😍 20 Unique Divi Products You’ve Never Heard Of

Our stellar Cyber Monday sale is quickly coming to a close, but there’s still plenty of time to take advantage of some killer deals on Divi memberships, products, and services. Read on to learn about everything on sale in the Divi ecosystem and some fantastic deals on lesser-known Divi products that you should take advantage of. Table Of Contents 1 Our Divi Cyber Monday Deals 2 20 Unique Divi Marketplace Products You’ve Never Heard Of 3 Divi Extensions 4 Divi Child Themes 5 Divi Layout Packs 6 Unlock Secret Discounts In The Divi Marketplace 7 Take Advantage of Our Biggest Cyber Monday Sale Ever! Our Divi Cyber Monday Deals The Divi Cyber Monday Sale is one of the biggest deals in the WordPress ecosystem! Now is the time to save on Divi memberships, products, and services. Here is a quick reminder of the fantastic deals we’re still offering: Divi Theme Discount : 25% off, features and benefits. Divi AI : 44% off, AI content generation for text, images, and code. Divi Cloud : 44% off cloud storage benefits for Divi users. Divi Teams : 44% off, team collaboration features, and account management. Divi VIP : 44% off, fast support, and marketplace discounts. Marketplace Products : Up to 50% off products in the Divi Marketplace. Marketplace Bundles : 60% off on unique bundles. (Module Bundle, Ecommerce Bundle, and Blog Bundle) Free Prizes for Participants : Win a free prize with every qualifying purchase. You can get up to 9 free prizes worth over $1,000. Exclusive Website Packs : Free with any purchase, containing design elements and templates. Secret Discounts : Unlocked with any purchase, offering the best deals in the Divi Marketplace. Explore our new Divi Bundle Pricing options to help you get precisely what you need at huge discounts available during our Cyber Monday sale (up to $475 in savings). We have special bundles for individual website owners, freelancers, agencies, and everything in between. And don’t forget, everyone participating in our Cyber Monday Sale will get a free prize with each qualifying purchase and unlock secret product discounts and exclusive Divi website packs! Take Me To The Cyber Monday Sale 20 Unique Divi Marketplace Products You’ve Never Heard Of As mentioned, we’re offering incredible product deals in the Divi Marketplace. With up to 80% off, you’ll get products at unheard-of low prices. In this post, we’ll showcase some Divi Marketplace products that have a lot to offer, from extending the functionality of Divi to beautiful child themes and layouts. Let’s dive in. Divi Extensions This year’s sale brings plenty of excellent deals for plugin enthusiasts. Here are some lesser-known yet amazing Divi plugins on the Divi Marketplace. 1. Divi Form Builder Another excellent product is Divi Form Builder, which extends the functionality of the contact form module. This feature-packed plugin allows you to create multi-step, user-generated content, register/login forms, and more. There’s also an incredible feature called Form AI that helps you to create interactive forms for your users. To experience what Form AI can do, check out Divi Engine’s demo on their website. Cyber Monday Pricing: $105.00 per year instead of $140.00 (25% Discount) 2. Divi Contact Form DB Do you love the Divi contact form module but long for an easy way to view your submissions? Enter Divi Contact Form DB, a Divi extension that adds a new menu item to your WordPress dashboard where you can view all of your form submissions. It tracks the page where the user filled out the form, the date submitted and records all of the form’s values. The best part? You can use it on all of your Divi websites. Cyber Monday Pricing: $6.75 per year instead of $9.00 (25% Discount) 3. WooExpand WooExpand is the ultimate ecommerce companion for Woocommerce. Explicitly designed for Divi, WooExpand has over 7 Divi modules, 70+ section layouts, and design customization options to make your products shine. The quick view feature allows shoppers to view products without leaving the page and can be completely customized to match your site’s branding. Other features include a wishlist, a product image gallery, and a product comparison. Custom modules breathe new life into your shop page with modules such as a product grid, carousel, product filter, and an accordion. Cyber Monday Pricing: $51.75 per year instead of $69.00 (25% Discount) 4. Divi WhatsApp Chat Divi WhatsApp Chat offers a unique way to communicate with your site’s visitors. Users can connect their WhatsApp account to their Divi website through a module to chat directly with potential customers. It can be styled just like any other Divi module, allowing you to harness the power of the Visual Builder for your chat interface. You can add a custom avatar, name, or job title to make things more professional. Cyber Monday Pricing: $12.50 per year instead of $25.00 (50% Discount) 5. Divi Search Helper The Divi Search Helper plugin enhances the Divi search module by adding Ajax on-page search results. It also allows you to customize what is included in search results, including post types and taxonomies, to customize the results based on your preferences. You can’t make design changes in the Visual Builder, but you can do quite a bit in the back-end Divi Builder. Divi Search Helper has over 55 custom settings and features to give the tried-and-true Divi search module a makeover. Cyber Monday Pricing: $25.20 per year instead of $36.00 (30% Discount) 6. Advanced Pricing Table for Divi Advanced Pricing Table for Divi is a module for Divi that expands on the existing Divi pricing module. It adds features such as tabs to help categorize complicated pricing into categories with different price points. Another feature is tooltips, which give potential customers more information regarding a specific service. You can also add badges to increase engagement, display pricing tables in toggles, and reposition or disable elements within your tables. On top of all that, every aspect of your table can be designed using Divi’s intuitive Visual Builder. Cyber Monday Pricing: $32.25 per year instead of $43.00 (25% Discount) Get Advanced Pricing Table For Divi Supreme Mega Menu, by the folks at Divi Supreme, is the ultimate mega menu solution for your Divi website. Create custom menus with icons, images, and more, creating a unique navigating experience for your site’s visitors. The sky is the limit with design preferences, thanks to direct integration with Divi’s Layout Library. You can create any layout using Divi’s 200 design elements and insert it directly into your site’s main menu. Cyber Monday Pricing: $25.35 per year instead of $39.00 (35% Discount) 8. Divi Design Notes Are you looking for a way to streamline the client revision process? Divi Design Notes may be the answer you’re looking for. With Divi Design Notes, you can solicit client feedback directly on the front end of a Divi website. You can eliminate back-and-forth emails, save time, and improve your team’s productivity with one plugin. Clients pin notes throughout the site pages, tagging team members and efficiently delegating tasks. It’ll even send you email notifications to let you know when comments were left for you. Cyber Monday Pricing: $21.75 per year instead of $29.00 (25% Discount) 9. Avatar Divi Next up is Avatar Divi, a plugin that brings several excellent modules and extensions to Divi. Avatar AI Engine, powered by OpenAI, allows you to generate dynamic content, create code, generate products, and translate languages within the Divi Builder. The latest release includes two new modules, Divi Price List and Content Toggle, on top of the already impressive 14 other modules. These include a before and after image slider, a business hours module, coupons, fancy headings, and more. Cyber Monday Pricing: $96.00 per year instead of $120.00 (20% Discount) 10. Divi Sensei SVG Animator The next Divi product on our list, Divi Sensei SVG Animator, is a module that brings SVGs to life with dynamic drawing animations and design customizations. When used correctly, SVGs can enhance the user experience with subtle movement and eye-catching effects. With the Divi Sensei SVG Animator, animating your SVGs has never been easier, thanks to integration with the Visual Builder. However, this module only works on stroke-based icons, not filled ones. Despite that, this little module is a must for designers and creators looking for a unique way to add motion elements to their Divi websites. Cyber Monday Pricing: $16.50 per year instead of $22.00 (25% Discount) 11. Local SEO For Divi Anyone with a WordPress site knows the importance of SEO optimization. You might not know that local SEO is a huge puzzle piece. This is especially true for brick-and-mortar locations that rely on local traffic to be successful. With the Local SEO for Divi plugin, you can make your business more visible to local shoppers. It achieves this by providing structured data in JSON-LD format, including business name, address, geo-location, contact information, and opening hours, which search engines like Google support. Local SEO for Divi also allows businesses with multiple physical locations to easily add and manage their location data, including the option to bulk import locations with a CSV upload. There’s a Divi Store Locator module that uses Google Maps, so your visitors have a visual way to find you. Cyber Monday Pricing: $37.49 per year instead of $49.99 (25% Discount) Divi Child Themes Need more than just a new plugin or two? No worries. The sale doesn’t end with extensions. There are lots of great Divi child themes available on the Divi Marketplace. Many of which are deeply discounted for our Cyber Monday Sale. Here are some new additions to the store that will breathe new life into your Divi website. 12. Molti LMS If you want to create a learning management system (LMS) with Divi, then look at the Molti LMS child theme. You’ll get everything from profile and login pages to course designs, so you’ll have everything you need to be successful. In addition to course pages, you’ll have over thirty page designs, headers, footers, and more on a LearnDash-ready website. Cyber Monday Pricing: $10.50 per year instead of $35.00 (70% Discount) 13. The Good Restaurant Our next theme, The Good Restaurant, is a must for restauranteurs who want to feature a menu, accept bookings online, and sell products. The child theme comes with a one-click demo import, Woocommerce integration, and a gallery courtesy of the Elastic Gallery plugin (a $25 value). The theme has all main pages, a header and footer design, two shop layouts, a product page, and four blog-related pages to help you craft a beautiful, functional website for your restaurant business. Cyber Monday Pricing: $41.25 per year instead of $55.00 (25% Discount) 14. Prime Hotel Booking Are you looking for a new design for your hotel website? Look no further than the Prime Hotel Booking child theme for Divi. Complete with the Hotel Booking Lite plugin by Motopress; this theme allows potential customers to view available rooms and book them directly on your website. The Prime Hotel Booking theme has two home page designs and all top-level pages, including accommodations, account, search, and 404 pages. Cyber Monday Pricing: $24.00 per year instead of $32.00 (25% Discount) 15. Milly Child Theme The next theme, Milly, is a premium multi-purpose theme for Divi that caters to digital entrepreneurs. It has gorgeous marketing templates, is Woocommerce-ready, and is 100% responsive. With integrated popups and overlays triggered by any element, Milly provides plenty of options for revenue-boosting CTAs. Additionally, users can perform design transformations thanks to a global color scheme that can be modified with one click. Grab one of the best deals on the Divi Marketplace for a theme with four home page layouts, multiple portfolio and service layouts, four marketing kits, Woocommerce pages, and more to build a marketing powerhouse that sends your sales skyrocketing. Cyber Monday Pricing: $53.35 per year instead of $97.00 (45% Discount) Divi Layout Packs Are you looking to crank out a new look for your Divi website? Our Cyber Monday Sale has you covered. Whether you’re looking for a new look for your pizzeria or hundreds of portfolio layouts, these fresh new layout packs will give your website, projects, or landing pages a gorgeous look. 16. Divi Design UI Kit The Divi Design UI Kit is one of the biggest layout bundles in the Divi Marketplace. With over 440 unique blocks in 22 categories, you can design any site fast using this kit. It features headers and footers, blog layouts, portfolio sections, a whopping 156 hero sections, and more. Check out the full preview of all Divi Design UI offers here. Cyber Monday Pricing: $36.75 per year instead of $49.00 (25% Discount) 17. DiviMod – 320+ Styled Divi Modules We have just the layout pack for you if you’re looking for a large selection of Divi modules to take your Divi website to the next level. DiviMod comes packed full of 230+ static styles and 85+ dynamic styles to give your next Divi project the overhaul it deserves. Whether you’re building a new informational website or online store, DiviMod has you covered. The pack includes an accordion, CTA, pricing, sliders, WooCommerce modules, and more. Cyber Monday Pricing: $7.49 per year instead of $9.99 (25% Discount) 18. Divi Master Bundle The Divi Master Bundle is one of the most robust layout packs on the Divi Marketplace. With 481 beautiful layouts, you can build any website you wish. The Divi Master Bundle contains 24 webpages, hundreds of blog grids and footer layouts, 20 teams and pricing tables sections, 10 tabs and hero sections, and a collection of 14 coming soon layouts. Whether you’re looking to get rich selling the next big NFT or simply showcase your life’s work, the Divi Master Bundle covers you. Cyber Monday Pricing: $37.49 per year instead of $49.99 (25% Discount) 19. Woo Grid This next layout pack is an excellent tool for showcasing your Woocommerce products in an attractive grid. The Woo Grid layout pack is 100% compatible with Divi and Woocommerce and can be styled to match your branding. You can transform your boring shop page into a beautiful, shoppable grid with sale badges, image hover effects, overlay text, and more for just a few dollars. The pack contains a product page and four product grid layouts, so you’ll have choices for displaying your products in a more effective, sales-boosting grid. Cyber Monday Pricing: $6.75 per year instead of $9.00 (25% Discount) 20. Divi Layouts Extended We’ve saved the best for last with the feature-rich Divi Layouts Extended. This monster-sized layout pack has over 2000 design elements, making building your next Divi website a breeze. You’ll get 190 headers, 140 footers, 110 hero sections, and more. Need to showcase your services? No problem. Divi Layouts Extended has over 50 service sections to display your business’s services elegantly. Are you looking for practical pricing tables? DLE has you covered with 70 of them. No matter what kind of website you plan to build, Divi Layouts Extended has everything you need to do it. Cyber Monday Pricing: $39.50 per year instead of $79.00 (50% Discount) Unlock Secret Discounts In The Divi Marketplace All Lifetime Members and participants in our Cyber Monday sale will unlock secret discounts of up to 50% off on entire product catalogs from Divi marketplace creators. Explore a vast array of deals – you need a spreadsheet to track your favorites! Head to the sale now for 25%, 35%, or 50% off on products from our featured partners. And don’t forget about our marketplace bundles: Get 60% Off 🏷️The Divi Cyber Monday Module Booster Bundle! Get 60% Off 🏷️The Divi Cyber Monday Ecommerce Bundle! Get 60% Off 🏷️The Divi Cyber Monday Blog Bundle! Plus, everyone who takes advantage of these deals will get a free prize with each purchase. But there’s only a limited amount of free prizes left, so you better act quickly! Take Me To The Cyber Monday Sale Take Advantage of Our Biggest Cyber Monday Sale Ever! Our Cyber Monday Sale for Divi memberships, products, and Marketplace bundles is approaching its end, but there’s still time to capitalize on some incredible deals. Our Cyber Monday Sale is the biggest it’s ever been, with steep discounts on Divi AI, Divi Cloud, Divi Teams, and Divi VIP. Plus, with up to 50% off products in the Divi Marketplace, 60% off on unique bundles, and the chance to win free prizes with every qualifying purchase, there’s never been a better time to buy anything in the Divi ecosystem. Act now before it’s too late!

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