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The Divi Cyber Monday Sale is almost over! And we have all new exclusive Cyber Monday Divi Marketplace Bundles  for  60% off . So, if you missed our Black Friday bundles, you won’t want to miss these. In this post, we’ll explore the third and final Divi Cyber Monday Bundle—The Divi Blog Booster! But before we explore how amazing this deal is, let’s review the exciting Cyber Monday deals still on the table. Divi Cyber Monday Discounts, Prizes, Perks, and Bundles (Only 3 Days Left) Our Cyber Monday sale offers tons of amazing deals across our entire ecosystem:  25%  off Divi and Lifetime Upgrades, 44%  off Divi Cloud, Divi Teams, Divi VIP, and Divi AI, and some killer deals in the Divi Marketplace. Are you new to Divi? Our Divi Bundles help you save even more on the products you need during Cyber Monday. In addition to our 25% off Divi Membership, you can save 55% with our Divi Pro Bundle and 62% off our Divi Agency Bundle (up to $475 in savings). Already a Divi User? You can save 56% off Divi AI and Divi Cloud with the Creator Bundle. Or, you can get more products bundled with Divi AI for massive savings with our Professional Bundle ( 58% off) and Full Access Bundle ( 62% off). And don’t forget, everyone participating in our Cyber Monday Sale will get a free prize with each qualifying purchase and unlock secret product discounts and exclusive Divi website packs! The Cyber Monday Divi Blog Booster Bundle (60% Off) We took 15 of the best Divi Marketplace items for blogs and bundled them together. After that, we took 60% off the bundled price so you can have these products for over $220+ less than the standard retail value. The Cyber Monday Blog Bundle contains blog-building modules, a blog-centric child theme, hundreds of layout designs, and the latest blog post template designs. Everything you need to start–or supercharge–your existing blog. What’s Included In The Divi Blog Bundle? Want the highlights of what’s included in this Bundle? Keep scrolling to see what each product in this Bundle has to offer. More details about each product can be found by clicking the product card on the Divi Blog Booster Bundle page. Product What You Get Regular Price Bundle Price (60% OFF) 1 Blogging Toolkit Dozens of Layouts 23 Full Blog Templates ✔️ 2 Neobloggger Child Theme Multiple Custom Blog Styles ✔️ 3 Divi Table of Contents 1 TOC Module Tons of Custom Styles ✔️ 4 Blog Layouts 100+ Page & Section Layouts ✔️ 5 Blogs and Posts Layouts 65+ Blog Layouts ✔️ 6 DiviSwift Ajax Search Instant Search Results Dynamic Filtering ✔️ 7 Divi Instagram Feed 2 Modules ✔️ 8 The Complete Divi Blog Kit 18 Layouts 4 Header/Footer Layouts ✔️ 9 Divi Social Plus 5 Social Media Modules ✔️ 10 iJOO Advanced Blog Module 5 Blog Module Designs ✔️ 11 Divi Blog Module Pack 210+ Blog Module Style Presets ✔️ 12 Divi Blog Pro 8+ Blog Modules Category Filtering ✔️ 13 Blogy 80+ Layouts ✔️ 14 Divi Post Extended 5 Post Layouts Read Time Bar ✔️ 15 Divi Blog Extras 10+ Layouts Ajax Category Filter ✔️ 🎁 Cyber Monday Blog Bundle 2023 300+ Layouts 17 Modules $171.60
Get Bundle 1. Blogging Toolkit This is a fantastic opportunity to get blog page and single post layouts specially designed to make your websites look great. The Blogging Toolkit layouts feature so many different types of page layouts that you’ll find precisely what you are looking for. It has full-width, grid, list, and sidebar layouts for attractive blog post pages. It has several layouts for Theme Builder single post pages in various styles with or without sidebars. Designing is faster with premium templates, and this has a bunch of them for your blogs. 2. Neoblogger-Blog Child Theme The Neoblogger Child Theme is a multipurpose child theme for Divi that can help you build your blog, news, or magazine website with all the tools and features necessary to make an impact. You won’t need to start building your blog entirely from scratch when you use this child theme. In fact, with this easy-to-use child theme, you can even import the demo data to your website, saving yourself a lot of time in constructing your new blog. 3. Divi Table Of Contents Maker Enhance the user experience and potentially the SEO of your website with a table of contents. Use Divi Table of Contents Maker to easily add a stylable TOC to your single post layouts. Improve your website usability, readability, and SEO with Divi Marketplace’s premier-rated table of contents plugin. Adding a TOC to your site couldn’t be easier with this plugin. 4. Blog Layouts Blog Layouts, now on version 1.3, sports 106 blog posts and page layouts. Each is ready and available at your fingertips with this layout pack! It has a deep library of blog layouts, post layouts, and more. The Blog Layouts design kit will become essential to your Divi design process for blog pages. Specifically, the layouts are broken down into 20 blog page layouts, 20 blog post layouts, seven blog layouts, and six blog carousels. All layouts complement the power of Divi’s Theme Builder and make designing even faster for you. 5. Blogs and Posts layouts for Divi Loaded with over 65 blog designs, this marketplace product allows you to mix and match post headers, templates, and sidebars to create the perfect design. Blogs and Posts Layouts for Divi give you elegant, minimal, and mobile responsive designs for your latest projects. From grids to sliders, carousels to list templates, you won’t have to worry about styling your next blog website with this pack in your back pocket. 6. DiviSwift Ajax Search An excellent companion to any Divi online store or vast blog website, DiviSwift Ajax Search empowers users to search with real-time search results. This plugin has an easy installation process and simple–yet powerful customizations for your Divi website. It is a simple and modern Divi-centric tool that makes your posts and products more visible across your site with advanced search. 7. Divi Instagram Feed Divi Instagram Feed is one of the best ways to beautifully display your Insta posts on your website. It does this through two advanced Divi modules that it adds to the visual builder. One module is for a grid layout of posts, and another for a masonry style. Both modules feature several styling options so you can design Instagram showcases precisely how you want them. 8. Divi Blog Kit Jumpstart any blog with the Divi Blog Kit. If you want to start a blog and have it up and running quickly, this layout kit is for you. With all the essential pages you need to create a blog covered, you can be confident that you’re starting your blogging journey on the right foot. The Complete Divi Blog Kit has three homepage layouts, three blog page layouts, and 14 blog post templates ready to use on your or your client’s websites. In addition to more than 20 blog design elements, The Complete Divi Blog Kit has four custom header designs in light and dark themes. 9. Divi Social Plus Divi Social Plus brings you five social media modules to your Divi website. It allows you to embed Twitter and Instagram feeds and add social sharing widgets to your website. Items like the social media icon color, shape, size, and more are customizable, allowing you to fully integrate this plugin into your website’s current branding. Divi Social Plus gives your Divi website an Instagram carousel, an Instagram grid, social share buttons, a Twitter feed, plus a Twitter carousel. 10. iJOO – Advanced Blog/Magazine Module The iJOO blog module offers several options and styles to build your perfect magazine or blog site with Divi. You can also use this plugin with custom post types, further expanding the level of transformation that you can bring to a grid and list-based elements on your Divi website. With more settings than the standard Divi Blog Module, iJOO lets you do more with this one extension. 11. Divi Blog Module Pack Fifty post grid styles and fifty more list styles for blog pages await you with the Divi Blog Module Pack. Made with Divi in mind, there is no need for external XML or JS files when using the layouts within this pack. Each layout also comes with hover effects that can be tailored to your site design as you see fit! Overall, there are over 210+ layouts for you to use across your website. You’ll never lack inspiration when building your blog sites moving forward! 12. Divi Blog Pro Ss one of the most potent Divi Blog plugins on the Divi Marketplace, Divi Blog Pro helps you build beautiful, responsive blog posts for your sites–no coding experience required! It has over eight layouts, four unique grids, and three pagination types. With Divi Blog Pro, you can build custom blog pages for your next website project. In addition to its beautiful designs, it comes built-in with advanced filter options and comes translation-ready for your multilingual website builds. 13. Blogy – Blog and Post Layouts With more than 60 blog page designs and 20 blog post designs, Blogy has enough blog-related design templates for you always to have more to use. It also comes packed with two search result page templates—an excellent addition. These items can be deeply customized and include subtle animations with hover effects that can be customized to your needs. Blogy’s layouts work tightly with the Divi Theme Builder, meaning you can use them on any blog page, archive pages, or single post templates on your site. You won’t run out of blog pages and post ideas with this. 14. Divi Post Extended Improve your blog layouts and designs with Divi Post Extended. Experiment with Divi’s default blog look with 5 post layouts and other customization options. It also supports Standard, Gallery, Audio, Video, Link, and Quote post formats for your Divi WordPress website. An excellent addition is that it lets you add a read-time estimate to your posts based on content length. 15. Divi Blog Extras Say goodbye to boring blog post layouts and features! With Divi Blog Extras, you can build feature-rich, beautiful, and eye-catching blog designs for your website. Boosting more than 50,000 active installs across the web, this mainstay of the Divi Marketplace provides you with more than ten different layouts for your blog. In addition, with custom post type support, your custom post types can also get a feature boost! It also comes with Ajax filtering for a more interactive approach to finding content on your site. Divi AI Is The Ultimate Blogging Assistant (Get It Now for 44% Off) Divi AI is a powerful new web design assistant available within the Divi Builder. It can write copy, revise copy, and generate unique images. Whereas writing blog posts from scratch can take days to create and edit, writing a blog post with Divi AI can help banish writer’s block and help you make high-converting blog posts from start to finish faster than ever before. But that’s not all. Divi AI can generate stunning images and thumbnails for your blog (royalty-free) — no need to waste time and money on Shutterstock or other image marketplaces. And if you need a custom newsletter popup, let Divi Code AI generate the CSS, HTML, and JavaScript in a single click! Divi AI is now 44% off (for life), and Cyber Monday is almost over, so you might not want to wait on this deal. Explore More Cyber Monday Divi Marketplace Bundles We have more Divi Marketplace Bundles available during our Cyber Monday Sale, including our exclusive Ecommerce Booster Bundle and Module Booster Bundle. Depending on the types of websites you expect to make in the coming year, choose the best Bundle (or all of them) to create incredible websites with Divi.

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