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The Divi Cyber Monday Sale is still going strong! And if you haven’t heard, we have new and exclusive Divi Marketplace Bundles that won’t be available much longer. That’s why, in this article, we’re taking the time to uncover the enormous value of our Divi Ecommerce Booster Bundle. When you purchase the Bundle, you’ll get 60% off 17 products that will take your online store to the next level. But before we explore how amazing this deal is, let’s review the exciting Cyber Monday deals still on the table. New Prizes, Perks, and Divi Bundles for Cyber Monday Our Cyber Monday sale offers tons of amazing deals across our entire ecosystem: 25% off Divi and Divi account upgrades, 44% off Divi Cloud, Divi Teams, Divi VIP, and Divi AI, and some killer deals in the Divi Marketplace. Are you new to Divi? Our Divi Bundles help you save even more on the products you need during Cyber Monday. In addition to our 25% off Divi Membership, you can save 55% with our Divi Pro Bundle and 62% off our Divi Agency Bundle (up to $475 in savings). Already a Divi User? You can save 56% off Divi AI and Divi Cloud with the Creator Bundle. Or, you can get more products bundled with Divi AI for massive savings with our Professional Bundle ( 58% off) and Full Access Bundle ( 62% off). And don’t forget, everyone participating in our Cyber Monday Sale will get a free prize with each qualifying purchase and unlock secret product discounts and exclusive Divi website packs! The Cyber Monday Ecommerce Booster Bundle! (60% Off) Turn your Divi website into a money-making machine with this collection of eCommerce-boosting plugins, layouts, and child themes. You’ll get everything you need, from shop extensions to beautifully engaging page layouts and child themes to boost your website’s look and sales potential. This eCommerce bundle lets you save 60% off this collection of Divi Marketplace’s most popular store-enhancing plugins, child themes, and layouts. That means you get a whopping 17 premium Divi Ecommerce products for only $567.99 $227.20 . That’s a total savings of $567.99! What’s Included In The Ecommerce Booster Bundle Want the highlights of what’s included in this Bundle? Keep scrolling to see what each product in this Bundle has to offer. More details of each product can be found by clicking the product card on the Ecommerce Booster Bundle page. Product What You Get Regular Price Bundle Price (60% OFF) 1 DiviWooPro 28 Page Layouts 13 Header and Footer Sections ✔️ 2 Woo Grid for Divi 5 Grid Section Layouts ✔️ 3 DiviCommerce 35+ Page Layouts 165+ Section Layouts ✔️ 4 Woo Essential 10+ Woo Modules 10+ Page Layouts ✔️ 5 Woo Layouts 98 Page Layouts ✔️ 6 Divi Hotspots Plus Add Image Hotspots ✔️ 7 Supreme Store Child Theme Wishlist Feature ✔️ 8 DiviSwift Ajax WooCommerce Mini cart Easy Mini Cart ✔️ 9 DiviPro 50+ Page Layouts Child Theme Custom Carousel ✔️ 10 Divi WooCommerce Extended 10 Woo Modules Mini Cart ✔️ 11 WooCommerce Theme & Divi Cart Pro 30+ Page Layouts 4 Woo Modules ✔️ 12 Titan Child Theme 30+ Page Layouts ✔️ 13 Molti Ecommerce 25+ Page Layouts 100+ Section Layouts ✔️ 14 Divi Commerce 23 Page Layouts Advanced Search Popups ✔️ 15 Divi Menu Cart Menu Navigation Cart Elements ✔️ 16 Fashion Child Theme 15+ Page Layouts ✔️ 17 Hide & Show Pro Advanced Display Conditions ✔️ 🎁 Cyber Monday Ecommerce Bundle 2023 $227.20
Get Bundle 1. DiviWooPro DiviWooPro is an impressive collection of WooCommerce 30-page layouts that give shop owners incredible places to start with their page designs. It includes multiple homepages, shop/store, product pages, and cart page templates. More than that, DiviWooPro also includes ten website headers and three footers for use in the theme builder. Many page layouts are built with integration compatibility with extensions such as Themify, TI Wishlist, and Max Mega Menu for those using those tools for your store. 2. Woo Grid If you’re looking for a unique way to display your site’s products, look no further than Woo Grid for Divi. Woo Grid offers five beautiful product displays in a grid format that are completely responsive and can be installed in seconds. Show off your product pictures with this engaging image extension. 3. DiviCommerce – Divi Ecommerce Layout Kit With these 120+ modern layouts, you have everything you need to give your eCommerce website a brand-new look. DiviCommerce layouts are 100% responsive and come jam-packed with 165+ sections and 38 WooCommerce pages to kick your website’s sales into high gear. This layout kit offers so much that agencies could quickly design multiple stores with the layouts provided. Get this at its steepest discount ever. 4. Woo Essential Woo Essential is a feature-rich add-on for WooCommerce, boasting 10+ modules, 80+ layouts, and 10+ starter templates to boost your creativity. Achieve next-level sales with a built-in wishlist, mini-cart, product quick view popup, and product comparisons. Plus, you’ll be able to feature your site’s products attractively with Woo Essential Product Carousel, Woo Product Accordion, Woo Essential Product Grid, Woo Product Filter Masonry, Woo Essential Category Carousel, and more. 5. Woo Layouts Woo Layouts provides 98 unique and creative layouts to help you customize your eCommerce store in style. There are 13 product layouts, 10 shop layouts, 13 cart layouts, and 13 checkout layouts (and more) to boost your Divi WooCommerce site. Each layout is fully customizable with Divi’s Visual Builder and comes 100% responsive, so your products will look good on any screen size. 6. Divi Hotspots Plus Divi Hotspots Plus allows users to create interactive images with hotspots and tooltips. A hotspot is a point on an image that can be clicked to reveal information. A tooltip is a text box that appears when the mouse hovers over a hotspot. This Divi extension makes adding these elements to product images easier to convey more information about your products. Plus, it will boost engagement and interaction for a better user experience. 7. Supreme Store Child Theme Supreme Store child theme for Divi is built to take your website to the next level. Suitable for small and large businesses, this cutting-edge theme is packed with beautiful and lightweight features. Both are fully responsive and highly customizable with Divi’s Visual Builder. You can match your branding with minimal effort to have a gorgeous website up and running in minutes. You’ll get everything you need to launch a new eCommerce website with landing pages, category pages, product archives, cart, and checkout pages. 8. DiviSwift Ajax WooCommerce Mini Cart Boost your profits by giving your customers a quick way to check out with the DiviSwift Ajax WooCommerce Mini cart module. Completely customizable, you can make your mini cart stand out with advanced scroll effects, customization options, and seamless integration with Divi’s Theme Builder or standard menu. Plus, the module can be set to show when your customer adds a product to their cart with WooCommerce triggers. 9. DiviPro Child Theme This multi-purpose WooCommerce Divi child theme is designed for any eCommerce business. With DiviPro, you’ll get over 50 pages, five headers, seven footers, a customizable popup maker, six types of product carousel designs, and over 100 elements to make your site pop. On top of all that, you’ll get a fantastic Ajax-based cart, a professional-looking account page, a product quick view, and so much more. 10. Divi WooCommerce Extended With Divi WooCommerce Extended, you’ll have access to innovative Divi modules, including a mini cart, product grid, product categories carousel, and more, with ultimate customization options to match your branding. Other features include Ajax search, tab manager, checkout manager, and quick product view. Get a little of everything with Divi Extended with the other great products in this eCommerce Bundle. 11. WooCommerce Theme – Divi Cart Pro Get WooCommerce Theme & Divi Cart Pro with four native Woo modules, including an advanced shop grid, product carousel, and categories grid. The biggest bonus is a full-featured mini-cart with customization options, including custom cart icons, product thumbnails, pricing, cart subtotal, and more. Plus, your site’s users will get a sneak peek at products through a popup modal window and Ajax pagination to keep them engaged. 12. Titan Child Theme The Titan child theme has a dark gray color scheme and a modern layout. It is responsive and compatible with all major browsers. It features 30+ Divi page layouts and is perfect for progressional and contemporary online stores. Titan is built to work with WooCommerce out of the box and is one of the sleekest options in the marketplace. 13. Molti Ecommerce Child Theme Get the number one best-selling child theme in the Divi Marketplace, Molti Ecommerce. With over 25 carefully crafted eCommerce designs, ten headers, ten footers, and 80+ gorgeous modules, you’ll get everything you need to take your Divi eCommerce website to new heights. Now WooCommerce ready, this feature-packed child theme will give your shoppers a fantastic account experience, an easy-to-navigate mega menu, and a simple yet gorgeous purchasing experience with the new Ajax popup shopping cart. 14. DiviCommerce Child Theme Divi Commerce is a fully customizable child theme made for modern businesses that’ll have your website up and running in record time. Divi Commerce comes packed with 23 pages, including six home, three shop, two product, and two checkout page layouts–along with several header and footer designs. Plus, you’ll get a super slick cart slide-in module, advanced search capabilities, product filtering, and the ability to capture emails with a gorgeous popup maker. 15. Divi Menu Cart If you’re looking for a better way to display your Divi website’s cart, look no further than the Divi Menu Cart. Gain the ability to put your cart icon in the main menu, reveal the number of cart items, add a custom cart icon, or hide your cart icon with this feature-rich plugin. Modifying your cart has never been easier, thanks to the addition of cart mods in the Divi Theme Options. You’ll get complete control over how and where your cart displays and full customization options. 16. Fashion Ecommerce Child Theme Take your apparel and clothing website to the next level with this gorgeous Divi eCommerce child theme, Fashion. You’ll get a sleek, modern child theme that is 100% compatible with WooCommerce. Along with a mobile-first design, this fashion theme comes with six home pages, three shop layouts, four product pages, and incredible integrations with Instagram, Mailchimp, and more. 17. Hide & Show Pro Gain complete control over who sees your website content and when with Hide & Show Pro. You can easily create repeating and non-repeating promotions, events, sales, and other notifications based on geolocation parameters from the country to a specific city. Plus, you can hide or show any content you wish by protecting it down to the row level. Additional features include condition-based hide/show content based on taxonomy, custom fields, language, purchases, memberships, subscriptions, and more. Get this Ecommerce Bundle for 60% +10% Off – 567.99 > $227.20 > $204.48 🤯 567.99 > $227.20 > $204.48 🤯
There’s no time to waste! Give your Divi eCommerce site a significant boost with this Bundle of 17 Divi Marketplace products before Cyber Monday is gone. You can take another 10% off the Divi eCommerce Booster Bundle by grabbing Divi VIP. A purchase of Divi VIP comes with the additional perk of making all Divi Marketplace purchases 10% cheaper. Yes, that is three levels of savings that you can activate right now. So, how do I claim that extra 10% off on Marketplace items? Grab Divi VIP (which is 44% off its typical price) Add any Marketplace Bundle to your cart (60% OFF) Another 10% discount is automatically applied to your cart. If this isn’t enough, when you purchase any of our bundles during our Cyber Monday Sale, you will get an additional FREE prize from the marketplace! Explore More Cyber Monday Divi Marketplace Bundles We have more Divi Marketplace Bundles available during our Cyber Monday Sale, including our exclusive Module Booster Bundle and Blog Booster Bundle. Stay tuned for our upcoming post, where we explore the Blog Booster Bundle!

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