👉 How To Unlock 4 Black Friday Divi Website Packs

Today, we are sharing another exciting Black Friday sneak peek. This time, you’ll see the fantastic Divi Website Packs we’ll give away. If you want to get your hands on them, participate in this year’s Divi Black Friday Sale on November 21st at 7 a.m. PT. That’s less than two weeks away! The free iMac giveaway is already underway, so ensure you get as many entries in the raffle as possible to secure your chance to win before it closes!

How Big of a Deal Is This Sale Anyway?

This year, we’ll offer deeper discounts on more Divi products and services than ever! You’ll be able to get:

But that’s only the beginning.

Prizes Worth Over $800,000

We’ve also partnered with some incredibly generous Divi Marketplace Creators to give away over 12,000 individual products with a collective value of over $800,000! Anyone who participates this year will win one free prize with each qualifying purchase.
Which purchases qualify for a prize?

And what if you buy more than one qualifying item? You get another free prize!

For example, you could purchase a single discounted month of Divi Cloud storage for $6 and walk away with a prize worth $169! That includes prizes like Divi Plus ($79), Divi Den Pro ($169), or even Divi Pixel ($169). If you time it right, you could get all nine of our most valuable prizes–$931 in free Divi Marketplace products! 🤯

No matter how you participate in this year’s Divi Black Friday Sale, we’ve got something unique in store for you 🙂

Plus: Exclusive Perks for Black Friday Customers and Existing Lifetime Members

Making a qualifying purchase and winning a free prize (or several) opens up even more Divi awesomeness. After that first purchase (or if you’re already a Lifetime Divi Member), you’ll unlock a slate of Black Friday Perks, including secret discounts and exclusive design resources.

This week, we’ll examine the exclusive design resources waiting for you. Our design team has been working hard to create complete website template packs to supercharge your Divi website design workflows. Check them out below!

Exclusive Divi Website Packs – Only Available During Black Friday

In addition to this year’s enormous discounts and free prizes, we’re also giving away exclusive Divi Website Packs to all Black Friday participants.

These packs include everything you need to design entire websites or online stores from top to bottom (even WooCommerce sites). But they’ll only be available during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale. Then, they’ll be gone forever! So save the date and take advantage of this fantastic sale.

You will ONLY be able to get these packs if you show up doing the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales.

Included in Our Black Friday Website Template Packs

Here’s a sneak peek at this year’s exclusive design resources:

1. The SaaS Website Pack

Any SaaS business needs a website that reflects the quality of its products. That’s where the SaaS website pack comes in! It’s a beautifully organized website pack with all the pages you need to promote your SaaS products and business. You can expect a clean and slick design style that focuses on putting your features in the spotlight. You’ll get multiple headers and footers and all other templates that might come in handy!

2. The Mobile App Website Pack

The Mobile App Website Pack is targeted towards any business that wants to set up a website for their mobile app. It features a beautiful design style that effortlessly combines black and white backgrounds with gradients. You’ll be provided with a handful of straightforward and practical page layouts that make organizing the info you want to share incredibly easy. Besides the page layouts, you’ll be provided with plenty of theme builder templates that range from headers to footers, product pages, and more!

3. The Shop Website Pack

In today’s day and age, having an online store is inevitable for most businesses. With the free Store Website Pack, you’ll find yourself putting one together quickly! This pack provides the essential pages you need but mainly focuses on all the templates necessary for a fully functioning online store. You’ll receive multiple product pages, a cart page, a checkout page, and more!

4. The Agency Website Pack

Any agency that wants a modern-day-looking website will benefit from the free Agency Website Pack! This website pack combines an abstract design style with very clearly structured pages. This provides you with the best of both worlds: a unique design style while still being practical. Besides the numerous pages you’ll get with this pack, you’ll be provided with many templates to help you complete your website!

Save the Date! Once the Sale is Over, These Packs Disappear Forever.

You won’t find world-class templates and layout packs like these anywhere else. They are unlike anything else we do all year. And they’re exclusive to our Black Friday deal, which is happening next week! But after the sale ends, they’re gone forever! So mark your calendars for November 21st at 7 a.m. PT, and get here early because more discounts, free prizes, and unexpected gifts are coming your way!

Coming Next Week: iMac Raffle Ends & Black Friday Begins!

Next week, the raffle for the iMac will be closed to new entries. That’s why entering as many times as possible is super important. We’ll see you on Monday for the final update before the Divi Black Friday Sale officially begins!

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