🔥 Surprise Divi Cloud Giveaway. 24 Hours Only!

It’s not over yet! We’re keeping the savings rolling through the last two days of our Cyber Monday Sale! We have exclusive Divi discounts and prizes! 25% off Divi, 44% off Divi Cloud, Divi AI, Divi VIP, and Divi Teams, and up to 60% off individual Marketplace items. We’ve also put together three new Marketplace bundles just for Cyber Monday. But we have something special for you today, and today only! For the next 24 hours, we’re giving away Divi Cloud subscriptions . So don’t miss your chance to get free Divi Cloud storage and features to streamline your Divi workflow. See below for details on how to enter our Surprise giveaway of Divi Cloud and other exclusive Cyber Monday sales. Divi Cloud Surprise 24-Hour Giveaway! We are giving away 50 subscriptions to Divi Cloud—today only! It only takes seconds to enter. Plus, we’re giving you multiple ways to increase your chances of winning, such as sharing the link on social media, signing up for our newsletter, and much more. Entries are being accepted now, so don’t delay! Anyone With a Divi Membership Can Enter to Win Divi Cloud only works with the Divi Theme, so to get it free, you will need to be an annual or lifetime member of Divi. To enter, you must include your Elegant Themes account email address—otherwise, we cannot verify your Divi Membership status. If you’ve forgotten which email address you have on file, log into the Member’s Area to find out. And while you’re in your Member’s Area, click “Perks” to download the Cyber Monday Layouts. Once the sale is over, those layouts are gone forever. Announcing The Winners Of Our Divi AI Giveaway Last week, we launched our Divi AI giveaway. Today, we are announcing the winners! Are you one of the lucky winners? You can view the list of winners here or in the table below. And who knows, maybe you’ll be on the following list of winners for Divi Cloud? Try your luck! Winners 🎉 1-5 Ian F Glen E Tyler J Jeremy J Erwin Z 6-10 Vanessa C Createincolor Marek Kevin Mario R 11-15 Brett W Hilton B Sheena R Dwight K Rikki A 16-20 Scott R Phil W rian H Andy W Scott W 21-25 Randi H Karl A Frida H Dominika G Keana B 26-30 Neal B Peter M Mostofa K Emil K Clearwater H 31-35 Howard T Steve Charles H Schmidt E An J 36-40 Jeffrey W Lyubomir I Swapnil A Christian Janice E 41-45 Bo L Jay A Christian G Sunny B Viren F 45-50 Sandra Michael S Simone L Dee A Alexandra W Why Choose Divi Cloud? Divi Cloud is like Dropbox for your Divi websites. It is a cloud-based storage system perfect for anyone building multiple websites with Divi. Saving items to Divi Cloud allows you to access them from any Divi installation your account is logged into. There’s no need to manually move JSON files from one site to the next or export your entire library ever again. Save items to your cloud with one click, and access those design assets instantly wherever you use Divi. Here’s a brief overview of Divi Cloud’s main features. Save Your Favorite Assets to the Cloud Divi Cloud makes it easy to quickly save modules, rows, sections, code snippets, and page layouts to the cloud and access those assets anywhere you use Divi. You can save your content directly from the Visual Builder, sync items from your local Divi library, and bulk upload as many layouts as you want–directly into Divi Cloud. You can even save your Divi Marketplace layout purchases! Moreover, your Cloud account can be accessible with your Divi Teams account. This creates a situation for effective sharing across multiple designers or a whole web design agency! Managing team members and their Cloud permissions keeps all your design assets safe yet accessible. Save Theme Builder Templates & Sets Theme Builder Templates and Theme Builder Sets (bundles of templates to build entire sites) can also be saved to Divi Cloud and imported on any Divi site you work on. This benefits freelancers and agencies with go-to templates for dynamic pages that they want to use repeatedly on client sites, saving them valuable time and money. Save Code Snippets Code Snippets combined with Divi Cloud gives you a new way to save and manage your most used code snippets . With seamless integration, snippets can be saved and loaded effortlessly with the click of a button. HTML, Javascript, CSS, and collections of CSS rules can easily be saved and imported with Divi Cloud. This includes code modules and Divi Theme Options, Divi Builder Page Settings, Text Modules, and CSS options within any Divi module across your sites. Access Divi Cloud from Anywhere Nothing kills the creative flow quite like hunting for assets across your email, computer, past projects, or other online storage solutions instead of, you know, building your website. Divi Cloud solves this problem by making it crazy easy to save modules, rows, sections, page layouts, theme templates, and even code snippets to the cloud. These assets are then easily accessible from within the Visual Builder on any Divi website where you’re logged in! You’ll be able to create blazing-fast and collaborative workflows with everything you need right at your fingertips. Organize Your Library for Maximum Efficiency Every layout you save to Divi Cloud can be managed inside the Visual Builder . Save, edit, delete, restore from the trash, rename, copy, or preview; you can do it all without leaving the Divi Builder. The bigger your Divi Cloud collections get, you’ll have all the features to keep them organized and easily accessible. You can create folders, categories, tags, and favorites to keep everything tidy and ready to use immediately. Browse Your Saved Assets One of the best features of Divi Cloud is the automatic screen capture . When you save your layouts to Divi Cloud, Divi will generate thumbnails and full-size screenshots . This makes it easier to locate your designs when you want to import them into other Divi builds. Never Run Out of Storage Divi Cloud gives you unlimited storage for one low fee. You can save as many modules, sections, layouts, content blocks, theme builder templates, and code snippets as you want and access them from any website anytime. Plus, you’ll never have to worry about updates because you’ll receive them free of charge for as long as you are subscribed. Stop Searching For Layouts On Your Computer Or Localhost Without Live Previews If you’ve tried curating a library of premade Divi layouts and assets without Divi Cloud, you know how much time you spend maintaining that library—and it’s a huge hassle. People have tried this through a dedicated Localhost/Template site or saved. JSON files to a computer or non-connected cloud service. Both options are hard to manage, easy to lose information, and take time to set up. Divi Cloud is purpose-built for managing every type of asset that you need to build websites with Divi. Not only can these elements be designed and saved from right inside the Divi UI, but you can also access them anywhere! Divi Cloud also makes organizing (via tag, category, and favorite) design assets easy, so you know exactly where to find an item. If you still have a little bit of trouble, Divi Cloud renders a live screenshot of the saved item so you can quickly verify that you’re about to load the correct asset. No other method could be easier! Don’t Miss Out On Our Cyber Monday Prizes and Exclusive Product Deals Our Cyber Monday sale offers tons of amazing deals across our entire ecosystem: 25% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi Purchase 25% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi Upgrade 44% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi VIP Purchase 44% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi AI Purchase 44% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi Cloud Purchase 44% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi Teams Purchase 60% OFF 🏷️ Every Divi Marketplace Bundle Are you new to Divi? Our Divi Bundles help you save even more on the products you need during Cyber Monday. In addition to our 25% off Divi Membership, you can save 55% with our Divi Pro Bundle and 62% off our Divi Agency Bundle (up to $475 in savings). Already a Divi User? You can save 56% off Divi AI and Divi Cloud with the Creator Bundle. Or, you can get more products bundled with Divi AI for massive savings with our Professional Bundle ( 58% off) and Full Access Bundle ( 62% off). And don’t forget, everyone participating in our Cyber Monday Sale will automatically get a free prize  and unlock secret product discounts and exclusive Divi website packs! Cyber Monday Marketplace Bundles 60% Off. Our Cyber Monday Marketplace Bundles offer 60% off on the most popular Divi Products. They are worth getting for all types of websites, but each bundle is purpose-built to be a perfect fit for specific types of websites and the features they need. Our three Cyber Monday Marketplace Bundles are: These bundles greatly expand Divi’s capabilities, which is impressive, considering Divi is already the most powerful and economical WordPress theme. Here’s some detail about what each of these extraordinary bundles has to offer: Cyber Monday Module Booster Bundle Dive into a world of expanded creativity with our special Cyber Monday Module Bundle. This bundle is a treasure trove of new Divi modules, each one unlocking new and exciting possibilities for your websites. Take advantage of a rare 60% discount on 18 of our top-selling modules from the Divi Marketplace, exclusively curated for this Cyber Monday Sale. Each module in this bundle is designed to expand the capabilities of Divi, allowing you to achieve more directly within the visual editor. From enhancing maps and tables to elevating galleries, this bundle offers a diverse range of module extenders to enrich your Divi web-building experience. Grab this opportunity to elevate your Divi projects with this impressive collection of module extenders. 🚀 Cyber Monday Ecommerce Bundle Step up your eCommerce strategy with our specially crafted Cyber Monday eCommerce Bundle, available exclusively during this Cyber Monday Sale. This bundle is packed with an array of eCommerce-focused extensions, layouts, and child themes designed to take your online store to new heights of functionality and style. Seize this opportunity to get a whopping 60% off on 17 of our most sought-after eCommerce enhancements in the Divi Marketplace. This collection includes everything from innovative Mini Cart modules and accessible shopping cart menu items to beautifully designed eCommerce store layouts tailored for Divi. It’s a comprehensive package that brings a new level of sophistication and ease to managing and showcasing your online store. 🛒💥 Cyber Monday Blog Bundle Elevate your blogging experience this Cyber Monday with our comprehensive Blog Bundle, meticulously curated for Divi users. This bundle is a cornucopia of blog-centric tools, including an array of new blog and post modules, stunning blog layouts, and child themes focused on enhancing your blog’s appeal and functionality. Act fast to secure a remarkable 60% discount on 16 of our premium blog-boosting products from the Divi Marketplace. This exclusive bundle includes innovative features like Table of Contents, Breadcrumbs, and advanced website search modules designed to enrich your blog’s user experience and navigation. But remember, opportunities like this come only once a year! Don’t let this chance slip away to upgrade your blog significantly with our Blog Bundle. ✨ Divi Marketplace Products Up To 80% Off Do you have your eye on a marketplace item that isn’t included in one of our incredible bundles? You can pick it up at a steep discount on the marketplace, where items are discounted up to 80%. Today is Your Last Chance to Win Divi Cloud Today is the only day to enter for a chance to win Divi Cloud. We want to take a moment to express our gratitude for your participation and enthusiasm throughout this giveaway. Don’t forget to check out our Cyber Monday deals and learn more about Divi Cloud. For any questions or support, please get in touch with our support team. Thank you all once again, and good luck with the giveaway!

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