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Our Black Friday sale is still going strong. The prizes are going fast, and new deals are released every day. But it’s not too late. You can save 25%  on Divi and Divi membership upgrades,  44%  on Divi AI, Divi VIP, Divi Teams, and Divi Cloud, and up to  60%  on Divi Marketplace products and product bundles. And there are some fantastic prizes you can still win with each purchase. However, it doesn’t stop there. We have for anyone who purchases during Black Friday. Today, we will examine these perks, how to get them, and how Divi VIP members can save even more. even more amazing Black Friday Perks Table Of Contents 1 What Are Divi Black Friday Perks? 2 Exclusive Black Friday Divi Website Packs 3 Exclusive Product Deals in the Divi Marketplace 4 How To Unlock Your Black Friday Perks 5 How to Access Your Black Friday Perks 6 Divi VIP Members Save Even More 7 Stay Tuned! Divi AI Just Got Even Better, and It Can Be Yours for Almost Half Price! What Are Divi Black Friday Perks? Black Friday Perks are bonus deals unlocked whenever you participate in our Black Friday Sale. When you make your first purchase, you automatically gain access to Black Friday Perks. These perks include the exclusive Divi Black Friday Website Packs and additional discounts in the Divi Marketplace. Exclusive Black Friday Divi Website Packs As one of the perks of participating in our Black Friday sale, we’re giving away exclusive Divi Website Packs to all Black Friday and Cyber Monday customers. We call them “Website” Packs because they include everything you need to design websites in Divi from top to bottom. And we’re not talking about a cookie-cutter 5-page brochure site. These packs have the design power to create sites for small businesses, agencies, apps, blogs, and online stores. What You Get The 4 Divi Black Friday Website Packs you’ll get for free as one of your Perks include: With any of these Black Friday Divi Website Packs, you can quickly get a brand-new website design up and running in minutes. Each pack is versatile and can be adjusted to fit any niche. They are a perfect solution to jumpstart a project without wasting time and money hiring a designer or designing it yourself. And because these designs are exclusive to Black Friday customers, you can enjoy showcasing unique designs that not many people will have. How’s that for a Perk? So, if you haven’t taken haven’t of our Black Friday sale yet, don’t wait too long. You won’t be able to find these website packs anywhere else, and once the sale is over, they are gone forever. Exclusive Product Deals in the Divi Marketplace Free website packs are a fantastic perk. However, there’s more! All Black Friday participants will unlock exclusive product deals. We worked with Divi Marketplace creators to bring special discounts even higher than their usual Black Friday discounts. The discounts you’ll find are pretty staggering. Many of our Marketplace’s top sellers are offering generous deals — up to 50% off their entire product catalogs!
Here are a few examples of how you can save big this year. 50% Off All Divi Extended Products in the Divi Marketplace Divi Extended products, notably their premier Divi Plus plugin, are in high demand. Divi Plus enhances your Divi site with over 55 custom modules, 50+ child themes, and numerous starter templates, all typically priced at $79. With the exclusive perk discount, it’s available for just $39.50. You can also get Divi Blog Extras, a plugin that expands Divi’s blog capabilities with eight distinctive layouts and support for custom taxonomies and post types, for only $24.50, down from $49. Also on offer is Divi Gallery Extended for a mere $9.50, a comprehensive gallery plugin that usually costs $19. With these discounts, you can acquire all three plugins for less than the regular price of Divi Plus alone! These three are part of the over 50 products from Divi Extended discounted by 50% for our Black Friday participants. 50% Off All Divi Life Products in the Divi Marketplace Divi Life is the creator behind Divi Overlays, the leading Divi popup builder. It leverages the Visual Builder to craft impressive popups, overlays, and modals. Typically retailing at $79, it’s yours for just $39.50 with our exclusive Black Friday discounts. And that’s just one of their premium products you can snag at 50% off!
30% Off All Divi Den Pro in the Divi Marketplace Divi Den Pro by Divi Den ships with a gold mine of 2700+ premade Divi design assets for building websites, making it one of the most popular products in our Marketplace. It includes hundreds of premade layouts, theme builder templates, WooCommerce templates, unique navigation menus, and more. The product usually costs $169, but you can get it for only $118.30. That’s $50 in savings! Other Exclusive Divi Marketplace deals include: 45% Off All Divi Lover Products 45% Off Divi Flash 35% Off Divi Pixel 35% Off All Divi Supreme Products 30% Off All Divi Next Products 50% Off All DonDivi Products 30% Off All Pee-Aye Creative Products 30% Off All Divi-Modules Products 50% Off All Divicio.us Products 50% Off All Divigrid Products 40% Off All Divi Zoom Products 45% Off All SamarJ Products 30% Off Divi Gear Products How To Unlock Your Black Friday Perks To get the Black Friday Perks, you’ll need to make a purchase. Each qualifying purchase you make will also come with a free prize! Here are all the ways you can unlock free prizes and perks: One Free 🎁 With Every New Divi Membership One Free 🎁 With Every Divi Lifetime Upgrade One Free 🎁 With Every Divi Membership Renewal One Free 🎁 With Every Divi AI Purchase One Free 🎁 With Every Divi VIP Purchase One Free 🎁 With Every Divi Cloud Purchase One Free 🎁 With Your First Divi Teams Purchase One Free 🎁 With Every Marketplace Bundle Purchase How to Access Your Black Friday Perks To access your perks, head to the Elegant Themes Members Area. There, you’ll notice a new tab called “ Perks .” Click the tab. Then scroll down the page to see the exclusive Divi Website Packs available for download and an entire slate of additional discounts on products in the Divi Marketplace! Divi VIP Members Save Even More Divi VIP is our premium support service that ensures all support queries are answered within 30 minutes, usually even faster than that. And that’s 24 hours per day, 7 days a week! And… Divi VIP members also get an additional 10% off in the Divi Marketplace, stacked on top of the Black Friday Perk discounts. Not a Divi VIP member yet? Now is the perfect time to sign up. You can purchase a Divi VIP membership at 44% off to skyrocket your Black Friday savings! If you buy Divi VIP now, you can win a prize, unlock secret Perks/discounts, and stack even more savings on those marketplace discounts (including our 60% off Bundles). Now that’s a Black Friday deal! Stay Tuned! Divi AI Just Got Even Better, and It Can Be Yours for Almost Half Price! With a new AI code generator, our innovative AI web design assistant, Divi AI, is better than ever. Its ability to generate high-quality images, text, and code for your website is magical. Come back tomorrow to discover the fantastic Black Friday discount we’re offering on Divi AI and why you won’t want to pass it up.

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