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The Divi Black Friday Sale is almost over! Act NOW to get HUGE SAVINGS on Divi, Divi AI, Divi Cloud, Divi Teams, Divi VIP,  Divi Marketplace Bundles, and so much more! There’s only a limited amount of free prizes left, so make sure you grab one! And that’s not even close to everything we’ve got in store for you. For all Lifetime Divi Members and anyone who participates in the sale, we’re giving away exclusive, FREE Divi website packs and a massive slate of additional deals in the Divi Marketplace. TAKE ME TO THE SALE (LAST CHANCE)! Last Chance to Get All Black Friday Discounts & Perks! For those interested in Divi, we thought it’d be a good idea to explain what a tremendous value Divi is. Most of you know that WordPress is free, right? That’s true, but when you start adding up the cost of the themes and plugins needed to create what you want, the price can quickly skyrocket. Sure, you can go with other premium themes and plugins, but it can cost you upwards of $1,000. And in many cases, that’s the annual price! Yikes! Not to mention, compatibility between your essential tools can become a massive headache, too. With Divi, you get a full site editing theme along with 200+ web design elements, 2,000+ professionally designed page layouts, A/B split testing, email opt-ins, forms, dynamic content, global settings, a dynamic color management system, and many more features that replace dozens of disjointed plugins. All for the low price of $66.75 per year or $186.75 for a lifetime membership – if you act NOW . This is a substantial savings of 25% off our already super-low regular price. Now THAT is a fantastic deal. And it’s only the tip of the iceberg regarding this sale. Here’s a full rundown of all the fantastic deals we have on offer during this year’s Black Friday Sale: 25% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi Purchase 25% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi Upgrade 44% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi VIP Purchase 44% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi AI Purchase 44% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi Cloud Purchase 44% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi Teams Purchase 60% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi Marketplace Bundle Up to 50% OFF 🏷️ Individual Divi Marketplace Products Act now to claim these insane deals! Don’t know what all of these products and services are just yet? Read on! Get Divi For 25% Off Divi is more than a WordPress theme. It’s a website-building framework loaded with advanced functionality and impressive design capabilities. It allows anyone to create beautiful and practical websites without writing a single line of code. Divi replaces the default WordPress editor with a much more advanced and user-friendly visual builder and several other potentially expensive plugins and services that could quickly run into hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars annually! We offer the best discount on a Divi Membership you may ever see during our Black Friday sale. This offer extends to existing members who can save big on a lifetime upgrade or membership renewal. Get Divi AI For 44% Off Divi AI is your personal AI assistant for building WordPress websites. Integrated directly into the Divi builder, Divi AI can write high-quality content, customize your website using custom code, and generate stunning images on the fly as you build your site. It’s like having a professional writer, expert web developer, and digital artist at your fingertips! With Divi AI, generating text, images, and custom code is just a click away. Divi AI understands and learns from your website to produce highly relevant and on-brand results. Whether you’re struggling with writer’s block, need a fresh image, or want to build a popup using custom CSS, HTML, and JS, Divi AI has you covered. It can do all this and more right from the Divi Builder. It can also refine and enhance existing text, images, and code snippets. Enjoy the benefits of unlimited text, image, and code requests , allowing you to focus more on other crucial aspects of your business. We offer an exclusive discount on Divi AI and much more during our Black Friday sale. Get Divi Cloud For 44% Off Divi Cloud is like Dropbox, iCloud, or One Drive for your Divi website. This fully integrated cloud storage system is handy for Divi Freelancers, Agencies, or anyone building more than one Divi website. Saving items to your Divi Cloud from the Divi Library means you can access any saved item from any Divi install where you’re signed in. It’s an instant time-saver that pays for itself as soon as you use it! We offer our most significant discount on Divi Cloud  during our Black Friday sale. Get Divi Teams For 44% Off Divi Teams allows users to collaborate effectively with their co-workers and clients. New team members can now be added to existing Elegant Themes, which accounts for a mere fraction of the cost of a separate membership. Each team member will inherit the full benefits of the primary account, with the owner able to assign roles and permissions. Now, your whole team can access the same cloud storage. Your designers can easily access Divi, developers can spin up new websites and generate API keys, your accountant can access billing, and anyone who needs to can contact support. You’re even able to create customer user roles with custom permissions. During our Black Friday sale, we offer a significant discount on Divi Teams and all Divi Products. Get Divi VIP For 44% Off A Divi membership already comes with fantastic support. It’s why we have over 20,000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot. Since support is so crucial to the success of our customers, we decided to go above and beyond. With Divi VIP, you get blazing-fast support. All support queries are answered within 30 minutes, usually even faster than that. That’s 24 hours per day, 7 days a week! Divi VIP members also get an additional 10% off in the Divi Marketplace , stacked on top of active sales. Buying Divi VIP first will save you even more in the marketplace during the sale. Save 60% On Unique Divi Marketplace Bundles Fragmentation is one difficulty of using open-source software, whether WordPress itself or popular WordPress tools. A lack of compatibility and integration between the tools you depend on can quickly result in less time running your business and more time spent troubleshooting your website. Or your clients’ websites. With the Divi Marketplace, we can ensure, through unified development standards and testing, that products in the Divi Marketplace work the way they’re supposed to. Giving our customers the best of both worlds–the creativity and hyper-niche products that large open-source communities can create, as well as the quality that comes from oversight and accountability. Then, to top it off, we bundle the best and most popular Divi child themes, extensions, and layouts together for maximum savings. Unlock Secret Discounts You Can’t Find Anywhere Else The Divi Marketplace will overflow with amazing discounts this year, but what if I told you there was a way to unlock even better deals? We worked with creators to bring our Black Friday customers even steeper discounts. How does it work? Simple. Anyone who purchases something during the sale will unlock a hidden tier of discounts that are better than anything else you can find online. After your first purchase, you’ll want to return to the marketplace to take advantage of the perks you unlocked. There is something for everyone in the Divi Marketplace. This will be the time to stock up on the best Divi modules! Go to the Divi Black Friday Sale Page! Win a FREE Prize with Every Qualifying Purchase This year, everyone participating in our Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales will get a free prize . We’re giving away over 12,000 prizes valued at over $800,000 . Unlike previous years, everyone will walk away with a free prize – including existing lifetime members! And you can win more than one free prize! You’ll get a free prize with every qualifying purchase you make. In fact, you COULD get your hands on up to $951 worth! How, you ask? Make any one of these qualifying purchases: One Free 🎁 For Every New Divi Membership One Free 🎁 For Every Divi Account Upgrade One Free 🎁 For Every Divi AI Purchase One Free 🎁 For Every Divi Cloud Purchase One Free 🎁 For Every Divi VIP Purchase One Free 🎁 With First Divi Teams Purchase One Free 🎁 For Every Marketplace Bundle Purchase You’ll notice during each purchase that there is an “active” prize. It’ll say something like “Current Free Prize. Only 10 Remaining.” That’s the prize you’ll win if you purchase while they last. If you review the prizes available below, you can try to time your purchases to get the specific prizes you want. Get 60% Off These Outstanding Divi Marketplace Bundles The Divi Marketplace is where the Divi Community flexes its design and development skills. There are hundreds of amazing third-party Divi Extensions, Layouts, and Child Themes. All of which have gone through our strict quality assurance testing. That means you get the best our community offers while being assured things work together – and with Divi – the way they’re supposed to. But we’re always asking ourselves, “How could we make things better?” How about packaging a carefully curated selection of our best third-party modules, layouts, and features into three massive product bundles and then marking them 60% off?! Get 60% Off The Divi Black Friday Module Bundle! Add 300+ new Divi modules to your Divi toolkit for a fraction of the price it would cost any other time of the year! With our Black Friday Module Bundle, we’ve packaged 9 of the Divi Marketplace’s best-selling module collections together. We don’t make a bundle like this every day, so now is the right time to snag this deal! The only time you will see THIS bundle is during Black Friday! Once the sale ends, you won’t be able to get this bundle again! Don’t miss your chance to add the best in Divi modules to your WordPress arsenal! Save hundreds of dollars and boost your Divi website-building skills and speed by purchasing the Divi Black Friday Module Bundle! Get 60% Off The Divi Black Friday Layout Bundle The largest Divi layouts bundle is here… but only for a limited time! If you find yourself stuck for inspiration, this bundle will get you unstuck ASAP. We have packed together over 15,600 pre-made designs just for you. You can look forward to receiving page layouts, product layouts, blog templates, header templates, footer templates, and so much more–all at 60% off! You have to grab this steal of a bundle before the timer runs out. Black Friday is the ONLY time that you’ll be able to grab 17 of the Divi Marketplace’s best-selling, most popular layout packs. Save time when designing your next year’s worth of projects by seizing this deal! Get 60% Off The Divi Black Friday Feature Booster Bundle! This is the ultimate bundle for those looking to push Divi’s extensive functionality even further. Every product in this bundle extends Divi’s standard features and increases your website-building prowess. You’ll get products to create contact forms, add Ajax filters, create tabs, design menus, and much more! You won’t want to miss out on this bundle. Get over to the sale now to take advantage of a 60% discount on 18 of the most popular products in the Divi Marketplace. This is a once-a-year opportunity only available right now during the Black Friday sale. Unlock Amazing Black Friday Perks–FREE Design Resources & Additional Deals by Top Marketplace Creators Making your first purchase during the Divi Black Friday Sale is where the fun begins. Once you do (or if you happen to be a Lifetime Member already), you’ll notice a new “Perks” tab in your Members Area. There, we’ve assembled a massive slate of additional deals in the Divi Marketplace and 4 exclusive, FREE Divi website packs you can download instantly. Shop Hundreds of Products at up to 50% Off Many of our marketplace creators generously offer their ENTIRE CATALOG of products at steep discounts of up to 50% off during our amazing Black Friday sale. But only for existing Lifetime Members or anyone participating in this year’s Black Friday Sale. There are so many great deals up for grabs that you’ll need a spreadsheet to keep track of all the products you want! To get your hands on 25%, 35%, or even 50% off the entire product catalogs of all the fantastic partners pictured above, head over to the sale right now! Gain Instant Access to 4 Exclusive FREE Website Packs From headers to footers, page layouts to page templates, and even WooCommerce product pages–we’ve got you covered with this year’s exclusive, FREE Divi Black Friday Website Packs. These freebies are only available during the sale. Once the sale is over, they’re gone forever. Act now to get these professionally designed assets for free! 1. The SaaS Website Template Pack Any SaaS business needs a website that reflects the quality of its products. That’s where the SaaS website pack comes in! It’s a beautifully organized website pack with all the pages you need to promote your SaaS products and business. You can expect a clean and slick design style that focuses on putting your features in the spotlight. You’ll get multiple headers and footers, and all other templates that might come in handy! 2. The Mobile App Website Template Pack The Mobile App Website Pack is targeted towards any business that wants to set up a website for their mobile app. It features a beautiful design style that effortlessly combines black and white backgrounds with gradients. You’ll be provided with a handful of straightforward and practical page layouts that make organizing the info you want to share incredibly easy. Besides the page layouts, you’ll be provided with plenty theme builder templates that range from headers to footers, product pages, and more! 3. The Shop Website Template Pack In today’s day and age, having an online store is inevitable for most businesses. With the free Store Website Pack, you’ll find yourself putting one together quickly! This pack provides the essential pages you need but mainly focuses on all the templates necessary for a fully functioning online store. You’ll receive multiple product pages, a cart page, a checkout page, and more! 4. The Agency Website Template Pack Any agency that wants a modern-day-looking website will benefit from the free Agency Website Pack! This website pack combines an abstract design style with very clearly structured pages. This provides you with the best of both worlds: a unique design style while still being practical. Besides the numerous pages you’ll get with this pack, you’ll be provided with many templates that help you complete your website! Do Not Miss Out on Our Best Sale of All Time! We’ve never put on a sale quite like this one. It’s the first time Divi AI and Divi VIP are getting the Black Friday treatment, and we’ve never had as many prizes, perks, and insanely good deals. If there’s one sale this year you want to make sure you get in on, it’s this one! The sale ends today, so make sure to catch these amazing discounts while you still can!

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