divi snippets with ease Divi AI Evaluates Your Site Content for Better Results Perhaps the most remarkable feature of Divi AI is its ability to learn from the website it’s applied to, ensuring the results it delivers are relevant and deeply integrated with your site’s unique style and substance. The AI code generator understands the Divi codebase to ensure the code works with Divi. Divi AI’s image generator can create and refine images based on reference images or from automatic prompts based on site context. The AI text generator can generate on-brand content within the context of your site, page, section, or module. You can generate the content for an entire Divi module (in the context of your page) in a single click. New Divi AI Features Are Coming! And Divi AI keeps on getting better. Our roadmap has even more AI-powered features to make web design faster and more effective. Save 44% For Life on Divi AI While You Can! As our Black Friday sale ends, we are offering the best deal on Divi AI. Anyone who purchases a Divi AI subscription during our Black Friday sale will secure a 44% discount. That means you’ll never have to pay full price for your Divi AI membership. Plus, you’ll enjoy unlimited access to generate as much AI content, images, or code as you need. The price of premium AI tools like Divi AI will surely rise at some point, so you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to lock in lifetime savings while you can. Save Even More With Our New Divi Membership Plans and Bundle Options This Black Friday, we launched brand new Divi Membership Pricing Plans and bundling options to help you save even more on the products you need. Starting with the Website Owner plan, you can enjoy a 25% discount on Divi. With the Freelancer Plan, you’ll also get Divi AI and Divi Cloud and unlock a 55% discount on your entire order. The Agency Plan offers the most savings at 62% off the complete bundle of Divi products, including Divi, Divi AI, Divi Cloud, Divi VIP, and Divi Teams! To help you create the perfect bundle, you can add any of our Divi products and services to your plan at a discount during checkout. If you choose the Website Owner package, you can easily add Divi AI (or any Divi product) to your plan and increase your savings. With these new pricing bundles, we ensure you can get the products you need at the lowest price possible. But these Black Friday prices won’t last long, so get the most significant discount on the Divi products you need while you can. Don’t forget, you also get a free prize and unlock additional perks when you buy Divi AI or make any qualifying purchase. The sale ends tomorrow, so this is your last chance!

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