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KERBCO Web Services was founded with one mission: to provide the best return on investment (ROI) to our clients in the areas of web design, managed hosting, website maintenance and more.

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15 Best APIs for Web Designers and Developers

15 Best APIs for Web Designers and Developers

I couldn't believe this story from webdesignerdepot.com that discovers an interesting API. There once was a time when your clients desired certain features that either left you scratching your head as to how you’d pull it off or dreading all of the work it would take...

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What I’ve Learned About WordPress Maintenance

What I’ve Learned About WordPress Maintenance

What is most likely to be an overlooked story from speckyboy.com calls out the truth about WordPress Maintenance. For the past decade, much of my design and development work has been centered around WordPress. I’ve spent a good bit of time both building and...

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We provide services that help our clients increase the strength of their online presence through data analytics and other tools.

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Web and Email Hosting, Domain Registration and Transfer, SSL Certificates, WordPress Hosting



Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, really should be renamed Search Experience Optimization. This kind of marketing is geared to making your website work with Search Engines to help your company be found.

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Budget Website Development, Custom Website Design And Development, Website Maintenance

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