🎁 Unpacking Divi Black Friday Bundles: $1,000+ In Savings!

The Divi Black Friday Sale is going on right now! You can save 25% on Divi and Divi membership upgrades, 44% on Divi AI, Divi VIP, Divi Teams, and Divi Cloud, and up to 60% on Divi Marketplace products and product bundles. Plus, we’re giving away thousands of prizes worth over $800,000. You get one free prize with every qualifying purchase. And that’s not all! Anyone who purchases anything during our sale will receive exclusive Divi Website Packs and secret discounts on Divi Marketplace products. This post will look closer at our fantastic Black Friday Marketplace Bundles. You won’t believe the enormous value we’ve packed into these. The Divi Black Friday Bundles Are Here! (60% Off for a Limited Time) We took the best-selling products in the Divi Marketplace, assembled three unique bundles, and slashed their prices by 60% ! It’s a once-a-year opportunity to bolster your Divi toolkit with the best products the Divi ecosystem offers while saving over $1,000. Out of the box, Divi is incredibly versatile. It has dozens of modules, hundreds of layouts, and many design features. But imagine the unique websites you could build if you had 300+ more modules, 15,600+ more layouts, and countless new Divi features at your disposal. You would be tripling, quadrupling, and quintupling your potential. That’s what our Black Friday bundles are all about! Bundle What You Get Regular Price Discount / Savings Bundle Price 🎁 Module Booster Bundle 9 Products 300+ Divi Modules Dozens of extensions Hundreds of layouts and more… – 372.60 248.40
🎁 Layout Booster Bundle 17 Products 15,600+ Divi Layouts WooCommerce Layouts Headers & Footers and more… – 310.74 207.20
🎁 Feature Booster Bundle 18 Premium Extensions Hundreds of features – 375.60 250.40
All Bundles 44 Divi Marketplace Products $1,764.94 $1,058.94 $706
Are you a Divi VIP member? If so, you get an additional 10% off all Divi Marketplace purchases, including our Black Friday Bundles. If you’re not a Divi VIP member, join today before you purchase the bundles to get an extra discount! If you buy all three bundles, you pay for your entire Divi VIP membership in savings alone. Plus, everyone who purchases this marketplace bundle during Black Friday will get  another  product from the Divi Marketplace added to their purchase for free as part of our prize giveaway. Some of these free prizes are worth up to $169, which pushes this bundle’s value over the edge. 🎁 Black Friday Divi Module Booster Bundle (60% Off) Are you looking for an incredible Black Friday deal? Well, this is it. This is the best Divi module bundle we have ever created. You’ll get 300+ new Divi modules to add to the Divi Builder 🤯 . And, at 60% off, you’ll save $373 on the entire collection. Imagine all the design possibilities you would have at your disposal. Plus, think of all the time and money you’ll save trying to manually add custom designs and functionality to your site. If you ever found yourself saying, “I wish Divi had a module for that,” this is the bundle for you. GET THE MODULE BOOSTER BUNDLE! Included In The Divi Module Booster Bundle This fantastic bundle offers nine premium products with over 300 additional Divi Modules. This will allow you to create pretty much anything you want using a Divi Module, like stunning text animations, flip boxes, carousels, SVG animations, AJAX search forms, and more. These products also include many premium Divi extensions, advanced features, and hundreds of premade Divi layouts and templates. Product What You Get Regular Price Bundle Price (60% OFF) 1 Divi Supreme Pro 50+ Divi Modules 40+ Divi Layouts 8 Extensions ✔️ 2 Divi Plus 55+ Divi Modules 250 pre-built Divi websites 4 extensions 250 Divi sections ✔️ 3 Divi Essential 64+ Divi modules 26+ Divi templates 600+ Divi layouts ✔️ 4 Graphina 7+ Divi Chart modules 13+ chart types 70+ Data and Style Settings ✔️ 5 WooEssential 10+ WooCommerce Modules 80+ WooCommerce layouts 10+ WooCommerce templates ✔️ 6 DonDivi Builder 8 Premium Divi modules ✔️ 7 Divi Torque Pro 40+ Divi modules 4+ premium extensions 90+ Divi layouts ✔️ 8 Divigrid 28+ Divi modules 450+ Demos 20+ Divi Sections ✔️ 9 Divi Flash 45+ Divi Modules 5+ Extensions 30+ Layout Packs 400+ Section Layouts ✔️ 🎁 Divi Module Booster Bundle 300+ New Divi Modules 29 Premium Extensions 248.40
Get the Module Booster Bundle Today for $626 $250.40 🤯 GET THE MODULE BOOSTER BUNDLE! 🎁 Black Friday Divi Layout Booster Bundle (60% Off) Today, we’re making history with the biggest Divi Layouts Bundle we’ve ever assembled, packed with our 15,600+ designs 🤯. We picked only the best-selling Divi layout packs and created the most complete collection of layouts possible. In 2024, I bet you are going to be building a lot of Divi websites. Coming up with new ideas daily can be challenging, but with the Divi Layouts Bundle, you’ll never suffer from designer’s block again! No matter what type of website you are building next, this bundle has something to jumpstart your next project. Invest in your success, and capitalize on this unique opportunity to get our biggest layout bundle for 60% off, saving $312. Included in The Divi Layouts Bundle This bundle includes 17 products with a vast collection of high-quality Divi premade layouts. With over 15,600 designs, you’ll have everything you need to build beautiful, eye-catching Divi websites for years. Product What You Get Regular Price Bundle Price (60% OFF) 1 DiviWooPro 30 Layouts & Templates for Divi & WooCommerce ✔️ 2 Ultimate WooCommerce Ui Kit 75+ WooCommerce Layouts for Divi ✔️ 3 Blogging Toolkit 50 Blog & Post layouts for Divi ✔️ 4 DiviMod 320+ Styled Divi Modules ✔️ 5 Divi Hero Header Layout Pack 30 Hero Section Layouts ✔️ 6 Divi Layouts Extended 2000+ Divi Design Elements ✔️ 7 Divi Pricing Table Pack With Toggle Option 20 Divi Pricing Table Layouts ✔️ 8 DiviCommerce 250 Divi Ecommerce Templates ✔️ 9 Blogs and Posts layouts for Divi 68 Divi Layouts for Blogs & Posts ✔️ 10 DiviMade Over 1265+ Divi Premade Templates ✔️ 11 Divi Designer Pack 720+ Divi Layouts 305 Dark Elements ✔️ 12 The Basic Wireframe UI Kit 568 UI Section Layouts for Divi 28 UI Page Layouts ✔️ 13 Footers for Divi 130 Divi Footer Templates ✔️ 14 The Ultimate Divi Modules Ui Kit 3000+ Divi Module Designs & Layouts ✔️ 15 Divi Den Pro – Layout Library 2781 Divi Layouts, Sections, & Module Designs ✔️ 16 Ultimate Divi Modules UI Bundle 6350+ Styles & 35 Layouts Pack & 16 Divi Webkits ✔️ 17 Divi Headers Pack 379 Divi Headers 136 Unique Header Designs ✔️ 🎁 Divi Layout Booster Bundle 300+ New Divi Modules 29 Premium Extensions $208
Get the Layout Booster Bundle Today for $519.94 $208 🤯 🎁 Black Friday Divi Feature Booster Bundle (60% Off) This Divi Feature Booster Bundle is the most featured-packed Divi Marketplace Bundle we’ve ever offered. All the products in this bundle add brand-new features to Divi. We’re talking mega menus, carousel makers, custom tab makers, AJAX search, auto site translation, CPT grids, contact form upgrades, and more. Using third-party plugins to add features to your Divi site can be frustrating and risky, especially if the plugin doesn’t integrate well with Divi. That’s what makes this bundle so special. The products in this bundle are designed to integrate seamlessly with Divi so you can get the features you want without the headache or the risk. And at 60% off, you can save big on premium products you know will get the job done. Imagine the time and money you will save building websites with these extensions in your design toolbox. Make sure to take advantage of this deal before the timer runs out! Included in The Feature Booster Bundle This Black Friday Feature Booster Bundle offers 18 feature-enhancing products that will expand your site’s functionality with numerous new features — all for only $626 $250.40! Product Features Regular Price Bundle Price (60% OFF) 1 DiviGear CPT Create Stunning CPT Divi Layouts ✔️ 2 Divi Search Helper Boost the Divi Search Module with 25 Custom Settings & Features ✔️ 3 Supreme Mega Menu Build Powerful Mega Menus in Divi ✔️ 4 Divi Contact Form DB Store & Manage Divi Contact Form Submissions ✔️ 5 Divi Auto Translate Translate Your Divi Site to 100+ Languages in One Click ✔️ 6 Divi Ajax Filter Create Powerful Ajax Filters for WooCommerce or ACF in Divi ✔️ 7 Divi Tabs Maker Create Stunning Divi Tabs with 64 Custom Settings & Features ✔️ 8 Divi Contact Form Helper Upgrade the Divi Contact Form with 100 Custom Settings & Features ✔️ 9 DiviSwift Ajax WooCommerce Mini Cart Add a Premium Ajax Mini Cart Solution for Divi ✔️ 10 Divi Carousel Maker Make a Beautiful Carousel of Divi Modules using 120+ Custom Settings ✔️ 11 DiviPasswords Password Protect sections, rows, columns and modules with Divi. ✔️ 12 Divi Social Sharing Buttons A Custom Divi Module for Adding Social Sharing Buttons in Divi ✔️ 13 Divi Responsive Helper Make Your Divi Site More Responsive with 50+ Custom Features ✔️ 14 Hide & Show PRO Easily Hide & Show Any Content in Divi ✔️ 15 Divi Ajax Search Add an Advanced Search Bar in Divi with Live Ajax Search Results ✔️ 16 Divi Modal Popup Create Stunning Popups for Any Divi Content with Custom Triggers ✔️ 17 Divi Toolbox Add 100+ Features to Customize Divi ✔️ 18 DiviMenus Build Powerful Menus with Unique Designs and Popups ✔️ 🎁 Divi Layout Booster Bundle 18 Premium Divi Extensions with hundreds of Features $250.40
Get this Feature Booster Bundle for 60% Off Right Now! $626 $250.40🤯 Get an Additional 10% Off with Divi VIP Divi VIP members get an additional 10% off Divi Marketplace purchases, which stacks on top of the current 60% discount on our Black Friday Bundles! Bundle Bundle Price (60% off) Divi VIP Discount (+10% off) Bundle Price w/ Divi VIP 🎁 Module Booster Bundle – $24.84 $223.56
🎁 Layout Booster Bundle – $20.72 $186.48
🎁 Feature Booster Bundle – $25.04 $225.36
Don’t have Divi VIP yet? Get it now at 44% off! Divi VIP is our premium customer support service that ensures a quick and effective response to all their queries. Our support team is available 24/7 and strives to respond within 30 minutes or even sooner, every day of the week. Divi VIP members get an extra 10% off all their Divi Marketplace purchases. Don’t Forget to Claim Your Prizes Everyone who buys one of these fantastic Black Friday bundles will also get another product for free as a part of our prize giveaway. Anyone participating in our Black Friday sale gets a free prize with every qualifying purchase (you can win nine total). Some of these prizes could be worth up to $169, so claim them while you can! Stay tuned! Tomorrow, we explore the best deal our Black Friday Sale has to offer.

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